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40 Red And Blonde Hair Color Ideas Trending In 2024

40 Red And Blonde Hair Color Ideas Trending In 2024

Are you ready for the combination of the two most wanted hues? Let these red and blonde hair color trends knock you off your feet!

1. Blonde Ombre On Red Hair

The beauty of this hairstyle lies in the coloring technique. That’s right, I’m talking about the everlasting ombre!

2. Split Red And Blonde Dye

Are you brave enough to pull off this combination of red and blonde hair colors? If the answer is yes, what exactly are you waiting for?

3. Long Curly Red And Blonde Hair

There is only one word to describe this beauty: wow! Trust me that nobody will stay immune to your look.

4. Blonde Hair With Pop Of Red

You want to keep things professional but also want to spice up your style? Here is the perfect solution for you.

5. Subtle Red And Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

What makes this hairstyle so special is that you don’t always see the red highlights. But the moment you step out in the Sun, they shine bright.

6. Copper With Pops Of Blonde And Red

You’re not looking at typical red hair. To be exact, this is a combination of copper and blonde, with occasional darker red highlights.

7. Platinum Blonde And Copper Red

What about platinum blonde and dark copper? Do they go well together? Check it out for yourself!

8. Red And Blonde Short Hair

Red and blonde hair color ideas are not for long locks only. This combination looks equally awesome on short hair, as well.

9. Blonde And Red Layers On Curly Hair

Here’s another hair color great for all those ladies out there who have layered hair. Try it out!

10. Platinum Blonde And Red Split Dye

As you can see, split dye is the ultimate trend this season. Hop on to it with the pairing of platinum blonde and red.

11. Subtle Red With Blonde Colorblock

Yes, you’ve read it right: there is only one color block here. And that asymmetry is exactly what makes this hairstyle so unique.

12. Platinum Blonde And Light Copper Split Dye

You’ve seen many split-dye ideas. But I can promise you one thing: you haven’t seen this one!

13. Red And Blonde Mid-Length Hair

Who said that medium-length hair has to be boring? It’s time to update your look with something completely new.

14. Fiery Red And Blonde Ponytail

What’s so special about this particular hairstyle? Well, it looks even better when you put your tresses up in a ponytail.

15. Yellow Blonde Ombre On Fiery Red Hair

Remember the ombre from the beginning of this story? Here you have a reversed situation and it looks equally good.

16. Ginger And Blonde Hair

Having ginger hair is not special enough for you? Add some blonde streaks to the equation!

17. Edgy Red And Blonde Hair

This hair is not funky-colored only. The cut itself is also edgy, which makes this one of the best red and blonde hair color ideas.

18. Ruby Red And Pearly Platinum

Can you look like a real-life gentle Princess with red and blonde colors combined on your hair? Here’s living proof that you can!

19. Red And Blonde Highlights And Lowlights

Do you want to add depth and dimension to your hair? Highlights and lowlights are the solution!

20. Chunky Red And Blonde Highlights

Sorry, I didn’t hear you. Did you just tell me that chunky highlights are out of trend? Look at this inspo pic and think again.

21. Blending Red And Blonde Hair

Here’s a perfect example of how red and blonde hair can look respectable, professional, and suitable for an everyday look.

22. Hayley Williams Inspired Red And Blonde Hair

I’m not saying that you should copy anyone but there is nothing wrong with being inspired by a celebrity’s look; especially if that celebrity is Hayley Williams!

23. Cool Blonde With Strawberry Lowlights

The strawberry lowlights are incredibly flattering on this hue of blonde. If you have a cool skin undertone,

24. Red, Blonde, And Black Hair On Black Woman

For some women, red and blonde hair colors are not enough to have a magnificent hairstyle. That is where the queen of all colors comes in: black!

25. Rainbow Red And Blonde Highlights

Guess what? You don’t necessarily need to have five or six colors on your locks to get rainbow hair. Blonde and red are more than enough!

26. Blonde Balayage On Red Hair

Blonde balayage is an everlasting hairstyle that can never go out of fashion. If you want to add a personal touch to it, go with blonde balayage on red hair.

27. Red Hair With Blonde Face Frames

One thing is for sure: blonde face-frames are here to open your face, make you look younger than ever, and emphasize all of your beautiful features.

28. Red Hair With Blonde Peek-A-Boo

Do you want to enliven your boring red hair? Add some peek-a-boo blonde highlights.

29. Red Ombre On Blonde Hair

Luckily, we are not done with ombre! Here’s another inspirational photo to show to your hairstylist.

30. Red Hair With Blonde Money Piece

Money piece is back and you practically can’t have a trendy hairstyle without it. If you’re still not sure about the color, take blonde on red into consideration.

31. Melty Red And Blonde Hair

If you get yourself a skilled hair colorist, you can hope on exiting the hair salon with this hairstyle. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t want that?

32. Red Lowlights On Blonde Hair

Spark things up by adding some red lowlights to your blonde hair. It will give your tresses movement and make your hair visually thicker.

33. Red Pixie Cut With Blonde Bangs

Life is too short to have boring hair. If you agree with me, this is the hairstyle and hair color for you.

34. Lived-In Red And Blonde Blend

The red hue has a clear purpose here: to amplify the blonde. And to be honest, it does a pretty god job!

35. Dark Red And Blonde

How gorgeous is this shad of red? It’s so dark and mystical that it almost reminds you of purple. And it looks even better when paired with a blonde hue.

36. Ribbons Of Gold On Red Hair

The best thing about blonde ribbons on red hair is that they make this combination look more natural than ever.

37. Red And Blonde Knotless Braids

Step up your braid game with this color combination. That is, if you want to grab everyone’s undivided attention.

38. Fantasy Red And Blonde Hair

Are you a real-life mermaid? Or an anime-inspired character? Who cares as long as you look this dope?

39. Mahogany Red With Pops Of Blonde

Just look at what a couple of subtle highlights can do to your hair. They literally transform your entire look!

40. Red And Blonde Color Blocking

A fun, flirty, and eye-catching hairstyle? That’s right, I’m talking about the red color blocking of blonde hair.