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22 Long Wavy Hairstyles To Bring Out Your Inner Goddess

22 Long Wavy Hairstyles To Bring Out Your Inner Goddess

If you look around you, you’ll notice that long wavy hair is everywhere! Waves are a go-to style for red carpets, as well as special and casual occasions. To cut a long story short, long wavy hairstyles are so popular because they are stylish, feminine, elegant, and always on-trend. So, grab your curling irons (if you don’t have naturally curly/wavy hair), and let’s get started!

1. Cowgirl Copper Waves With Butterfly Layers

Beautiful cowboy copper features strong copper and brown tones, and butterfly layers bring out the best in this hair color. If you’re not familiar with it, butterfly layers aka butterfly haircut consist of shorter face-framing layers and longer layers falling below the shoulders.

2. Waterfall Braid Wavy Hairstyle For Women

If I had to describe this wavy hairstyle in three words, it would be: romantic, soft, and feminine. Here’s how to do a waterfall braid:

Step 1: Take a small section at the front and split it into three equal sections. Take the left strand and cross it over the middle strand. Then take the right strand and cross it over the middle strand.
• Step 2: Add a small section of hair to the left strand before crossing it over the middle one. Instead of crossing the right strand, just drop it to create a waterfall effect.
• Step 3: Continue adding small sections of hair to the left and right strands and dropping the bottom (right) strands until you have finished your waterfall braid. Don’t forget to secure the braid with bobby pins.

3. Half-Up Braided Waves With Flowers

If you want to add some volume to your wavy hair, then a half-up half-down hairstyle is the way to go! You can embellish your half-up hairstyle with flowers and different types of braids (Dutch, French, fishtail, infinity, you name it). Also, wavy half-up half-down wedding hairstyles are becoming more and more popular!

4. Latte Brunette Long Layered Wavy Hair

Layered wavy hair with balayage is always in style! If you have warm skin undertones, then you should opt for a cool light brunette balayage, and vice versa. Also, to achieve these beautiful, soft waves, all you need to do is curl small sections of your hair around a curling iron and lightly brush through them with a soft bristle brush.

5. Caramel Brown Hollywood Glam Waves

Seldom hairstyles can make me speechless as Hollywood glam waves can! For luxurious Hollywood glam waves, you’ll need three things: a curling iron, a soft bristle brush, and hairspray.
Here are the instructions: Curl each section of your hair in the same direction, and then brush it with a soft bristle brush. Finish with lots of hairspray to accentuate your glam waves. Congrats, you’re done!

6. Long Wavy Hair With Space Buns

Also known as “raver buns”, space buns are one of the most playful baddie hairstyles that are reserved for Instagram baddies. Space buns complement all hair textures, but they look especially flattering on wavy hair with bangs.

7. Half-Up Wavy Bubble Braid

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but bubble braids are all the rage as of late, and they look stunning on wavy hair. Another good news is that you can do a half-up bubble braid in just a few minutes.
Here’s how: gather the upper half of your hair into a ponytail, and wrap it with elastic. Continue securing the bubbles with elastics. Once finished, use your fingers to pull out the hair in bubble shapes.

8. Long Copper Blonde Waves

The golden undertones of copper blonde hair color enhance the texture of wavy hair. The best is that copper hair color lasts longer than other red shades, so it will save you from frequent salon visits. Yaay!

9. Half-Up Top Knot For Long Wavy Hair

If you’re looking for a protective and stylish hairstyle for wavy hair, a half-up top knot is your best bet! Also, this is my favorite go-to style for a second-(or third)-day hair after spraying my hair with a mix of water and a leave-in conditioner. To say that this hairstyle is an absolute perfection would be an understatement.

