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These 25 Hime Cuts Are Better Than The Ones Trending On TikTok

These 25 Hime Cuts Are Better Than The Ones Trending On TikTok

You are not average, so don’t settle for an average cut. Your distinctive personality deserves a hime cut. Style that’s been ruling TikTok for a long while now. Hime in Japanese means princess, it’s a haircut typical for their coming-of-age ceremony called binsogi. Take a look at these photos, and see all the different hair lengths, colors, and styles you can try on yourself.

1. Him Cut Vivid Color

Wondering how to make hime cut even more special on your black lustrous hair? Simply hide a unique shade of red underneath. Bold and stunning hair choice indeed!

2. Orange Hime Haircut

These wispy fringes give softness to the blunt cut of hime hairstyle. While the bright orange color provides liveliness and flair. Truly, a striking look!

3. Super Long Hair & Hime Cut

Why the long black hair and hime cut combo look so divine? Well, hime haircut origins are in Japan, where most women have darker hair, so it’s natural that this cuts suits brunettes and black hair owners the best.

4. Silver Ash Hime

Trendy silver tone gives an edgy twist to a modern hime cut. The iconic blunt bangs and layered sides of the hime, are accentuated with cool, metallic tones. An urban chic style, that is trendy for a reason!

5. Double Him Cut In Colors

A courageous take on the classic hime cut, but with a double-layered twist. The two distinctive levels of layers create depth and structure. Plus, the colors really makes it pop. Truly, a style that discovers layers and colors in you.

6. Hime Cut, Subtle Layers & Purple Accents

This is a delicate hime cut, layers are gently styled, adding a soft and flowing texture to the hair. This would be a usual hime cut without purple accents – this way it’s both sophisticated and fun.

7. Short Hime Cut

The length of the standard himn is significantly reduced, creating an edgy look. Two strands of hair are left longer and braided. This version of a shorter himn cut is really artistic and unique.

8. Middle Length Hime Cut

Precisely crafted himn on blonde hair creates a striking contrast with the facial features. Chic layers frame the face nicely. Aesthetics anyone would wish for!

9. Fabulous Short Hime Cut

The standout feature here is the bangs. Precisely cut to form a unique V shape just above the nose. The fringe design, combined with vivid pink color, creates a style that is daring and fashion-forward.

10. Unique Hime Cut

Now, this is a true masterpiece of color blending. Starts, with blonde bangs, and as you move away from them, it transitions in two different shades of orange. Ideal for someone who likes to play with colors and cuts!

11. Him Haircut Without Bangs

Bangs are usually a signature of himne haircut. But if you are not feeling them the cut will look just as amazing without them. For a cuter style add a few hair clips and you are good to go.

12. Hidden Color Hime Cut

Another example of bang-free himne cut comes with a hidden ash grey color underneath the dark hair. Hair has that feathery fall that makes it look lived in. Sporty elegance right here!

13. Bob Length Hime Cut

We’ve already seen the straight across bangs and distinct layering, but here the length unusually ends just around the chin. This why whole hairstyle is one fantastic face framer – and what’s there not to love?

14. Mullet Moment

Clean lines of short himne cut combined with a textured shag make a mullet moment. A moment – that is both voluminous and playful. Trend-setting look!

15. Deep Hime Cut

Did anyone say length difference? Yes they did, and they wanted to make it super obvious combining a hime haircut and ultra long hair. The style for the bold and trendy!

16. Double Hime Cut With Wolf Cut

Were you redy for this mix? Of course not. But now that you’ve seen it, you cant believe how gorgeous it looks. Maybe it’s time to get some she-wolf energy on your hair.

17. Hime Cut On Long Black Hair

Classic hime cut makes an unconventional cross-section on a long black hair. A himne cut is perfect for oval-shaped face. Also, it works for anyone who loves ti blur the lines and break the mold!

18. Blonde Hair, Pink Highlights & Hime Cut

Tones of pink and rose make this style pop out. Chin length hair combined with bangs soften the facial features, making the whole look warmer and more inviting.

19. Hime Cut & Design Color

This look has some serious Wednesday Addams vibes. Well, the touch of blond on the bangs sets them apart. It almost seems like this look is tailored for someone who sees the world dark with rays of light shining through.

20. Hime Cut With Color Block Bang

These bangs are a showstopper! They have this striking block of blond that will catch everyones attention. In addition, the hime cut gives that vibe of individuality and suggary flair.

21. Hime & Shag Cut Combo

Laid back shoulder length shag and the neat razor cut hime create a carefree style that is easy to maintain. Literally wash and go kind of style. Plus, il looks strikingly good!

22. Hime Cut & Purple Black Hair

Hidden purple color beneath the black lavishing hair looks out of this world. It adds an uncommon and mystical undertone to the whole hairstyle. Gothic vibes!

23. Blunt Cut Line & Natural Fading

Natural brunette hair looks ravishing in hime cut. Blunt cuts in hime, frame the face in a way that flatters facial features and highlights the beauty of the eyes. Breathtaking in every way!

24. Japanese Hime Cut On Long Wavy Hair

This voluminous wavy hair looks even more unique with hime cut. It gives that “I’m not ordinary!” vibe that matches person’s individuality. Hime cut in itself is individuality among haircuts.

25. Hime Cut Fairy Style

This whole style screams anime. This girl looks like a forest fairy and it suits her so well. Hime cut on brown hair with few hidden green strands, complements the pale skin and adds to the whole fairy vibe.