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40 Shades Of Red Purple Hair Trending In 2024

40 Shades Of Red Purple Hair Trending In 2024

Women around the world have gone crazy over red-purple hair. And when you take a closer look at this collection, you’ll understand why. Not only that: you’ll start feeling the same way pretty fast!

1. Classic Red Purple Look

If you want to go for a classic red-purple look, this is it. Show this inspo pic to your hair colorist to get a magnificent combo of these two shades.

2. Red Purple On Dark Hair

Girls who have a dark base can skyrocket their hairstyle by adding some red-purple tones. Try it out for yourself.

3. Subtle Red Purple

I get it, you want to look professional but also crave red purple hair? In that case, subtle red purple is the right choice for oyu.

4. Red Purple Shoulder Length Hair

Trust me when I tell you that your shoulder-length hair has never looked better. This style is classy and sophisticated.

5. Red Wine Purple

Who wouldn’t like their hair to remind them of red wine? And that’s exactly what this shade will give you.

6. Brown To Red Purple Hair Transformation

Do you need some convincing to dye your dull brown hair into a beautiful red-purple shade? Say no more.

7. Edgy Short Red Purple Cut

This edgy short haircut will be even more eye-catching when paired with a red-purple hue. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

8. Cherry Grape Sorbet

Cherry grape sorbet sounds delicious. But what matters to you is that it looks even better on all hair lengths.

9. Red And Purple Half And Half Balayage

Wow! There are simply no words to describe red purple half and half balayage. You have to see this color to truly understand its beauty.

10. Red Purple Hair For Older Ladies

Red-purple hair is not reserved for young women only. In fact, it helps older ladies look younger and fresher than ever.

11. Red Purple Long Wavy Bob

It’s about time you spice up that long wavy bob of yours. And what could be a better way to do it than by coloring it red-purple?

12. Dark Cherry Brown

Dark cherry brown is the “it” hair color of the season. Look around, all the trendy girls are wearing it.

13. Plum Balayage

Plum balayage will bring a whole new dimension to your hair. It will boost your confidence and you’ll look better than ever.

14. Red Purple Curly Updo

Do you have an important event coming up? Here’s an idea for all of my curly-haired girls out there: dye your hair and ask your hairstylist for an updo like this one.

15. Red Purple Balayage

One thing is for sure: red-purple balayage is love at first sight. This is the hair color you can never get tired of.

16. Subtle Red Purple Highlights

If you think of your hairstyle as boring, it’s time to update it with some subtle red-purple highlights. They’ll give your tresses depth and dimension.

17. Red Purple And Black Split Dye

Split dye has been the ultimate color trend for some time now. And it’s about time you join it and turn your hair into a fashionable bomb.

18. Red Purple Soft Balayage

All the social media has gone crazy for soft balayage. And I’m here to tell you a little secret: it looks best when combined with red-purple.

19. Merlot Red Purple

A merlot red-purple shade is romantic and passionate at the same time. Most importantly, it looks astonishing.

20. Red And Purple Combo

Instead of asking your hair colorist to try and get the best possible mixture of red and purple, why wouldn’t you mix the two shades on your hair separately?

21. Magenta With Red Purple

Nobody can stay indifferent to magenta hair color. But just imagine what it would look like when paired with red-purple.

22. Plum Red Balayage

Plum-red balayage will make you look mysterious and more elegant than ever. This hair color will bring life into your style while allowing you to look professional.

23. Merlot Mullet

Merlot mullet is a number one choice for all of you brave ladies out there who enjoy making a statement with their appearance.

24. Purple Red Highlights On Black Hair

I’ll be honest with you: purple-red highlights on black hair isn’t the easiest-to-maintain combination, especially if you don’t have a naturally dark base color. However, you need to invest some effort to look this great.

25. Rainbow Red Purple And Pink Orange Split Dye

I can promise you one thing: rainbow red, purple, and orange split dye will make everyone wonder where you got your inspiration. This hairstyle will put you in the center of attention in a split of an eye.

26. Ashy Red Purple

Ashy red-purple is sophisticated, and graceful and gives off “old money” vibes. What more could a woman wish for?

27. Red Purple With Dark Lowlights

Dark lowlights look exceptionally good on red-purple. The two shades give contrast which makes your style even more interesting.

28. Red Purple And Black Curly Split Dye

We’re still not done with two-colored combinations! And how could we be without mentioning this gorgeous red-purple and black split dye!

29. Wine Purple Ombre On Black Hair

One of the easiest ways to get red-purple on your hair is getting ombre! It doesn’t require regular retouches, especially if you have a dark base.

30. Red Purple Ombre On Pink Hair

On the other hand, red-purple ombre on pink hair is definitely a high-maintenance style. But trust me when I tell you that it’s worthy all the trouble.

31. Red Highlights On Purple Base

Speaking of high-maintenance haircolors… Red highlights on a purple base will cost you money, time, and effort. But you’ll end up having the most beautiful hairstyle ever.

32. Red And Purple Bouncy Curls

Bouncy curls are always a good idea when you want to upgrade your style on a special occasion or for every day. But they’re even a better idea when colored red-purple.

33. Purple Underlights On Red Hair

Purple underlights on red hair will make your tresses magically look more voluminous and turn your boring hair into an eye-catching one.

34. Purple Color Block On Bright Red Hair

You’re right, bright red hair captures enough attention by itself. But if you want something more going on in your hair, I strongly suggest a purple color block.

35. Wine And Berries Split Dye

Wine and berries split dye is everything you’ve been searching for when you asked for some movement in your hair. I promise you won’t regret it.

36. Intense Red And Plum Split Dye

What about intense red and plum split dye? Well, besides looking spectacular, it’s definitely one-of-a-kind hair color.

37. Red And Purple Low Ponytail

The mixture of your two favorite hair colors will look even more impressive if you tie your tresses in a low ponytail. While doing so, make sure not to cover one color with another.

38. Red Purple Berry

Are you looking for a sign to do something daring and inspiring with your locks? This is it. Color your hair red purple berry!

39. Copper And Plum Split Dye

If you want copper and plum split dye, you need a skilled hair colorist who knows what they’re doing. Don’t try this at home!

40. Ruby Red And Purple

Purple looks astonishing when combined with every possible shade of red. Ruby red is not an exception!