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Short Shaggy Bob With Choppy Layers Is Taking Over 2024

Short Shaggy Bob With Choppy Layers Is Taking Over 2024

You know the saying… Life is too short to have boring hair. And it truly is, that is why you should spice things up a bit and try this trendy cut – a short shaggy bob with choppy layers. 

It’s a volume-boosting cut that will make your strands move and enhance your best facial attributes. You will also save time when styling your hair because the rich layers will take care of that.

1. Choppy Shag-Bob With Curtain Bangs

The textured shaggy, choppy ends and soft face-framing curtain bangs make this bob cut versatile and modern. This hot bob is full of volume, texture, and chic vibes.

2. The Bedhead Bob

This bob really gives off those ‘I woke up like this’ vibes. This effortless and relaxed look is perfect for everyday wear. When it comes to styling this bob, you can simply use sea salt spray to enhance your hair texture and volumizing spray or powder to add that bit of messiness. 

3. Jaw-Length Shaggy, Choppy Bob

Shaggy and choppy layers combined through the hair work on the volume and make the hair look alive. The jaw-length bob can work with all face types, but it looks especially flattering on women with oval face shapes. 

4. Textured Bob For Fine Hair

If you’re struggling with fine hair and trying to find ways to make it appear fuller, this cut will solve all of your problems. The hidden choppy layers will enhance volume and make your hair look thicker.

5. Shaggy Bob With Choppy Baby Bangs

Choppy baby bangs elongate the face and balance particular features, which is why this type of fringe is ideal for women with oval face shapes. 

6. Messy Shaggy Bob

The messy shag is the most common and wanted type of shag. It’s because most women fall in love with these effortless vibes and the fact it’s such a low-maintenance haircut. 

7. Gothic Bob

If you’re up for a more edgy and bold bob, you shouldn’t miss this rebellious gothic cut.

8. Slightly Stacked Shaggy Bob

Most women think that stacked bob is only for older women, but the fact is that younger women can pull it off perfectly, too. Those layers should be slightly angled, and you should add more choppy layers throughout the hair to create that shaggy, modern look. 

9. The Bobcat

The trendiest twist on the short wolf cut is called bobcat nowadays. It’s basically a combination of wolf-cut layers and the bob cut, and it really creates a mega-popular and trendy look.

10. Curly Vintage Bob

This wavy vintage bob exudes elegance and class. It’s a great look for special and formal events because it’ll definitely make you noticed.

11. French Bob

The main idea of a French bob is to enhance natural hair texture. Also, another thing is for sure, this versatile cut will never go out of style.

12. Rooty Blonde Shaggy Bob

These dark roots aren’t only easy to maintain but look cool and add dimension and depth to the hair. When you pair it with these shaggy and choppy layers, this voluminous, textured, and ultra-modern look is the only result you can get. 

13. Razored Shaggy Bob

This modern look is achieved thanks to the razor cut technique. It’s perfect for thick hair because it removes the excessive hair weight and allow the strands to move freely.

14. Shaggy Bixie Bob

This combination of pixie and bob cut offers us an incredibly feminine and chic look. These choppy and shaggy layers are perfect for thick hair because they can pull off weight from it and make the hair appear much lighter. 

15. Shaggy Face-Framing Bob

Face-framing choppy cut softens the harsh facial features, and the shaggy-cut bob is full of volume and texture. It’s no wonder they represent such a great match.

16. Shaggy, Choppy Bob On Straight Hair

I always recommend a shaggy bob cut with choppy layers to all the ladies over 60 because this cut really has the power to take years off a woman’s face. Removing the unnecessary weight and these voluminous layers bring deep refreshment to the face.

17. Blunt Shaggy Bob With Choppy Layers

If you prefer one-length bobs but want to add more volume and movement to the blunt-cut strands, here is your perfect cut. The shaggy bob will enrich the hair volume, while these soft choppy layers will give that texturized, effortless look. 

18. Pixie Bob

Here is a cut that combines the length of a pixie cut and the shaggy, choppy layers of a bob cut. The best thing about it is that it can be tailored to suit everyone’s face shape and hair type.