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Layered Braids Are Making A Huge Comeback In 2024

Layered Braids Are Making A Huge Comeback In 2024

Layered braids feature all braided hairstyles that aren’t braided from the scalp to the nape of the neck in one continuous line. These braids are made in sections often starting with cornrows. Layered braids are one of the most versatile protective hairstyles perfect for creating a soft or edgy look depending on the type of braids used. Layered braided hairstyles add volume and texture to your hair in the most stylish way. Ready to find your perfect style?

1. Layered Knotless Braids

A knotless braid is a box braid that starts with your natural hair and hair extensions are added as the braid continues. It’s one of the most natural-looking braided hairstyles perfect for achieving a trendy layered hair look.

2. Layered Fulani Braids

Let’s get one thing straight. Fulani braids are reserved for the coolest gals out there. Fulani braids are made of cornrows in front and box braids at the back. The biggest trademark of these braids is uniquely patterned cornrows that create a personalized look.

3. Layered Braids With Curls

If you want to achieve a distinct look, then it’s best to play with different textures. For example, if you have curly hair, then combine layered braids with curls for mega volume and more definition. The same applies to layered locs.

4. Layered Tribal Braids With Space Buns

Layered tribal braids are an amazing hairstyle made by braiding cornrows in front and individual braids at the back. The curly extensions and popular space buns make the style even more textured and voluminous.

5. V-shaped Layered Braids With Beads

The best thing about layered braids are endless pattern combinations when it comes to cornrows. V-shaped layered braids with beads will earn you lots of compliments, so what are you waiting for?

6. Ultra Long Layered Knotless Braids

Knotless braids can last for 2 to 3 months on coarser hair textures with tighter curls, while on finer hair textures with looser curls knotless braids may not last as long. Also, this type of braid gets messy and frizzy quickly because the braid starts with your hair.

7. Layered Braids With A Side Part

If you have a diamond, square, or heart-shaped face, side parting will soften your jawline and cheekbones. In other words, layered braids with a side part will help balance your features and complete your ‘cool gal’ look.

8. Layered Tribal Braids

This hairstyle is made by weaving small-sized cornrows in front and larger single braids at the back. Braids in different sizes give your hairstyle more volume and a unique appearance. This is one of the most long-lasting protective styles out there.

9. Layered Tribal Braids With Curls Updo

Layered tribal braids with curls will make your top knot or any other hairstyle look fuller and texturized. Also, beautiful cornrow patterns in front will transform you into an absolute goddess of layered braid hairstyles.

10. Layered Lemonade Braids With A Heart

Lemonade braids feature a side cornrow style mixed with fulani and goddess braids. If you want to take lemonade braids to the next level, you can add a heart next to your hairline. Amazing.

11. Layered Knotless Fulani Braids

Layered knotless fulani braids feature small cornrows in front and medium-sized single braids at the back. If you have darker hair, adding blonde hair extensions will give your braids more dimension and accentuate their texture.

12. Layered C-shaped Knotless Braids

Layered C-shaped knotless braids are made by weaving C-shaped cornrows to the nape of the neck and single braids at the back. This hairstyle is a godsend for those who frequently wear a low ponytail, especially during summer days.

13. Layered Cornrows With Curls

A layered cornrow hairstyle with curls is best styled with moisturizing hair products such as leave-in conditioners and heavy styling products based on oils. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t wear your braids for longer than 3 months to avoid hair breakage and frizzy situations.

14. Layered Braids With Curly Ends

Curly ends will enhance the layers of your hair and make your hairstyle look more voluminous. If you have thin hair, curly ends combined with braids are a great solution for creating the illusion of a thicker mane.

15. Half-Up Layered Braid Hairstyle

Yup, you can still rock half-up half-down hairstyles or braided ponytails even with braids. This hairstyle is legit proof of braids’ versatility and endless hair combinations, which is why they are so popular.

16. C-shaped Layered Braids

C-shaped hair, don’t care! C-shaped layered braids feature beautiful cornrows in C shape and single braids at the back. For a more personalized look, decorate your braids with beads.

17. Accessorized Layered Braids

Yes, layered braids are stylish by default but you can always enhance their look with the addition of cuffs, rings, beads, strings in different colors, and other hair jewelry. There are so many ways to make your braids look even more stylish, so feel free to experiment.

18. Two Layer Cornrows

Tow-layer cornrows are made by parting the hair into two layers (sections) and then braiding each layer (section) into a different style or size. This is one of the most textured braided hairstyles of all.

19. Two Layer Knotless Braids

If you want to achieve mega volume, choose two-layer knotless braids with curly ends. This hairstyle brings out the best in long curly hair thus creating a beautiful contrast between braids and the curly texture.

20. Two Layer Feed-In Braids

Feed-in braids are natural-looking braids with added hair extensions. Pro tip: Invest in a silk or satin bonnet to protect your braided layered hairstyle at night. (You can thank me later.)