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24 Runway-Worthy Slick-Back Ponytail Styles

24 Runway-Worthy Slick-Back Ponytail Styles

What’s more powerful than the sleek perfection of the slick-back ponytail? Both a runway staple and an everyday favorite, it’s a timeless look beyond trends.

This iconic hairstyle reigns when it comes to casual glam: it will amp up any outfit and make you feel like the cool girl. Let’s get into it!

How To Do A Slick-Back Ponytail

Achieving the perfect slick-back ponytail is all about precision, but it’s easy once you get the hang of it.

You’ll need the right products to provide the hold and shine: styling gel or pomade that work with your hair type. It also requires the right tools: a fine-tooth comb, a bristle brush and, for a perfectly sleek finish, a toothbrush.

Check out these fun and easy video tutorials to nail the sleek ponytail look.

If you have natural hair, this video will give you some extra tips

Now get ready to feel like a supermodel with one of these 24 fabulous looks that redefine laid-back cool.

1. High Fluffy Slick-Back Ponytail


This slick-back pony is big, bold, and so fluffy. If you go the extra mile and add an accessory, get ready to draw some impressed stares with this playful upgrade of the classic look.

2. Low Sleek Slick-Back Ponytail


Need an easy hairstyle for an occasion that requires sophistication and glamour? A low, sleek ponytail proves that even a simple slick-back look is a showstopper.

3. Slick-Back Ponytail With Laid Edges


This slick-back ponytail is all about the details. Laid edges add an extra touch of finesse: the perfect blend of polished and pretty.

4. Middle Part Slick-Back Ponytail


The middle part slick-back ponytail is the cool girl’s favorite look: effortless, stylish and radiating an edgy model vibe.

5. Voluminous High Slick-Back Ponytail


Volume? Yes, please! Pump up the glam with this high ponytail that’s all about the drama!

6. High Wavy Slick-Back Ponytail


When it comes to cute ponytails, this high pony with playful waves will give you your money’s worth. The combination of sleekness and the soft waves shows how a little contrast goes a long way.

7. Slick-Back Ponytail On Natural Hair


This slick-back ponytail celebrates the gorgeous texture of natural hair, while giving you a cool and carefree look that you can count on.

8. Slick-Back Ponytail With Weave


Length? Check. Sleekness? Double-check. This slick-back ponytail with weave brings the drama. Yes, you can’t have it all.

9. Slick-Back Ponytail With Clip


Adding a personal touch to any hairstyle can be easily done with an accessory. This slick-back ponytail with a interesting clip is the perfect mix of eccentric and polished. What vibe do you want to give off?

10. High Slick-Back Ponytail With Flicky Ends


Most of these ponytails work best with longer locks, but this one is perfect for medium-length hair. The flicky ends add a retro look to this slick-back pony, and the snatched hairline? An instant facelift.

11. Slick-Back Curly Ponytail


This curly masterpiece is all about the contrast: the the volume of the curly pony highlights how beautifully the slicked-back hairline accentuates the face, while the sleek front part makes the curls pop.

12. Casual Slick-Back Ponytail


Make a tiny bit of effort and this everyday glam look can be yours. Instead of just tying back your hair, smooth it back with a brush and wrap a strand of hair around the base. Simple and stylish.

13. Slick-Back High Ponytail


A slick-back high ponytail is easy and glamorous. It might take a little extra time to make it extra tidy, but a few minutes it takes to polish this everyday look are worth it.

14. High Slick-Back Half-Ponytail


The high slick-back half-ponytail is a classic of our time: it hits that sweet spot between cute and glamorous. Thank you, Ari!

15. Slick-Back Genie Half-Ponytail


The slick-back genie half-ponytail? The spectacular voluminous curls? The delicate baby hairs? Pure hair magic! Ethereal and snatched.

16. Slick-Back Ponytail Bubble Braid


This super-long bubble braid ponytail might not be an everyday look, but will totally make you feel like royalty. Because sometimes, it’s not about undone, effortless or what have you—it’s about feeling absolutely magnificent.

17. Slick-Back Ponytail With Long Bangs


You don’t have to give up on your face-frame to wear a pony—your bangs can still play their part while they’re slicked back if you wear them in a swoop.

18. Side Part Slick-Back Ponytail 


The side-parted slick-back ponytail swept over one shoulder is an example of a personalized formal look. This cool asymmetric way to style your hair will give you an edge but it’s still sophisticated and classy.

19. Slick-Back Ponytail With Ring


Accessorizing your hair with a simple detail is the easiest way to bring a little extra to your look, like this casual slick-back look with bling.

20. Slick-Back Low Ponytail With Braid


This slick-back ponytail with an unusual wrap braid is obviously professionally created, but it can inspire you to make an effort with your own looks. Get out there and get those hair skills you’ve been coveting.

21. Slick-Back Braid Ponytail


When it’s one of those days when you feel burned out with your hair and don’t feel like doing anything, but you still want to, the slick-back bubble braid pony is the easiest way to show you actually made an effort.

22. Long Slick-Back Ponytail


The long platinum ponytail looks even more dramatic next to darker slicked back roots.

23. Slick-Back Ponytail With Flipped Ends


There’s more than one way to wear a slick-back ponytail: worn with the ends curled outwards, it goes from modern and to vintage and classy.

24. Slick-Back Ponytail With A Scrunchie


A slick-back ponytail with a scrunchie is giving big ’90s vibes. This fun retro accessory adds a pop of color to your look, so it’s a great way to experiment with patterns and colors you’re not sure about.