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24 Curled Ponytail Looks You’ll Want To Try Out This Year

24 Curled Ponytail Looks You’ll Want To Try Out This Year

When you’re in a rush and thinking of a quick hairstyle, do you default to the classic ponytail like the rest of us? Let’s kick it up a notch: grab your styling tools because it’s time for the curled ponytail.

Get inspired by these stunning looks and snag some pro tips and tricks along the way. Get those curls bouncing!

1. High Curled Ponytail With Bangs


Need a wedding hairstyle idea? This fancy curled ponytail fits the bill, but it’s not only that: pair it with your favorite jeans, and it’s just as cool for a coffee date. The face-framing and the volume at the crown are super flattering, and the pony itself is on point.

2. Curled Side Ponytail

Don’t be afraid of big hair! This curled side ponytail brings mega volume and major length, but instead of stealing the spotlight from your face, it creates a perfect frame to soften your features and make you even more stunning.

3. Slick-Back Curled Ponytail


Snatched in the front, big in the back—this slick-back ponytail is all about contrast. Make it sleek using styling gel and fine-tooth comb and add curls only after securing the ponytail.

4. Low Curled Ponytail

We’re all leaving our lazy girl era this year, right? Here’s the perfect transitional hairstyle: the low curled ponytail. It combines the mood of not trying to hard, with proof of effort that has clearly been made.

5. Wedding Curled Ponytail Hairstyle


This wedding curled ponytail hairstyle is pure romance, but if you’re not feeling bridal, ditch the white flowers, and voilà – a stunning look that works for everyday. Curl your hair, twist the strands on from the temples towards the nape and secure. Easy but gorgeous!

6. Curled Half-Up Half-Down Ponytail


Mixing ultra-sleek strands with cute curled ends and tying it all up into a half-up half-down ponytail shows off your glossy locks. This look is straight fire!

7. Tousled Wavy Ponytail


A curling iron has been used for this tousled wavy ponytail, but if you have type 2 hair, all you need is texturizing spray to get the look. Scrunch it, twist it and secure it in a ponytail – a cute ponytail hairstyle for the beach and the club.

8. Low Curled Ponytail With Ribbon


Embellish your low curled ponytail with an accessory: curl your locks with a wand, tie it low, then add the ribbon for an easy upgrade. It’s all about the details!

9. Voluminous High Curled Ponytail


This high curled ponytail is ideal for a night out – the bigger, the better! Tease above the base for extra height or try one of these claw clip ponytail hacks.

10. Formal Curled Ponytail


You’re going to need a ton of hairspray for this formal curled ponytail, but it’s worth it. This is a masterpiece in the shape of a hairstyle and you’re going to leave everyone gagged.

11. Bridal Low Ponytail


The glam, the romance, the sheer beauty: this bridal low ponytail hairstyle has volume, a glossy finish and the floral pins that scream wedding day.

12. Boho Curled Ponytail


This curled ponytail could go in many directions, depending on how you choose to wear it. For example, you can top it off with some boho accessories or go for a bridal satin bow.

13. Slick-Back Ponytail With Curled Ends


Smooth and sleek with a lot of softness. The bouncy curls steal the show, making this slick-back ponytail with curled ends a bomb combo of sharp and cute.

14. Low Curled Ponytail With Scarf


Tie up your low ponytail, then wrap a scarf around the base and you instantly get a look—that’s the power of hair accessories. Leave some strands loose around your face to look extra effortless.

15. High Curled Ponytail With Face Framing


If you’re all about dressing up your everyday style, this look is for you. It may be a regular mid-height ponytail, but the defined curls turn it into anything but your average pony. Don’t forget to curl the strands around your face for softness and definition.

16. Low Curly Ponytail


Sleek in the front and voluminous in the back—this low curly ponytail is super-polished, but it’s serving drama and it’s not sorry about it.

17. Curled Ponytail With With Weave


Revamp your wig with this cool trick—tighten it up and wear it as a high ponytail! The key is to pick a weave that perfectly matches your natural hair which will give you a flawless blend no matter how you style it.

18. Beachy Waves Ponytail


Let’s talk about face-framing pieces. These little tendrils are the secret sauce that can make or break your updo. They draw attention to your facial features, framing them and making them look softer. Find your perfect placement and amount of loose strands and your hairstyle will always be on point.

19. S-Wave Low Ponytail


S-waves aren’t just trendy and beautiful, they also bring mega volume. Tie your ponytail, then start the waves above the base for some serious body and a flawless shape.

20. High Curled Ponytail With Long Bangs


Ready to accept that you’re a magical creature? This extra-long ponytail with loose waves will absolutely make you feel like a mermaid and those gorgeously curled long bangs? You won’t be able to stop looking in the mirror.

21. Curl Bounce Ponytail

A bouncy high ponytail has incredible versatility: it fits any outfit and any occasion. Oh, and it comes with a bonus snatched hairline that’s basically the instant facelift you never knew you wanted.

22. High Half-Up Half-Down Ponytail


You know those days when your hair just won’t cooperate? A high half-up half-down pony is the solution. Tie it high at the crown for extra volume on top and curl the loose half—it might not end up looking as flawless as this, but it will look good guaranteed.

23. Voluminous Low Curled Ponytail

If you’re wondering how to get this much volume, watch this tutorial—and don’t forget to try it yourself!

24. High Ponytail With Curled Bangs


Vintage vibes with a modern twist. This high ponytail with curled bangs has a classic touch, but it’s still a fresh, modern style.