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22 Youthful Hairstyles For Women Over 50 Ready For A Fresh Look

22 Youthful Hairstyles For Women Over 50 Ready For A Fresh Look

By age 50, many women have a signature look, while others prefer to change their hairstyle often. Some experience a change in thickness and texture and want a haircut that accommodates this and others are just looking for a new style that works with their current vibe.

Whatever your hair concerns, there’s no rule that says you have to wear it a certain way just because you’ve reached a mature age—by now you know that the role of your hairstyle is to make you feel your best. Find your perfect match in this collection of hairstyles for women over 50.

1. Textured Bob

Let’s start with the universally flattering getextureerde bob. If your goal is manageable, low-maintenance hair, it’s the ideal choice for many hair types. It gives texture to fine hair and removes bulk from thick hair; it tousles pin-straight tresses and allows curls to bloom. And on top of this, the casual nature of the textured bob will make you look and feel youthful.

2. Long Curls

Long, thick hair over 50? Yes, please. It’s common for women to go short after they reach a certain age, but if long, flowing locks are your style, go for it. Wouldn’t it be a waste to cut your hair if it’s as thick and luscious as ever (even if it’s with the help of a few extensions)?

3. Layered Pixie

Feathery, bouncy and light, a layered pixie is a low-maintenance dream. This pretty haircut has an elegant yet playful maturity that flatters at any age.

4. Butterfly Cut

Trends know no age, especially when they’re as gorgeous as the vlinderkapsel. This popular style makes the hair lightweight and manageable—the sensual bounce in your tresses will make you fell sexy. It can be worn at a variety of lengths, so don’t think you have to skip it if you don’t have long hair.

5. Sisterlocks

Sisterlocks are tiny locs that can be styled, allowing women with tightly textured hair to wear different hairstyles without straightening it or using products and heat. They’re installed by a certified Sisterlock consultant using a trademarked technique that requires no chemicals or excessive tightening, so they don’t cause damage or breakage.

6. Medium Hair With Face Framing Highlights

If you prefer your hair long-ish—long enough to tie up comfortably, but wearable enough that you don’t want to do it—a collarbone-length medium haircut with subtle face-framing is the obvious choice. There isn’t really much to say about this look because it’s so uncomplicated, but it’s this simplicity that’s its strongest point.

7. Short Shaggy Bob

Here’s a razor-cut ruige bob met pony, and if you’ve never considered this type of hairstyle, this one might inspire you to think again. The right stylist, or the artist, will gently carve each strand of hair to fall just right, framing your unique features, highlighting or concealing as needed, to give you a truly tailored haircut.

8. Beach Waves

As we age, our features become at the same time less soft and less defined. Blocky or coiffed hairstyles can emphasize this. So if your hair goal is a flattering look, avoid too much structure and choose loose, casual styles. And nothing comes close to strandgolven when you’re after a lived-in, tousled look.

9. Buzz Cut

The buzz cut on a woman is provocative at any age. Traditionally, a woman’s hair is considered her ornament, and to willingly take it off can, let’s say, stir feelings in people who can’t handle your confidence in your beauty. Don’t let those voices deter you if you dig the freedom you’ll get from the tiniest of TWAs or straight up shaved head, because why not?!

10. Blunt Bob

Carefully arranged, flat-ironed, sky-high bobs are ancient history, so don’t even go there. The modern bobs are blunt or choppy, textured or tousled. The only thing you should be using your straightener for is to add that barely-there bend around ear level that makes all the difference.

11. Shoulder-Length Layered Hair

Long curtain bangs and perfect face framing with manageable yet lush length—this is a strong candidate for a signature look. This luxurious hairstyle perfectly pairs with highlights that have food in their names, like honey, caramel or vanilla because it’s so yummy!

12. Bob With Face Framing

It’s been around forever, but recently, the bob with soft face framing and beveled ends has been gaining attention under several names that match current trends, like the Baroque bob or old money bob. Whatever you call it, this hairstyle is always associated with refinement and easy elegance, which comes more easily as you approach 50.

13. Voluminous Curls

Rarely is a hairstyle as fascinating as a voluminous halo of curls. It dominates, and anything in its proximity fades to the background. When cut well, each curl lives its own story, blossoming in harmony with the rest. If you’re blessed with hair like this, find a hairstylist who knows how to do it justice and flaunt what you have.

14. Long Shag

They’re choppy, low-maintenance and plainly fun—everyone should get a shag at least once. If you’ve gone 50 years without trying it, this is your sign to go for it. And despite what it says above, it doesn’t actually have to be long. Medium-length and short shags are just as enjoyable and easy to wear.

15. Bob met lange pony

You hear it all the time because it’s true: bangs can dramatically change your haircut. And they don’t even have to be short and blunt—long, face-framing front pieces are often transformative enough.

16. Italian Bob

Heavy, long, but still very much a bob; versatile and desperately flattering. Beautiful when you blow dry it, and just as gorgeous when left natural. We all agree this haircut is the dream, right?

17. Medium-Length Waves

Not sure what haircut to get? When in doubt, go medium-length as it has the most versatility. Combine with texture, body and movement, the three features of universally flattering haircuts. This style fits all of this, and it won’t fail you.

18. Long Pixie

Most women who get pixie cuts do so in part to cut down on maintenance. But here’s the secret to make your pixie as flattering as it’s wearable: find the sweet spot when it comes to length. Half an inch can make a world of difference in how the hair falls, so consult your stylist for a personalized recommendation.

19. Chin-Lenth Bob

The chin-length is about as short as you can go and still call it a bob. With enough length around the face to frame it, this haircut truly shines when you don’t have a set parting, but tousle it with your fingers throughout the day.

20. Bob With Bangs

Bob and bangs, what’s so fresh about that? This combo might be a classic, but there are multiple ways to wear this power couple in the world of hair. Here’s an example: choppy layers and bottleneck bangs make this cut almost look like a tiny shag.

21. Long Hair With Face-Framing Bangs

Long and straight hair tends to drag the face down, and we definitely don’t want that at 50. Besides using a texturizing product to add some body to your tresses, there’s another thing you can do to reverse that effect: gezicht omlijstende pony.

22. Stacked Bob

The stacked bob has been trough a lot. The layers in the back went to unseen heights, introducing some truly unflattering hairstyles. Let’s do it right this time, and keep the layers subtle, creating a pleasing rounded shape with lots of volume.