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60 Stunning Red Balayage Hair Inspo Pics

60 Stunning Red Balayage Hair Inspo Pics

I can promise you one thing: once you try red balayage hair, you’ll never go back. This free-handed painting technique is just what your hair needs for a real transformation.

1. Red Balayage On Black Hair

This hairstyle gives off a mysterious but sexy vibe. It sounds like a deadly combination to me and it will look that way to everyone else too.

2. Red Balayage On Brown Hair

One thing is for sure: red balayage on brown hair is a real head-turner. These two shades match each other perfectly.

3. Chocolate Red Balayage

How sophisticated does this chocolate red shade look? Well, it is even more appealing when painted by balayage technique.

4. Natural Red Hair With Blonde Balayage

What about you natural redheads? What could you do to freshen up your look a bit? Let me tell you: blonde balayage is what you’re looking for.

5. Brown To Red Balayage

Listen to me carefully. Get up, find a skilled hair colorist, and ask them for a brown-to-red balayage. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

6. Copper Red Balayage

Copper is one of the most fashionable hair colors of the time. Combine it with red color and balayage technique and you’ll get a jackpot.

7. Red Violet Balayage

You know what else is a jackpot? This marvelous combination of red and violet. Just look at this inspo pic and see for yourself.

8. Deep Red Balayage

Deep red balayage is for strong, and confident women. If you can relate to this, what exactly are you waiting for to dye your hair like this?

9. Rose Red Balayage

The same goes for red wine balayage. It will skyrocket your self-esteem while helping you look better than ever.

10. Red Pulp Balayage

What does this hair color remind you of? Of a red pulp, that’s right. Well, its name isn’t the only thing that makes this shade so special.

11. Red Ombre Balayage

For years, ombre was the most popular coloring technique in the hair world. Lately, balayage has taken the throne over. But who says you can’t combine the two.

12. Red Balayage On Mid Hair

Newsflash: you don’t have to have extra long and thick hair for your style to look good. I mean, just check out this red balayage on mid-length hair.

13. Red Balayage With Ombre Ends

Here’s another inspo-pic involving ombre. Is it just me or is this coloring technique coming back to the fashion industry?

14. Red Balayage On Butterfly Cut

You want to be trendy? In that case, a butterfly cut combined with a red balayage is your match made in heaven.

15. Light Auburn Balayage

If you’re still not ready for a big change, instead of having red balayage hair, start with a copper hue. I promise you: it will knock you off your feet.

16. Dark Red Balayage

The trick of dark red balayage is for the different shades to be in perfect harmony and perfect balance.

17. Red Balayage Tips On Straight Hair

I know you’re used to balayage on curled hair. But just look at how amazing it looks on straight tresses as well.

18. Dark Brown And Red Balayage

I know you would have expected for red and dark brown to get along. But I bet you could’ve never imagined it actually looks this great.

19. Intense Red Balayage

I’ll be honest with you: intense red balayage is probably the most difficult one to achieve since the color washes off quickly. But it really is worth all the trouble.

20. Subtle Red Balayage On Dark Hair

The most special thing about this hairstyle is how subtle the balayage actually is. It is great for every day and for special occasions.

21. Red Balayage With Money Piece

Haven’t you heard? The ’90s money piece is back! But this time, it’s coming hand in hand with highlights.

22. Dark Copper Balayage

I’m sure you’ve noticed that copper is the “it” color of the season. And things will remain the same for the time to come.

23. Pumpkin Spice Balayage

Pumpkin spice is the best choice possible for gentle girls who want to update their hairstyle and accentuate their beaut.y

24. Copper Brunette Balayage

Dark copper and dark brown are a true match made in heaven! If you don’t believe it, just look at this inspo pic.

25. Red Face-Framing Highlights And Red Balayage

It’s time to put all the focus on your beautiful cheekbones and jawline. And what’s a better way to do than with the help of face-framing highlights?

26. Spicy Copper Balayage

I know we’ve already talked about copper. But we didn’t talk about spicy copper, did we? And that’s definitely a shade you don’t want to miss.

27. Chocolate Cherry Balayage

Chocolate cherry sounds delicious, I know. But trust me when I tell you that it looks even yummier when it’s your hair color.

28. Cowboy Copper Balayage

I’m sorry but you can’t call yourself a trendy gal if you haven’t heard about cowboy copper hair color; especially about cowboy copper balayage.

29. Cherry Popping Balayage

The name says it all. I mean, is it really possible for a cherry-popping balayage not to look marvelous? I didn’t think so either.

30. Wine Down Balayage

Be honest: what does this red balayage remind you of? I know what was the first thing that came across my mind when I saw this pic: red wine.

