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18 Hottest Permed Hairstyles That Redefine The Definition Of Curly

18 Hottest Permed Hairstyles That Redefine The Definition Of Curly

In case you didn’t hear, perms are BACK and are more natural-looking than ever! There are many reasons why permed hairstyles are so adored, and here are a few:

1. Permed hairstyles create the illusion of thicker and more textured hair.
2. Perm allows you to create beach waves, soft curls, bouncy curly hairstyles, and many other variations.
3. Permed hairstyles last for 3 to 6 months.

Are these three reasons enough to persuade you to embrace the perm trend? If yes, here are the inspo pics to inspire your next permed hair look!

1. Loose Curly Perm With Bangs

The best thing about modern perm is that it’s less damaging to your hair and looks more natural than before. A loose curly perm with bangs is a perfect example of a natural-looking modern perm hairstyle that makes you wonder whether the curls are natural or permed.

2. Intense Red Wavy Permed Hair

You should no longer worry about styling thin hair because a wavy perm is here to make your hair look thicker and more voluminous than before. Intense red wavy permed hair is a real head-turner reserved for the boldest personalities.

3. Permed Bob With Bangs

Permed bob with bangs is “radiating” texture and volume. This is a perfect hairstyle for those with thin hair who want a more textured look worthy of the supermodel hair we regularly see on magazine covers.

4. Curly Perm With Highlights

Curly perm is a breathtaking style by default, and do you know what happens when you add highlights to the equation? Flawless hair! Adding highlights to your curly perm will create a more dimensional look and enhance the texture of your natural hair.

5. Long Hair Perm

Thick, straight long hair lacks definition because it easily weighs down and lacks texture. Bring out the best in your long straight hair with a wavy or curly perm! An instant volume and texture are guaranteed.

6. Beach Wave Perm

Using heat-styling tools during summer to create perfect beach waves is a thing of the past. Beach wave perm is a far better alternative for everyone who wants to rock beach waves all summer with minimal styling efforts!

7. Light Perm

If you worry that perm will damage your hair (or you’re doing perm for the first time out of curiosity), I suggest a light perm that gives you loose curls/waves. Once you break the ice, you’ll feel free to experiment with different perm styles.

8. Bleached Curly Permed Pixie Cut

A bleached curly perm is a perfect option for ladies over 50 with natural curly hair that lacks definition which is a completely natural process that happens over years. Bleached hair offers gray/white hair coverage, while a pixie cut ensures a youthful look.

9. Soft Waves Perm Hairstyle

The second best thing about perm is that you don’t need to do it on the entire hair if you don’t want to. You can do a partial perm that includes adding texture to specific hair sections like your ends, or sections where your natural curls are loose.

10. Curly Permed Long Bob

Long bob aka lob and curly perm are a match made in heaven! This hairstyle has everything one can desire: texture, volume, and plenty of youthful vibes. Therefore, you can’t afford to miss a curly permed long bob trending hairstyle.

11. Beach Wave Permed Hairstyle

If you opt for a beach wave permed hairstyle, you should know that a leave-in conditioner will become your best friend. Perm hair is more prone to dryness, so investing in great moisturizing products is something you shouldn’t take for granted.

12. Mermaid Hair Perm

The popular mermaid haircut embraces long, flowy layers reminiscent of mermaids. There’s no need to worry if you don’t have natural wavy or curly hair because now you can rock a mermaid hairstyle with a wavy perm and, of course, layers.

13. U-shaped Perm Hair

Unlike V-cut, U-shaped hair requires less maintenance giving you a soft look. Combining U-shaped layers with a wavy or curly perm is a surefire way to create a beautiful, natural-looking hairstyle that will leave everyone speechless.

14. Short Platinum Blonde Curly Perm

Elegant ladies know that a short platinum blonde curly perm is and always will be on-trend. Maintain your beautifully textured curls with a curl cream and a leave-in conditioner for a flawless look.

15. Long Wavy Perm

Do you want to add more texture to your straight hair? Or does your naturally curly or wavy hair lack definition? Whatever the reason, a wavy/curly perm is the answer to your prayers! So, what are you waiting for?

16. Short Curly Permed Hairstyle

Voluminous and textured short hairstyles are trending right now and there’s no need to worry if you don’t have naturally wavy or curly hair because all you need is layers and a perm. Enjoy the coolest 80s hairstyle that never goes out of fashion.

17. Copper Blonde Curly Perm Hair

Seldom hairstyles can leave you speechless as curly perm hair. Here’s my rule of thumb: If you can’t tell the difference between natural curls and curly perm, then you know the job is done right.

18. Long Curly Perm

Maintaining your curly perm is extremely important, and here’s a quick tip: untangle your wet hair using a wide-tooth comb. And yes, leave-in conditioners are non-negotiable.