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Keep These 25 Prom Hairstyles Fit For A Queen On Your Radar For 2024

Keep These 25 Prom Hairstyles Fit For A Queen On Your Radar For 2024

Let’s face it— you’ve been looking for prom hairstyles since your junior year. I mean, what girl doesn’t? But you know what makes you different than everyone else? The fact that you’re the first one who stumbled across these inspo pics.

1. Romantic Half-Up Wavy Hairstyle

Do you want to look dreamy and chic at the same time? If the answer is yes, this romantic half-up wavy hairstyle is the right thing for you.

2. Glamorous Long Soft Curls

If you have extra long hair, these glamorous soft curls will be more than enough for your perfect prom hairstyle.

3. Micro Ponytail With Waves And Face Frames

Are you scared that you’ll end up looking much older and too serious thanks to your prom hairstyle? In that case, a micro ponytail with waves and face-frames is what you need.

4. Classic Upstyle

There are some hairdos that can never go out of fashion. This classic upstyle is definitely one of them. Trust me: you can’t go wrong with this one.

5. Back-Combed Hairstyle

Pick a back-combed hairstyle if you have a round or square face-shape. Smokey eye make-up goes amazingly well with this hairdo.

6. Romantic Half-Up Half-Down Style

A romantic half-up, half-down style is an ideal combination of a more relaxed and an elegant hairdo. It’s youthful yet graceful.

7. Frontal Ponytail

The last thing you want is your tresses getting all over your face while you’re dancing and having the night of your life. That’s why a frontal ponytail is the way to go.

8. Extra Long Hair With Snake Crowned Ponytail

I can guarantee you one thing: nobody on your prom will have extra long hair with snake crowned ponytail. You’ll be the star of the night.

9. Elegant Braided Ponytail

An elegant braided ponytail will give your locks the illusion of thickness and volume while giving you a bewitching hairstyle.

10. Elegant Braided Updo

The micro braids on the sides are just the aesthetic touch your braided updo needs. This hairstyle is a real head-turner.

11. Waterfall Braids Into A Mermaid Braid

There is only one way to describe waterfall braids that gradually become one mermaid braid: stunning! Don’t forget to find a skilled hairstylist for this one.

12. Waterfall Braids And Waves

Apparently, waterfall braids are a hit this season. Here, they’re paired with astonishing waves.

13. Rhomboid Patterned Braids

Remember when I mentioned a skilled braider? Well, you need a true artist if you want to recreate this inspo pic.

14. Side-Parted Style With Combed-Up Bangs

You know what this side-parted style with combed up bangs reminds me of? It sends off the 1950s diva vibe, doesn’t it?

15. Side-Parted Back-Combed Style With Shiny Accessories

There is no need for too much make up if you choose a side-parted back-combed style with shiny accessories. I know it’s your prom but trust me, this hair will draw enough attention.

16. Classic Side-Swept Updo

Here’s another classic that is always fashionable: a side-swept updo. It’s simply yet effective.

17. Long Bob Updo

Long hair is not a prerequisite for a fabulous prom hairstyle. This long bob updo is living proof of that.

18. Beach Curled Bob

Beach curls are not reserved for long, blonde hair. Just look at how ravishing they look when combined with a bob cut.

19. Rainbow Updo

Instead of blending into the masses, use the prom night to express your individuality. Make a statement with a colorful rainbow updo.

20. Half Up Bun

Looking for a DIY prom hairstyle? You’ve just found one! The best thing about this half-up bun is that you can make it yourself without much trouble. Don’t forget to accessorize your style for a maximum effect.

21. Big Braids Style

This big braids style will look the best on a backless dress. You can choose to leave a couple of face-framing locks of hair outside the braids for a more romantic look.

22. Crown Braids

I promise you one thing: you can’t go wrong with crown braids, especially if you pair them with a funky hair color such as this pastel pink.

23. Playful Braids With Curls

I’ll be honest with you: there is a lot going on with these playful braids with curls and that’s why this hairstyle look best on thick hair.

24. Chic Low Ponytail

A chic low ponytail is another hairstyle you don’t need a professional hairstylist for, especially if you know a thing or two about braiding.

25. Boho Half-Up Style

Boho half-up style looks the best if you have different hair colors in your locks. This way, you’ll get the desired contrast and your hairdo will look even more spectacular.