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20 High Curly Weave Ponytails That Match Your Hair And Your Vibe

20 High Curly Weave Ponytails That Match Your Hair And Your Vibe

A high curly weave ponytail gives you a chance to embrace your roots and transform your aesthetic at the same time. This gorgeous hairstyle protects your natural hair, adds length and volume and accentuates your beauty. Is there anything it can’t do?

Find your perfect match among these fabulous looks guaranteed to inspire your inner diva to step out.

1. Sleek High Curly Ponytail


Celebrities might be onto something—a snatched high ponytail is as glam as it gets. The tight hairline lifts your face and the volume in the back screams luxury. This look is guaranteed to make you feel like a diva.

2. Slick-Back High Kinky Ponytail


The contrast of the laid edges and mega-voluminous pony makes this look both cozy and dramatic. This versatility means that you can control the final impression of this slick-back ponytail by choosing to dress it up or down.

3. Front Braids With High Curly Weave Ponytail


Let’s be real, there’s no better duo than braids and ponytails. This magical combo has as many variations as there are hair types, textures and lengths, you just need to find your perfect fit. Could this blend of cornrows and curly pony be the one?

4. High Curly Ponytail With Wispy Pieces


Leaving a few loose strands near the face is always cute, and with this gorgeous ponytail the wispy pieces really add to the delicate, natural vibe. Very fairytale princess!

5. High Coily Weave Ponytail


When you want to protect your hair and show its actual length, a weave ponytail with texture that matches your natural hair will give you the most seamless look.

6. Curly Half-Up Half-Down Ponytail


When in doubt, go for a retro/trendy look—vintage-inspired, but brought up-to-date. There’s something so nostalgic about this curly half-up half-down ponytail that’s giving ’80s without feeling dated at all.

7. 2-Part High Ponytail With Weave


There’s nothing subtle about this 2-part ponytail—it’s sleek, smooth and luxe af, and the weave is the definition of big hair. You’ll be the center of attention!

8. Two Afro Puff Ponytails


The afro puff is a classic, but classics sometimes tend to feel a little understated. If you’re not about that, double the volume with twin puff ponytails for the ultimate natural-but-enhanced look!

9. High Kinky Ponytail

This simple look features a high weave ponytail that matches the natural texture, but amps up the volume—the definition of everyday glam.

10. Micro Braids With High Curly Ponytail


Practical and protective braids don’t have to be simple or low-key—this luscious ponytail is bold, glamorous and a perfect match to the delicate braids.

11. Two High Curly Weave Ponytails


Two high curly weave ponytails are the ideal choice if you want to emphasize length, but you still want that snatched look. Oh, and get ready to be called cute on the daily, because how else would you describe this look?

12. High Curly Weave Ponytail With Front Braid


This one is for the girls who want to slay day and night. This pony is long, it’s full and that braid in the front is the definition of stylish. Ponytail game out of this world!

13. Kinky Weave Ponytail


Often, flaunting your natural hair texture is a powerful statement. Weave extensions that match your hair can provide a little boost to your beauty showcase while your hair stays protected.

14. Ultra-High Curly Weave Ponytail


Can’t decide if you want a casual or glam look? You can have it both ways with this ultra-high curly weave ponytail that matches any outfit. It’s laid-back and perfect for lounging around, but you can easily glam it up just by changing your fit.

15. Voluminous Curly Half-Up Weave Ponytail


Bow down to the queen! Not many have the confidence for hairstyle game at this level, so congratulations if this voluminous curly half-up half-down weave ponytail is the one that caught your eye.

16. Side Part High Curly Ponytail


Want a look that’s both preppy and diva? Challenge accepted! The sleek side part is giving prim and proper vibes, but that dramatic pony is serving major glam.

17. Curly Weave Half-Up Ponytail


Looking for that sweet spot between casual and romantic? The loose curls and the soft hairline are the perfect recipe for a carefree and a lovely vibe. Feel pretty every day, because why not?

18. High Curly Weave Ponytail With Side Braids


This fierce look is for all the bold babes who like to draw attention and bask in it. The volume in this high curly weave ponytail with side braids is something else, ensuring you’ll be noticed for all the right reasons.

19. High Tree Braids Weave Ponytail


Blending traditional and modern, this intricate look goes beyond classic and beyond trendy—it’s a personal style dream come true.

20. High Wavy Half-Up Ponytail Weave


How to be a boss babe during the day and party queen at night? Choose a hairstyle that’s both put together and sexy like this high wavy half-up ponytail and slay both.