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Mermaid Haircut Is The Hottest Summer Hair Trend Of 2024

Mermaid Haircut Is The Hottest Summer Hair Trend Of 2024

Tik Tok’s viral mermaid haircut features soft, tousled waves, reminiscent of the effortless, beachy look. Given that mermaids are synonymous with loose, cascading waves, that’s exactly how this popular hairstyle got its name. A typical mermaid hairstyle involves long hair styled in flowing waves perfect for summer days. So, get ready to find your perfect mermaid style and become the queen of carefree look this summer!

1. Sunkissed Blonde Mermaid Hair

With tousled waves and a beautiful blonde shade, a sunkissed blonde mermaid hairstyle will ensure you become the queen of a beachy look. Pro tip: Add sea salt spray to enhance your relaxed, breezy summer look.

2. Pastel Purple Mermaid Hair

A soft, dreamy shade of purple and a mermaid haircut is a match made in heaven! When it comes to styling, choose a curling iron with a larger barrel size to create looser waves.

3. Mermaid Hairstyle With Blonde Money Piece

The money piece hair trend refers to the lighter pieces of hair around the face. Adding a blonde money piece to brown hair is a great way to achieve a face-framing effect and a sunkissed look.

4. Platinum Blonde & Pastel Green Mermaid Waves

Platinum blonde and pastel green mermaid waves are reserved for those who want to rock a unique style this summer! If you have darker hair, bleaching is an inevitable step toward achieving this beautiful summer hairstyle.

5. Mermaid Waves With Bronde Balayage

If you have a darker mane and want to avoid bleaching hair but still desire that sunkissed effect, then bronde balayage is the way to go! Trendy bronde balayage combines brown and blonde tones and belongs to the low-maintenance hair color category. All things considered, this is one of the best mermaid hairstyles for those with dark hair!

6. Copper Orange Mermaid Layers

Copper hair color is one of the most popular fall hair colors. To achieve a summer, mermaid-ish hair color, all you need to do is add some orange to copper. These two shades blend perfectly and are a great choice for those who desire a darker red shade.

7. Half-Up Braid Mermaid Wavy Hairstyle

Pair mermaid waves with braids for a personalized look. Spice up your hairstyle and enhance the mermaid vibe with different hair accessories that can but don’t have to be sea-related.

8. Color-Blocked Mermaid Hairstyle

Mermaid vibes overload! Ready to make a bold statement with a color-blocked mermaid hairstyle this summer? I bet you are. Pro tip: Pastel shades are always in style and perfect for spicing up summer vibes.

9. Long Blonde Mermaid Haircut

A classic mermaid hairstyle includes blonde hair or another lighter shade with loose waves. If you’re not a fan of (or don’t want to use a curling iron), you can braid your damp hair to achieve a beachy look.

10. Mermaid Waves Blue Ombre

When life gives you hair colors, dye your hair blue! Blue ombre is a perfect choice for those who don’t want to bleach their entire mane. Your darker base color will blend perfectly with blue thus creating a cool, summer look.

11. Cowboy Copper Long Mermaid Layers

Cowboy copper is a warm copper hair color that combines red, brown, and copper tones. This shade looks stunning on a long layered mermaid haircut. Besides that, cowboy copper will accentuate the natural texture of your layered hairstyle.

12. Brunette Mermaid Haircut With Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights are the new blonde highlights! If you want a more polished version of a mermaid haircut, caramel highlights on brunette hair will do the job. And yes, face-framing layers or layered bangs are a must for this hairstyle!

13. Mermaid Hair With Blue Highlights

Lighter and darker tones of blue hair color add dimension to your hair and enhance the texture of your mermaid haircut. If you’re tired of blonde highlights and want to try something new, blue tones are waiting for you!

14. Magenta Mermaid Haircut With Choppy Bangs

Who said that magenta isn’t a summer color? Magenta mermaid hair with choppy bangs will earn you lots of compliments this summer and also help you earn the title of the coolest gal ever.

15. Green Gradient With Blue Highlights

Green and blue tones are reminiscent of mermaids, so adding these colors to your mermaid haircut seems logical. Pro tip: Add lighter shades around your face for a gorgeous face-framing effect.

16. Layered Mermaid V-cut

If you want your long hair to look even longer, V-cut will help you achieve that. Besides elongating your mane, the V-cut is perfect for achieving beautiful, flowing mermaid waves.

17. Brunette Mermaid Hair With Red Highlights

Red shade lovers, this one is for you! If you have brunette hair, adding red highlights will make your mane look more textured and voluminous. With this hairstyle, mermaid vibes are guaranteed.

18. Unicorn Mermaid Hair

Unicorn mermaid hair features rainbow pastel shades for a cool, beachy look. One thing is for sure. Unicorn mermaid waves are a real head-turner and the most unique summer hairstyle.

19. Ultra Long Mermaid Waves

Ultra-long wavy hair is a godsend for wavy mermaid hairstyles. Adding highlights to this beautiful hairstyle will help you achieve that summer-ish, breezy vibe.

20. Mermaid Layers With Curtain Bangs

Pairing mermaid layers with curtain bangs will frame your face and make your hair look more textured. Consider adding purple highlights to boost your mermaid vibes.