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These 30 Short To Medium Haircuts Have Made A Splash In 2024

These 30 Short To Medium Haircuts Have Made A Splash In 2024

If you want a low-maintenance but modern cut, I have four words for you… Short to medium haircuts! They’re one of those classic, never-ending trends that lend easy versatility and require minimum styling.

They flatter every hair texture and are a great way to put your facial features in the spotlight. Now, let’s choose your new cut and make your life much easier.

1. Modern Curly Shag

Shaggy layers are the best way to define your curls. They will get that refreshed look and it will be so much easier to handle your naturally curly hair.

2. A-Line Lob

One of the simplest, most classic looks that will never go out of style. If you have straight hair, the a-line lob will be effortless because all you will need to do is wash and brush your hair.

3. Cowboy Copper Curly Hair

It’s so obvious why women have gone nuts about the cowboy copper hue on social media. It’s warm, gentle, and has the power to brighten up the face. Unfortunately, it’s a fast-fading color and you’ll need to maintain it carefully and get it retouched every 3-4 weeks.

4. Perfect Winter Blonde

The dark blonde tones and balayage are perfect for winter. Cold, winter days are the perfect opportunity to make your hair healthy and shine again, after all the summer treatments and hairstyles.

5. Natural Spiral Curls

The fact is, it’s never that easy to tame and style naturally curly hair. However, I have one little secret that is very helpful: cut it in the shoulder length. You will remove the excess hair and give your curls space to move and bounce freely.

6. Bridal Waves

As long as we’re talking about those bridal vibes… The soft waves are the simplest, yet the most elegant bridal hairstyle. Add a nice tiara or a crown to it because… Well, simply because you’re a queen and you deserve it!

7. Light Edgy Blonde

The light blonde hues work best for pale and medium skin tones but also look great on tanned skin. One thing you need to know though is that it also belongs to fast-fading colors and you’ll need to keep your hair hydrated and use a purple or blue shampoo.

8. Deep Side Part

A simple, practically effortless look that is suitable for every occasion. The side part hairstyles are one of those looks that make a woman look bold and fiery.

9. Braided Half-Up

Braided hairstyles are always cute and flattering. It’s a look that suits everyone and can be used for different occasions.

10. Sophisticated Dimensional Brunette

The multi-tonal, dimensional contrast gives depth and volume to the hair. And these wavy-curled ends are the pure icing on the cake!

11. Silver Hair For Women Over 50

Feel ready to embrace your grays but still want to make them look more shiny and trendy? Try silver or ashy blonde hues. Your grays will blend with it completely and you’ll get that modern and youthful look.

12. Soft Shaggy Layers

Can you see the difference soft layers can make for fine hair? They add so much volume and make the hair look more lively. Of course, nothing pairs so well with shaggy layers than curtain bangs.

13. Kinky Twist Hairstyle

Here is a cute everyday hairstyle that requires minimum upkeep. They can last up to 4 weeks which is perfect for all busy women who don’t have time for too often salon visits. Kinky twists are also known as great hair breakage treatments which is probably the greatest advantage of this hairstyle.

14. Wavy Teasylights

Teasylights aren’t entirely the same but they do mimic the balayage look. However, because of the small, teased portions of the highlights, the transition and whole blend of colors look way more natural.

15. Multidimensional Red Hair

The blend of multiple red hues creates a more natural look and it gives depth to the hair. Even though the red tones aren’t suitable for gray hair, when done using this technique, they can provide good coverage.

16. Long Messy Bob

If you’re more of a casual-look girl, the messy bob/lob is your go-to hairstyle. Even though it’s effortless, the hair looks so voluminous. Also, this deep side part lends romantic vibes to the look.

17. Creamy Caramel Lob

Toffee brown hair color works best on warm skin tones with yellow undertones. These light creamy caramel highlights are such a great addition because they will give your hair that glow-up, shiny look.

18. Dreamy Pastel Blue

A hair color that has fallen out straight from heaven! A surprising fact about this hue is that it suits all skin tones and hair types.

As you may already know, pastel tones are prone to fading but I’m going to reveal a professional secret to you that will extend the life of your blue color: try washing it with cold water to stop the cuticles from opening.

19. Butterfly Locs

The butterfly locs are a long-lasting hairstyle and you can wear them for up to six weeks or until your roots start to grow out. Hair sections are enclosed in locs and that way this hairstyle also protects your hair.

20. Groovy Wolf Cut

A shoulder-length wolf cut will give you a sharp and edgy look. The flipped curtain bangs have the face-framing effect, they balance the facial contour and highlight the best features.

21. Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle

If you need a fancy but simple hairstyle, this one will surely get your attention. The knotted half-up with this curled bottom is also a great way to give the impression of thicker hair.

22. Knotless Bohemian Box Braids

These stunning bohemian knotless braids can last up to 6 weeks unless you have thin, soft hair. If that’s the case, you won’t be able to maintain them for so long. The blue color of these braids takes this whole look to a new, coolest level.

23. Softly Curled Brunette

A hairstyle that is truly made for every occasion. This is a cool shade of brown and it complements women with warm skin tones. If you have cool skin tones with blue or pink undertones, you should choose a bit warmer brown hue.

24. Half Ponytail

No matter your hair type or texture, this hairstyle will suit you. It can be your casual, daily look but you can also curl it a bit or add a cute accessory and wear it for some special occasions.

25. Shear-Shattered Layers

If you’re a more texture, less volume type of woman, you’ll love this shear-shattered hairstyle. Layers are being shattered in a soft, not obtrusive way and they blend perfectly with the texturized pieces.

26. Warm Golden Tones

These wavy curls combined with this shade of blonde look like bars of 24K gold. If you’re among those lucky people who have blue, green, or hazelnut eyes, the golden blonde tones will make them pop out.

27. French Coils

Want to achieve coily curls that don’t tangle? French coils are the right choice for you! Plus, you’ll get the bounciest, all-around curls ever.

28. Platinum Blonde Layered Hairstyle

If you want to achieve this cascading look, enrich your hair with layers. The icy blonde hue is one of the most beautiful blonde shades but it mostly complements those with cooler skin tones.

29. Messy Hair With Blunt Bangs

Because of the way they fall straight across the forehead, blunt bangs suit oval faces the most. The babylights placed randomly throughout the hair gather the messy strands and blunt fringes into one harmonious whole.

30. Curated Cutting Technique

This is a cutting technique that puts the main focus on the hair color by adding many face-framing layers. The hair looks refreshed, edgy, and way more healthier.