10. Long Wavy Ponytail

Speaking of a real head-turner! An elegant ponytail with face-framing layers will bring your wavy hair to the next level. Here’s how to achieve this beautiful hairstyle:

Step 1: Use a soft brush to gather your hair into a low ponytail, and secure it with an elastic. (Make sure to pull out a few hair pieces at the hairline beforehand for a face-framing effect.)
Step 2: Wrap small sections of your ponytail around a curling iron. Gently comb through each one of these curls and tease them a little bit to create more volume. Use a professional teasing brush if you have one.
Step 3: Use a small section of your hair (from your ponytail) to wrap around your ponytail. “Bless your hairstyle” with plenty of hairspray.

11. Sunkissed Blonde Long Wavy Hairstyle

Light golden blonde is one of the most versatile colors because it looks flattering on all skin tones and skin undertones. This hue adds warmth to your face, and (I saved the best part for later) – it’s low-maintenance.

12. Wavy Fountain Ponytail With Full Fringe

I like to call the fountain ponytail “the fountain of youth” because it gives you a mini face-lift and more volume. This wavy hairstyle will not only bring out your inner goddess but also erase a few years. For a dash of mystery and elegance, I suggest going with full bangs (especially if you have a longer forehead).

13. Blonde Balayage Waves

Balayage on wavy hair accentuates the pattern of each wave and gives an oomph of volume to your hair. Also, blonde balayage mimics what the sun does to our hair, and that’s why it’s one of the most popular hair colors for wavy hairstyles. If you’re a fan of natural-looking wavy hair, then you don’t need to look any further because balayage stands for one of the biggest hair trends for women.

14. Wavy Hair With Box Braids

If you want to rock one of the most unique long wavy hairstyles, then combine wavy hair with box braids or any type of braids. This hairstyle is a godsend for those who have thin hair because braids alone can make your hair look less voluminous.

15. Black Wavy Hair With A Side Part

Hello, deep side part! Apart from making your wavy hairstyle look more voluminous and sophisticated, a deep side part also helps soften your face and gives it an interesting dimension. Deep side parting brings out the best in square, diamond, and heart-shaped faces.

16. Dutch Braid Waves Half-Up Hairstyle

One of the easiest ways to spice up your wavy hairstyle is to add a Dutch braid aka reverse French braid into the equation. As the name implies (referring to “reverse French braid”), Dutch braid hairstyles are done in the same way as a French braid. The only difference is that you cross the sections of your hair under and not over the middle strand. If you have thick hair, opt for a bigger Dutch braid, and vice versa.

17. Dark Brown Long Wavy Hair

If you want your waves to look more unified, then you’ll need to wrap the sections of your hair around the curling iron in the same direction. Don’t forget to add some hair oil for a polished look.

18. Bronde Waves With Full Fringe

Bronde is a mix of brown and blonde which is a favorite hair color choice of our dear Jennifer Lopez. She knows that combining bronde waves with full fringe will accentuate her eyes and her square face shape. The good news – if you like her style, you can copy it the next time you visit the hair salon. Just make sure to choose the right type of bangs for your face shape.

19. Dutch Flower Braid Wavy Hairstyle

When you get sick and tired of classic half-up half-down hairstyles and buns, then you know it’s time to spice things up with a Dutch flower braid. This is one of the most creative braided hairstyles you’ll ever see on wavy hair, so why not try it yourself?

20. Long Pastel Pink Waves

A short guide for choosing the right pastel pink shade for your skin tone: If you have a medium or dark skin tone, you should opt for pastel pink with peachy undertones. Light complexions should go with cool pastel pink with blue undertones. You’re welcome.

21. Claw Clip Half-Up Wavy Hairstyle

The easiest way to achieve a half-up wavy hairstyle (if you’re short on time) is with a good old claw clip. This popular hair accessory is versatile, which means there are more amazing claw clip hairstyles for long hair you should try.

22. Natural Brown Wavy Hair With Red Highlights

It’s official: The red-brown hair trend is all the rage! If you want to add dimension to your brown hair, red highlights will do the job. Apart from that, red highlights will also enhance the texture of your natural wavy hair. Who can say no to that, right?