31. Vibrant Red Balayage

This vibrant red balayage hair is for the bravest among us only. If you’re a bold girl, this one is for you.

32. Burned Red Balayage

Are you ready to capture everyone’s undivided attention? If the answer is yes, you’ve found an ideal hairstyle for you.

33. Copper And Blonde Balayage

Trust me when I tell you that red and blonde hair colors go extremely well together; especially if we’re talking about copper and yellow-blonde.

34. Royal Ruby Red Balayage

It’s no wonder this hair color is called royal. I mean, it really does look expensive, chic, and aristocratic.

35. Fiery Red Balayage On Lob

Here’s another blonde hair color idea that will make you feel like a real-life Princess: fiery red. Here’s a pro tip: pair it up with a long bob.

36. Red Balayage With Highlights

Who told you that you have to limit yourself to one painting technique only? Why wouldn’t you ask your hair colorist to combine both balayage and highlights? Voila, this is the result you’ll get.

37. Cherry Cola Balayage

We’re not done with the tasty-sounding and even better-looking red balayage hair inspo pics. Cherry cola is definitely one of them.

38. Light Copper Balayage

You know what else we’re not done with? Different shades of copper. This time, you’re looking at light copper balayage that will help you look better than ever.

39. Brownish Red Balayage

Are you looking for the newest fall hair color trend? Congratulations because you’ve found it!

40. Cranberry Balayage

Cranberry balayage is a subtle change to your ordinary look. But it’s certainly a change that will improve your entire style.

41. Black Hair With Blonde Money Piece And Red Balayage

What do you need for an attention-grabbing look? Red balayage, blonde money piece, and a black base color!

42. Black Hair With Inner Red Balayage

I bet this is the coolest red balayage hair idea you’ll ever see. This peek-a-boo underdye will get you everyone’s undivided attention!

43. Red Balayage With Violet Roots

Just look at the transition between the red balayage and the violet roots. It really is a work of art.

44. Subtle Ruby Red Balayage

Some say that ruby red is the most beautiful shade of red and who am I to disagree? But I do know one thing: subtle ruby red balayage will give your hair just the upgrade it needs.

45. Red Velvet Balayage

You know what’s so beautiful about this coloring? It’s the fact that you have to look very closely to actually see the velvet highlights right next to copper.

46. Pink Reddish Balayage

Can’t make up your mind between red and pink hues? What’s stopping you from taking the best from both worlds: pinkish red balayage.

47. Rose Gold Red Balayage

Rose gold red balayage is the right choice for you if you prefer gentle looks that accentuate your feminine side.

48. Red Grape Balayage

On the other hand, if you’re a mysterious girl with a hidden dark side, red grape balayage should be your top pick.

49. Flame Red Balayage

What about flame red balayage? Well, the best thing about it is that the color remains equally beautiful even when it stars to wash out.

50. Bright Red Balayage

Sadly, that’s not something we can say about bright red balayage. This hair color definitely requires a lot of effort to maintain but it’s all worth it.

51. Deep Plum Red Balayage

Deep plum red balayage is flattering for pale girls of lighter complexion and a cold skin undertone but it doesn’t mean you can’t pull it off even if you don’t have these characteristics.

52. Blonde Balayage On Red Roots

Enough with the red balayage hair ideas! How about we turn the tables upside down? I present you with bright blonde balayage on red roots.

53. Peachy Red Balayage

How unique is this peachy shade of red? It’s a shade you can’t get by box dyeing your hair but a skilled hair colorist can make it happen, regardless of your base hue.

54. Multi-Dimensional Red Balayage

You know what’s so special about this multi-dimensional red balayage? The fact that it gives your hair depth and movement.

55. Red Balayage On Light Brown Hair

Your light brown hair is in desperate need of an upgrade? Red balayage is here to your rescue!

56. Velvet Red To Blonde Ombre

There is only one word to describe this velvet red-to-blonde ombre: breathtaking. One thing is for sure: all eyes will be on you with this hairstyle.

57. Blonde Balayage On Red Hair

Blonde balayage on red hair is one of the coolest hair colors you’ll ever see. More so, if you pair it with a trendy and flattering cut and style.

58. Red And Orange Balayage On Dark Hair

Here you have all the most important rainbow hues melted and blended together. And the best part is that this hair color still looks professional.

59. Merlot Red Balayage

I guess we’re not done with wines. And how could we be before you get to see this merlot red balayage?

60. Red And Blue Balayage

Here’s another demanding yet stunning hair color: red and blue balayage. It’s funky and kind of edgy but it embraces your feminine side.