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50 Magenta Hair Colors And Styles Trending In 2024

50 Magenta Hair Colors And Styles Trending In 2024

Magenta hair color is the perfect combination of purple and red. Sounds like magic, I know. Well, the good news is that it looks even better.

1. Magenta Ombre Hair Color

Newsflash: Ombre has never gotten out of style. In fact, it only upgraded. This time, the “it” color is magenta ombre.

2. Dark Magenta Hair Color

If you want to achieve a more mysterious look, dark magenta should be your top pick. And the best part is that it fades to bright magenta.

3. Burgundy Magenta Hair

As if burgundy isn’t beautiful enough, I bring you the ultimate combination: burgundy and magenta! Who could say no to this?

4. Bright Pink Magenta Hair

Vivid hair colors are for brave girls only. And if you’re feeling extra brave, you’ll go with a pink magenta hue.

5. Dragon Fruit Hair

Be honest: what does this hair color remind you of? That’s right, dragon fruit! And it looks even more delicious!

6. Unicorn Ribbons

Who said that your childhood days must be over? Be honest, this is the hair color we all dreamt of having. Well, now, you can finally get it.

7. Magenta Balayage On Dark Hair

Magenta balayage creates a wonderful contrast with darker base colors. This way, your tresses will look like an artist’s canvas.

8. Magenta Melt

Speaking of the devil… Magenta melt is a true work of art. All you need is a hair colorist who knows what they’re doing.

9. Magenta Highlights On Purple Hair

Why wouldn’t you go the extra mile and dye your hair purple? Why stop there? Instead, add some magenta highlights.

10. Blonde Hair With Pink Magenta Ombre

How does magenta look on blonde hair? Well, if it’s pink magenta ombre, then it looks candilicious.

11. Magenta On Short Hair

It’s about time you’ve decided to spice up your short hairstyle. Magenta hair color is the right way to do so.

12. Rainbow Magenta Highlights

Rainbow magenta higlights will make you look younger and fresher than ever. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

13. Spooky Magenta Hair

No, this look isn’t reserved for Halloween only. On the contrary; if you’re brave enough, it can be worn throughout the entire year.

14. Cherry Violet

Cherry violet is the hair color that looks so expensive and rich. It will skyrocket your confidence in no time.

15. Pastel Magenta

How cute is this pastl magenta? It really is a girly, Princess-like hair color and you shouldn’t miss it for the world.

16. Black Hair With Magenta Money Piece

You don’t have to dye your entire hair magenta. Instead, just add a money piece and a couple of highlights and you’re good to go.

17. Dark Hair With Magenta Babylights

And even if that is too much for you, magenta babylights are here for your rescue. They’re subtle but still give you the change you crave.

18. Berry Magenta

Did someone say berries? This berry magenta hair color is everything you’ve wanted for your hair and more.

19. Black Hair With Magenta Roots

If you manage to pull off black hair with magenta roots, you can pull off every hairstyle you want. Trust me: it’s a great way to retouch your roots.

20. Magenta Medium Length Hair

Medium-length hair has never looked better. This style screams fun and games but in a mysterious way.

21. Magenta With Bright Front Piece

I’ll be honest with you: you’re looking at a high-maintenance hair color, especially if your hair is this long and thick. But who could resist this color?

22. Magenta, Plum And Purple Short Hair

Can magenta, purple, and plum all really fit on a short hairstyle like this? Absolutely yes.

23. Wild Orchid Magenta

Not every woman in this world can be a wild orchid. That’s reserved for special ones only. If you’re among them, this is the hair color for you.

24. Magenta Money Piece On Purple Hair

The magenta money piece is definitely the revelation of the season, especially if it is combined with a purple base color.

25. Magenta And Bright Pink Split Dye

How amazing is this magenta and bright pink split dye? It makes you look and feel like you’ve just gotten out of a fairytale.

26. Deep Magenta

Deep magenta is for all of you professional ladies who have to keep a respectable look but still want a dash of funkiness added to your hair.

27. Midnight Magenta

The same goes for midnight magenta. It’s not too edgy and instead, it gives off a classy, chic vibe.

28. Ruby Red And Magenta

Ruby red magenta is a lady-like hair color that will accentuate your feminine side while focusing on your strength as well.

29. Bob Cut With Magenta Highlights

What about magenta highlights on a bob cut? Well, isn’t it obvious how they freshen up your look in just a few steps?

30. Vibrant Magenta

Vibrant magenta is made for all those energetic girls who know what they want and aren’t afraid to express their individuality.

31. Dark Hair With Magenta Underye

Are you ready for some peek-a-boo magenta hidden under dark tresses? If the answer is yes, just go for it.

32. Magenta Hair For Women Over 40

Magenta hair color has no age limits. This inspo-pic is living proof that it looks excellent on women over 40, or even over 50.

33. Sunset Magenta

Sunset magenta gives you a dash of summer throughout all year long. And who could say no to that?

34. Funky Magenta Hair

I know what you must be thinking: “Aren’t all magenta hair colors funky?” Well, you’ll admit that this is probably the funkiest one out there.

35. Teal And Magenta Balayage

I guess we’re not done with bold magenta hair colors. Combining it with teal is really a brave move but a move that will transform your image forever.

36. Pink And Magenta Face-Frames On Dark Hair

It’s time to drive all the attention to those beautiful cheekbones and attractive jawlines. And what better way to do it then with the help of a magenta money piece?

37. Raspberry Magenta

Here’s another appealing magenta hue. It’s flattering for girls with a cold undertone and fair complexion.

38. Magenta Hair With Blonde Money Piece

One thing is for sure: magenta hair with a blonde money piece will get you all the attention you need and more than that!

39. Magenta Hair With Bangs

Getting the right type of bangs can really transform your entire face. But cutting bangs and dyeing your hair magenta will make you look like a whole new person.

40. Berry Magenta Balayage

Here’s another subtle yet funky look you’ll fall in love with the moment you see it. And everyone around you will feel the same way about your hair.

41. Rose Magenta Hair

Rose magenta hair is gentle and powerful at the same time. It gives a mermaid and warrior vibes simultaneously.

42. Magenta Highlights On Round Bob Cut

Round bob cut is boring? Says who? Even if you think this way, I bet you’ll change your mind after seeing this inspo-pic.

43. Magenta Finger Coils

If you want to reinvent your entire look, magenta finger coils should be your top pick. It’s a low-maintenance, fun, and great-looking hairstyle.

44. Magenta Buzz Cut

Speaking of low-maintenance… If you want magenta hair color, a buzz cut is a style that requires literally minimum effort (except dyeing your hair).

45. Blue To Magenta

This blue to magenta transition is simply fabulous. If you want to look sassy and badassy, this is the hairstyle for you!

46. Magenta Pixie Cut

Want to keep your feminine side alive without having to maintain long hair? Say no more! Magenta pixie cut is here for you.

47. Magenta Ponytail

I’m not joking when I tell you that magenta hair colors look awesome on every hairstyle. Of course, the ponytail is no exception.

48. Subtle Magenta Highlights

Subtle magenta highlights are your number one choice if you’re still not sure about completely changing your hair color but you still want to add some spice to it.

49. Neon Hibiscus Magenta

Neon hibiscus magenta is a real head-turner and it will help you get everyone’s undivided attention. It fades away to a pastel pink color.

50. Magenta Hair With Black Roots And Bangs

No more frequent touch-ups with this spectacular magenta hair with black roots and bangs. How practical is that?