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Prepare To See The Layered Lob Cut Everywhere This Year

Prepare To See The Layered Lob Cut Everywhere This Year

Pairing a long bob cut with layers is a fantastic option for girls looking to turn heads. A long layered bob cut is a classic and iconic hairstyle that will give you a seductive look and help you look stunning at all times.

1. Layered Lob With Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs combined with layered lob is a low-maintenance hairstyle that is trending right now. The best thing about it is that it suits every occasion.

2. Wavy Layered Lob

However, if you’re looking for a medium-length haircut that requires literally no effort, a wavy layered lob cut is calling your name. Don’t forget to pair it with a stunning hair color.

3. Razor Cut Layered Lob

If you have a skilled hairdresser, you simply must ask them for a razor-cut layered bob. It’s a chopping technique that will give your locks the illusion of thickness and reduce your styling time.

4. Textured Layered Lob

What if layers are enough and you want even more volume? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered: just ask your hairdresser to add some texture for maximum effect.

5. Layered Lob With See-Through Bangs

See-through bangs are a true hit this season, especially when paired with a layered lob. And why wouldn’t it be? I mean, just look at how gorgeous it is.

6. Dimensional Layered Lob With Side-Part

Back in the 2000s, you couldn’t be a fashionable girly if you didn’t rock a side part. Well, the good news is that this style is coming back to town. And it looks better than ever!

7. A-Line Layered Lob

I’m sure you’ve heard about A-line bob cut. But are you familiar with the upgraded version, a-line lob cut? Or to be exact, with a layered a-line lob? Well, now you are!

8. Curled Layered Lob

Are you out of ideas on how to style your layered lob? Don’t worry, it’s easier than it might seem. Luckily, I bring you a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it:

9. Low-Maintenance Layered Lob

Who’s got time to spend hours every morning in front of the mirror to get the perfect hairstyle? Or the money to go to a hair salon every couple of days? I know most of us don’t. And that’s exactly why I present you this low-maintenance layered lob.

10. Feathered Layered Lob

Feathered layered lob is a timeless haircut for all generations and age groups. Remember how popular it was back in the ’80s? Well, it’s trending again!

11. Shaggy Layered Bob

A shaggy layered lob is undone, effortless, and chic. You can style it using your fingers only. Here’s a pro tip: pair it with highlights for a more dimensional look.

12. Soft Layered Lob

A soft layered lob is an unusual take on the classic lob haircut. Pair it with a fashionable balayage to make a statement.

13. Shaggy Lob Cut With Internal Layers

Internal or invisible layers don’t have an aesthetic purpose only; they’re also here to give your locks depth, dimension, and movement. Thanks to them, you get visually thicker and more volumized tresses.

14. Layered Lob With Short Bangs

Short bangs are an eye-catching contrast to a long bob cut. They angulate your face and are especially flattering for oval and round-shaped faces.

15. Textured Layered Lob With Mini Curtain Bangs

Well-blended mini curtain bangs will show off the shape of your long bob cut and put focus on your beautiful facial features. All of this combined will give you a fresh new look.

16. Curly Layered Lob

One thing is for sure: everyone will be wowed by your curly layered lob. This short layered hairstyle will define your locks in the right way and give them the shape they need.

17. Funky Colored Layered Lob

Want to spice up your layered lob cut? Say no more. Funky hair colors are the answer. That’s right, I said colors which means more than one.

18. Layered Lob Transformation

Are you still having second thoughts about chopping those long tresses off and giving yourself the makeover you’ve been craving? I’m sure that this transformation pic will push you in the right direction.

19. Gray Layered Lob For Older Ladies

A layered lob should be your go-to style if your grays are starting to show and if you’ve reached a certain age. It’s an elegant haircut that will make you look younger than ever.

20. Long Lob With Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are the “it” hairstyle of the season. And so is the long bob. So, what’s exactly stopping you from pairing the two and adding some layers to the equation?

21. Copper Layered Lob

What’s the hair color all the influencers have gone crazy about? You and I both know the answer is only one: it’s copper. And what’s even better is that it goes perfectly with a layered bob cut.

22. Blonde Balayage On Layered Lob

Blonde balayage is always a good idea, but when paired with a layered lob, it looks absolutely spotless. It’s a gorgeous hairstyle that will get you noticed.

23. Layered Angled Lob

A layered angled lob will always be in vogue. The layers give this hairstyle an effortless feel, show off your hair’s thickness, and give you a modern, charming look.

24. Layered Lob For Straight Hair

Straight hair has never looked better! This layered lob gives you versatility while allowing you to experiment with hair parting.

25. Lob Wolf Cut With Choppy Layers

A few choppy layers are more than enough to refresh your layered lob. Not only that but they’re also here to give you a flowing layered hairstyle.