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Face-Framing Layers With Side Part Are The Secret To Mega Volume

Face-Framing Layers With Side Part Are The Secret To Mega Volume

The side part is making a comeback, and celebs have been spotted rocking it left and right. It’s high time we ditched the middle part for the more flattering way to wear your hair: the side part adds volume at the crown and its asymmetrical look complements more face shapes. Throw in some layers, and you’ve got yourself a look with volume, bounce and glorious face-framing.

Feeling inspired to switch things up? Check out these ideas on wearing face-framing layers with a side part.

1. Long Layers With Face-Framing Side Part


Want to get rid of flat, lifeless hair once and for all? Here’s the secret: long layers with a side part. The layers take off weight to make your hair lighter while parting your hair to the side gives your roots a lift, resulting in lasting volume.

2. Long Hair With Choppy Layers


There’s something very ’70s disco about the feathered, flipped out ends, but this look is not just a blast from the past. The fiery red color kicks it up a notch, making sure it looks contemporary.

3. Bombshell Shag With Side Part


A shag is typically more of a cool-girl, edgy haircut, but with a laid-back high side part and loose curls, it sways decidedly sexy and glam.

4. Long Face-Framing Layers With Side Part


Long face-framing layers with a side part: a foolproof combo if you want a look that’s as effortless as it’s stunning—you can’t go wring with framing the face and letting the layers bounce.

5. Side-Part Butterfly Haircut


Long layers of a butterfly haircut are super adaptable, so try different lengths until you find the ideal look that frames your face in the most flattering way possible.

6. Layered Hair With Side Part


When you part your hair to the side, it naturally falls and drapes over one side, giving your roots a lift and some extra height. This adds volume and movement, making your whole look more laid back and flattering.

7. Curly Hair With Face-Framing Layers


The side part is superior when it comes to curly hair: it brings out the best of the shorter layers that give a defined shape to your curls. The perfect recipe for getting the face-framing and bouncy curls just right.

8. Wolf Cut With Side Part


The wolf cut has entered the mainstream by now, so even if you’re not the type who likes to experiment, a soft version like this one is worth a try. Bonus: finding a stylist who can nail this gorgeous layered look is much easier these days.

9. Round Layers With Side Part


Set your hair free with face-framing layers that let your hair bounce and add a soft touch to your features.

10. Italian Bob With Side Part


The Italian bob is among the top trending bobs this season, thanks to its laid-back and sophisticated look. Boost it with a casual side part to make it extra flattering!

11. Face-Framing Layers On Medium Hair


Medium-hair can be so much more than shoulder-length, plain and boring. Add some face-framing layers to create a flattering silhouette that enhances your features and gives you a versatile, low-maintenance look.

12. Butterfly Haircut With Side Bangs

Got thick hair? The butterfly haircut will solve all your problems, delivering lightweight and manageable locks. Plus, cute side-swept bangs add an extra dose of bounce and charm.

13. Long Layers With Side-Swept Bangs


Not sure how to flaunt your long hair while keeping it lively instead of falling flat near your face? Achieve both bounce and manageability without compromising the length of your hair with long layers throughout the length and shorter layers near the face.

14. Curly Hair With Side Part


Hydrated and healthy long layered curly hair is a sight to behold. Here, the gorgeous shape and flawless face-framing are taken to the next level with the addition of a side part.

15. Medium Hair With Face Framing


Subtle face-framing layers give texture and movement to medium hair, creating one of the most manageable hairstyles you can get. Simple, universally flattering and requires literally zero effort.

16. Long Layered Hair With Side Part

See this amazing bounce and volume? It’s not just from a blowout – the layers and the side part play a key role, making it possible for you to achieve the same fabulous results at home.

17. Curtain Bangs With Side Part


Face-framing curtain bangs with a side part: a cute, modern take on a classic. With bouncy layers and curled ends, this style is not only pretty but also totally on-trend.

18. ’90s Layered Haircut With Side Part


Late ’90s nostalgia is still going strong, especially thanks to the flattering hairstyles of the time. Update your classic layered haircut by pairing it with current side-swept bangs.

19. Lob With Face-Framing Layers


Rock a long layered bob this season! If you love the length of the lob but you’re a bit bored with the typical blunt textured look, switch things up by softening it with face-framing layers.

20. Long Layers With Face Framing


Big curls and long layers are a power couple and if you add a dramatic side part, the glam goes through the roof. This isn’t an everyday look—unless, of course, you thrive in the spotlight!

21. Long Straight Hair With Layers


Say goodbye to the struggle of lifeless long straight hair! Layers come to the rescue, bringing in movement and lift, with the side part bringing dimension and texture.