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These Tik-Tok Long Layered Hair Styles Are About To Be Your New Go-To

These Tik-Tok Long Layered Hair Styles Are About To Be Your New Go-To

Long hair has always been in style and that’s not about to change. But now, it’s time to add some oomph to your locks. Long layered hair works wonders for framing the face. Not only that; it also adds depth, volume, and the illusion of thickness to your tresses. What more could a woman wish for?

1. Long Layered Curly Hair

If you have naturally long curly hair, instead of straightening it (and damaging your locks), please learn to cherish it. What you need is a bomb-looking haircut to help your curls stand out. And what better option than a layered cut?

2. Long Layered Hair With Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are, without a doubt, one of the hottest hair trends of the season. But they’re not as pretty as picture only— curtain bangs have a functional purpose as well. They frame your face, hide your forehead, and draw attention to your cheekbones. Most importantly, they look amazing when paired with layered haircuts.

3. Long Layered Wavy Hair

It’s time you fall in love with your gorgeous wavy hair. If you show your hairdresser this inspo pic, I’m sure they’ll make wonders by giving you layers that add interest to your tresses.

4. Long Layered Straight Hair

Many women will say that having long, pin-straight hair is a blessing. It really is, as long as you know how to make the most out of it. And what’s the best way to do so? Adding layers to straight hair!

5. Long Layered Hair With Bangs

Do layers on long hair go well with bangs? Well, if this inspo pic doesn’t help you realize that this is a bomb combination, nothing will. The only thing that matters is choosing the right type of bangs according to your face shape.

6. Long Full Layered Hair

Full layers with face-framing angles will keep your hair looking full. Your tresses don’t have to necessarily be thick for this cut to work out— the right hairdresser will make them look that way.

7. Long Hair Layered Emo Haircut

Welcome to the updated version of the iconic emo haircut. Of course, layers didn’t go anywhere. However, we ditched the side bangs and decided to add some funky shades to the style.

8. Long 90s Layered Hair

Wherever you look, you see that the ’90s trends are back in fashion. And the first thing on the list is definitely the legendary long-layered haircut. You know what’s even better news? The fact that you can easily maintain this hairstyle at home. Here’s how:

9. Two-layered Haircut For Long Hair

What if you want to upgrade your style but you’re not the biggest fan of heavy layering? In that case, a two-layered cut should be your top pick.

10. V-shape Long Layered Straight Hair

A V-shape cut is the best option for keeping the length of your locks intact while getting rid of damaged split ends. Pair it with layers and you’ll end up having a spectacular hairstyle.

11. Long Choppy Layered Hair

Just look at this transformation and dare to tell me that layers don’t do wonders on your hair. If you go for a choppy layered cut, they will give your hair a playful bounce.

12. Layered Feather Cut For Long Hair

Here’s a trick to being really in vogue: combine two trends that are back in style. Layered hair from the ’90s and feathered locks from the ’80s is the best way to go!

13. Front Layered Haircut For Long Hair

I get it: you have long hair but your front strands are damaged and therefore shorter. This means your tresses are in desperate need of proper shaping. Here’s a life-saving pro tip: ask your hairdresser for a front-layered cut.

14. Long Blonde Layered Hair

One thing is for sure: long blonde layered hair will make you the “it” girl this year. It’s an eye-catching combo of cut and color that will get you tons of compliments.

15. Textured Layers On Long Hair

These Bridgite Bardot-inspired textured layers on long hair will give you a careless yet glamorous look nobody can stay indifferent to. It’s time to awaken your inner celebrity and this hairstyle will make it happen!

16. Soft Layers On Long Hair

Here’s another attractive option for all those girlies who are still not sure about heavy layering. That’s right, I’m talking about soft layers on long hair: a more subtle, gentle alternative to this up-to-minute look.

17. Rounded Layers On Long Hair

Rounded layers are here to give your locks a sense of fullness and volume. They look extraordinary on every hair type and texture which makes them even more timeless.

18. Feathered Haircut With Forward Choppy Layers

Check out photos of A-list female celebrities back from the 1970s and 1980s. Every famous name had a feathered haircut. In case you haven’t noticed, the trend is back!

19. Copper Long Layered Hair

What is the best way to make your long layered hair stand out? That’s right: pairing it with a striking and dramatic hair color. Trust me, you can’t go wrong with copper red.

20. Bronde Butterfly Cut

A butterfly cut will give your tresses both bounce and substance. And let’s not forget that it’s one of the most popular hairstyles of the season, which means you can’t afford to miss it.

21. Mid-Back Layers On Long Hair

Mid-back layers will help you keep your locks more manageable because this hairstyle doesn’t have to be precisely styled at all times. At the same time, they give your tresses the appearance of more volume which is always a plus.

22. Short, Medium, And Long Layers On Long Hair

How do multiple layers sound to you? Well, I have some good news: the fiery combo of short, medium, and long layers looks even better!

23. Long Layered Fine Hair

Can layers be added to fine hair? Absolutely yes! In fact, it’s probably one of the best possible haircuts for this type of locks since adds depth and dimension to your hair.

24. Tousled Layers On Long Hair

Looking for a low-maintenance long layered hairstyle that requires minimum effort? Tousled layers are calling your name! The best thing about this style is that it looks best when slightly unkempt.

25. Long Layered Thin Hair

Layers are thin hair’s savior, I can guarantee you that. They feign volume and thickness which is exactly what your locks desperately need.