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30 Trendy Face Framing Bangs For Every Face Shape

30 Trendy Face Framing Bangs For Every Face Shape

Face-framing bangs are reigning supreme! They accentuate all of your beautiful facial features and put all the focus on your cheekbones and jawline. Most importantly, they go well on every face shape.

1. Face Framing Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are one of the trendiest types of bangs right now. And when they become face-framing curtain bangs, you’ve got yourself THE haircut.

2. Face Framing Bangs Long Hair

How do face-framing bangs suit long hair? Well, there is only one way to find out— to ask your hairdresser for a chop.

3. Face Framing Wispy Bangs

These face-framing wispy bangs will give you an airy, careless look you’ll absolutely love. The only thing you need to maintain them is a round brush.

4. Long Face Framing Bangs

What if you’re still not quite sure about cutting bangs and need something for the transitional period? Long face-framing bangs are just the thing you’re looking for.

5. Blonde Balayage Face Framing Bangs

Let me tell you something: there is nothing that suits face-framing bangs as blonde balayage. The combination is both stylish and trendy.

6. Face Framing Bangs With Money Piece

Haven’t you heard? The money piece is back in fashion! And it looks extraordinary when paired with face-framing bangs.

7. Face Framing Bangs With Face Framing Lowlights

Instead of going down the usual road and getting highlights, Instead, ask your hairstylist for a revolutionary coloring technique: lowlights.

8. Face Framing Bangs For Medium Hair

Are you ready to bring some fun into your dull, medium-length hair? If the answer is yes, what you need are bangs.

9. Face Framing Bangs For Round Face

If you have a round face shape, face-framing bangs will give it balance. This type of bangs suits both small and big foreheads.

10. Face Framing Bangs For Oval Face

The best thing about an oval face shape is that every type of bangs suits you. Of course, that includes face-framing bangs, as well.

11. Face Framing Bangs For Square Face

Women with square faces need something to soften their features. That is exactly why face-framing bangs are the best choice.

12. Face Framing Bangs For Long Face

For those of you who have a longer face shape: experts say that you need bangs that fall straight on your face. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this inspo-pic will help you get the idea.

13. Face Framing Bangs For Diamond-Shaped Face

These face-framing bangs reshape your entire face and give you the illusion of an oval shape. You need something to visually open your face.

14. Face Framing Bangs For Heart-Shaped Face

You have a wider forehead and a thinner chin-area and the bangs are here to balance the two. Just look at the miracle work face-framing fringe can do.

15. Layered Face Framing Bangs

Layers work like a charm when you’re in need of a hairstyle to make your hair look thicker and fuller. Add some highlights for extra depth.

16. Copper Face Framing Bangs

If you really want to spice up your look, change both the color and the shape of your cut. Copper and face-framing bangs are the best combinations out there.

17. Butterfly Face Framing Bangs

The butterfly cut (which is, obviously, shaped in a form of a butterfly) is all about layers. Therefore, it gives texture to otherwise boring looks.

18. Face Framing Bangs On Bob Cut

Face-framing bangs are not reserved for long hair only. In fact, here’s proof of how awesome they look on a bob cut.

19. Face Framing Bangs On Long Red Hair

This shade of red hair color paired with trendy bangs looks amazing in every season. Let the rays of sun transform your hair!

20. Textured Face Framing Bangs

Textured face-framing bangs will give you a trendy messy, careless look you’ll fall in love with at first sight, especially if you pair them with this fashionable hair color.

21. Face Framing Bangs On Medium Wolf Cut

One thing is for sure: a wolf cut is a timeless hairstyle that never goes out of style. And it wouldn’t be a real wolf cut if it weren’t for these fancy bangs, would it?

22. Face Framing Round Bangs

You can’t decide between round and face-framing bangs? Who says you have to pick? Instead, get this perfect combination of both.

23. Face Framing Bangs On Shaggy Mullet

Are you looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle with face-framing bangs? If the answer is yes, you’ve just found your perfect match.

24. Face Framing Baby Bangs

These face-framing baby bangs are the perfect edgy haircut for the season. It gives off bold vibes while still allowing you to look professional.

25. Face Framing Bangs On Pixie Cut

Update your classic pixie cut with these cute bangs that will turn your hairstyle upside down. They are romantic and youthful.

26. Peachy Face Framing Bangs

It’s not too funky but it’s still different and unique. That’s right, I’m talking about peachy hair color; the absolute hit of the season.

27. Feathered Face Framing Bangs

Remember feathered bangs? Well, they’re back in fashion and the entire hair industry loves them for a reason.

28. Funky Colored Face Framing Bangs

Instead of coloring your entire hair in a funky color, start with bangs. If you like the outcome, you can always dye the rest of your locks.

29. Face Framing Bangs On Soft Bob

One thing is for sure: face-framing bangs will transform your soft bob from a boring haircut in an interesting one.

30. Pastel Pink Face Framing Bangs

Ready to be in the spotlight? Because that’s exactly where this pastel pink hairstyle with face-framing bangs will take you.