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22 Epic Prom Updos To Ensure Your Hair Is As Poppin’ As Your Dress

22 Epic Prom Updos To Ensure Your Hair Is As Poppin’ As Your Dress

Want to make sure your hair game is just as strong as your dress game? You are in the right place. Here you will find some of the most amazing prom updos that are more than just a hairstyle they are a vibe. Whether you are after a bun, ponytail or something more relaxed don’t worry you will find something even better among these pics. Your prom night hair inspo starts right here!

1. Pearls & Low Knot

This updo is pure sophistication! Ideal for complementing a form-fitting gown or adding a redefined edge to a flowy, delicate dress. Simple, elegant and absolutely stunning hairstyle that will make you shine.

2. Asymetric Braid & Bun

This playful twist on braids is totally on-point! It embraces the natural texture of afro hair and makes it playful yet sophisticated. Pair this, with an off shoulder dress to really let your hairstyle and confidence take the stage.

3. High Bun & Golden Bow

Feminine soft and beautiful updo that gives a dash of Hollywood glamour. Combine this with simple yet elegant dress and shine like the gold you are.

4. Sleek & Chic Updo

Make a splash at prom with this wet-look finish that’s all the rage. The bun is polished to perfection, making it a fabulous match for a sparkling sequin dress. This unique up-style will make you the star of the night.

5. Cool Elegant Bun

All you need is a sleek twist to rule your prom night. With this unusual low knot you can make your outfit pop. It pairs flawlessly with a chic dress or a sharp suit. Dare to be different and be you!

6. Iconic Updo

Well this is a perfectly complicated hairstyle worthy of a princess. It gives that “Elsa” vibes that are breathtaking. It would go perfect with any simple and elegant dress anything flashy would be too much.

7. Twisted Hair & Low Ponytail

This ponytail is as breezy as it’s beautiful. It’s the ultimate carefree yet elegant style that will complement a floaty dress or a tailored suit. Dance the night away while looking effortlessly charming.

8. Overlapping Chignon Bun

This updo is a dream with a satin ballgown or a body-hugging mermaid silhouette. While a classy bun is the cherry on to of your prom look.

9. Boho Updo

Free spirited and gorgeous look that fits right with a lace-adorned dress or a flowy, floral maxi dress. A relaxed and romantic look for one of the most memorable evenings of your life.

10. Twist & Bun

A magical updo that creates a masterpiece at the back of your head with every loop and tuck. It’s the ultimate pairing with your chiffon or silk gown. Soft fabric combined with soft hairstyle makes one dreamy prom look.

11. Afro Prom Bun

Definitely a style that celebrates volume and texture, pairs well with a sleek strapless dress to really let your natural beauty stand out. This look screams confidence and you are guaranteed to own the room the moment you walk in.

12. Big Romantic Updo

This voluminous creation is the ideal companion to a dress with delicate lace details or a deep back to add a touch of romance. It’s and elegant hairstyle you can’t go wrong with.

13. Voluminous Ponytail

What pony dreams are made of! This hairstyle is all about volume and bounce. Match this with a high-neck gown or a backless dress and rule the dance floor.

14. Side Twist & Low Bun

Sophistication with a side of charm is what this hairstyle represents. Combine it with a sweetheart neckline or a soft, A-line dress and you’ll be elegant all the way.

15. Sparkly Updo

What a dazzling spectacle. This look is a showstopper if matched with a gown that that’s just as intricate and special. This look is prom glamour redefined!

16. Pearl Wide Updo

Blend of classic and novel, ideal for that sleek slip dress or a modern cutout gown. If you want to make your prom look memorable with a touch of royal lux this is an updo for you.

17. Afro Low Bun

This hairstyle is a match made in heaven for a high neck gown or dress with edgy back details. The refined and sleek bun gives just the right amount of sophistication to your prom night style.

18. Pure Elegance Bun

The most classy of all the polished and sophisticated prom updos. Perfect with a minimalist gown or a striking neckline for a fairytale night of your life.

19. Infinity Twist Bun

The hairstyle you will always like when you look back on your prom photos. Simplicity that is so breathtaking. Pair it with a streamlined gown or a chic off-the shoulder number and you’ll be stunning.

20. Voluminous Textured Up-Style

Big hair, big dreams! With curls for days and volume that speaks, well, volumes, it’s a match for the daring neckline or a soft, flowing gown. Unleash your inner celeb it’s your time to take the spotlight.

21. Sleek High Pony

Talk about ‘red carpet ready’ ponytail. Teamed up with a minimalist gown or a sharp blazer dress, It’s the look that’ll have everyone talking. Nail that entrance and let your hair do the talking.

22. Texture & Shout Updo

Look at this masterpiece of loops and swirls that’s totally prom-worthy. It’s the style to pair with an open-back gown or a high-neck dress. This is the updo that gets all the likes in person and in the photos.