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50 Best Bright Red Hair Trends For 2024

50 Best Bright Red Hair Trends For 2024

I’ll be honest with you: bright red hair isn’t the easiest to maintain. Yes, you’ll need frequent color retouches. But is it worth it? I’ll let these magnificent inspo-pics give you an answer!

1. Bright Red And Blonde Hair

Bright red hair is not funky enough for you? No problem: just add some streaks of blonde to make an even better impression.

2. Bright Red Updo

Guess what: you can look classy and elegant even with a vivid hair color like this one. If you don’t believe me, here’s living proof.

3. Bright Cherry Red Hair

Bright cherry red hair looks the best on girls with a pale, fair, and light complexion. That’s right, I’m talking about a cold skin undertone.

4. Bright Red Hair With Blonde And Violet Highlights

What about bright red hair with violet and blonde highlights? Well, the good news is that it looks good on everyone.

5. Bright Red Hair With Purple Balayage

Here’s the combination you had no idea you needed. But the moment you saw it, I know you fell in love with it.

6. Bright Red And Purple Hair

I guess we’re not done with purple and bright red combinations. This cut right here is a bit edgier and it goes great with these two colours.

7. Bright Red Highlights On Black Hair

It’s the contrast of these two hues that makes this hairstyle so adorable and eye-catching. Trust me: bright red highlights on black hair are the real hit.

8. Bright Red Bob Cut

A bob cut like this one is not reserved for older women only. In fact, if you want to make it more interesting, here’s a way to do it.

9. Bright Red Curly Hair

The special thing about curls is the fact that they give you so much versatility. Just imagine what you could do with this hair texture combined with bright red hair color.

10. Bright Red Hair With Blonde Moneypiece

If you’re into hair trends, you know very well that money piece is the “it” hairstyle of the season. To spice things up even more,

11. Bright Dark Red Hair

How sophisticated is this bright dark red hair? The only trick is to find an expert hair colorist to mix you this hue the right way.

12. Bright Red Ponytail

If you have extra long hair (or extensions), here is an idea for a cool hairstyle with bright red hair. A pro tip: it’s great for your wash day.

13. Bright Red Bridal Hair

We’ve already talked about elegant hairstyles with bright red hair but this one is special. That’s right, you can be a graceful bride with this funky hair color as well.

14. Bright Red Hair With Bangs

Bright red bangs will accentuate your facial features even more. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

15. Bright Red Medium Length Hair

I’ll admit that medium-length hair can be a bit boring sometimes. If you got tired of your length, spice things up with a bright red hair color.

16. Yellow Balayage On Bright Red Hair

Yellow balayage on bright red hair sounds risky. But just look at this beauty and you’ll go for it right away.

17. Two-Toned Bright Red Hair

Who said that bright red hair color only comes in one shade? This two-toned hairstyle is here to bring some fun to your style.

18. Bright Red Balayage On Black Hair

If you’re not quite ready to commit to dyeing all of your hair bright red, here’s a solution for you: start with a balayage.

19. Bright Red Hair With Braid

Just take a look and see what one simple braid can do to a hairstyle. It is an easy style but it makes a huge difference.

20. Dark Brown And Bright Red Hair With Bangs

This is a low-maintenance hairstyle with a bright red color since it doesn’t require frequent touch-ups. Also, it protects your hair’s health.

21. Bright Red Hair With Black Undercut

We’ve already established one thing: bright red is a funky color. But if you want to go the extra mile, here’s the perfect edgy cut to go with it.

22. Ginger Bright Red

Yes, it’s possible to look gentle and super-girly with bright red hair color. This ginger shade is living proof of that.

23. Red Hot Cherry Pepper

This red hot cherry pepper shade screams confidence. But I’ll tell you a little secret: it’s high-maintenance since it becomes lighter after a few washes.

24. Naturally Blonde Hair With Bright Red Locks

I understand why you don’t want to dye your naturally blonde hair and potentially ruin its health. But at the same time, you want to add some fun to it. Well, a few bright red locks are the way to do it.

25. Black And Bright Red Split Dye

I bet you’ve fallen in love with this look at first sight. This is not the typical split dye. If you take a close look, you’ll notice that this one is asymmetric.

26. Bright Red Afro Locks

Have trouble styling your curls? Well, it will be enough to dye your hair bright red and you’ll get a new, fun style in the blink of an eye.

27. Dark Hair With Bright Red Underdye

At first glance, it looks like boring, typical long brown hair. But when one takes one look closer, they’re in for a treat.

28. Dark Hair With Bright Red Tips

I guarantee you one thing: adding red tips to your brown hair is the best way to freshen your style without damaging your tresses.

29. Bright Red Non-Binary Cut

Here’s a hairstyle that will make you feel and look noticed while allowing you to stay true to your real nature.

30. Bright Red Curly Bob With Lighter Root

Who says that you have to dye your roots every couple of weeks? Here’s proof of how great bright red hair looks with lighter roots.

31. Bright Red Voluminous Lob

If you’re one of the lucky women who have thick hair, you’ve just found your perfect cut and hair color.

32. Edgy Blonde And Bright Red Style

I’ll be honest with you: it doesn’t get edgier and funkier than this. The only question is: are you brave enough to pull this hairstyle off?

33. Bright Red Pinkish Pixie Cut

If you can’t decide between going red or pink, ask your hair colorist to make you a mixture of the two colors. Voila, this is the result you’ll get.

34. Rose Bright Red

How fancy and chic is this rose bright red? It’s especially beautiful if you pair it with a long curly bob cut.

35. Bright Red Hair With Dark Lowlights

Dark lowlights are not here for aesthetic purposes only. They also give your hair the illusion of depth and movement.

36. Extra Shiny Bright Red

There is only one word to describe this hair color: wow. So instead of trying to do so, just show this inspo pic to your colorist.

37. Bright Red Babylights On Strawberry Blonde Hair

Can you even define what’s going on here? There are both blonde and bright red babylights while the base is strawberry blonde. As a result, we have an awesome hair color.

38. Bright Red Box Braids

Can’t think of the next color to dye your box braids? Congratulations because you’ve just found the solution you’ve been looking for.

39. Bright Red Hair For Teenagers

What if your school kid wants bright red hair? You’re scared the dye will destroy her locks and you don’t know if it’s appropriate for her age.

40. Bright Red Highlights And Black Bangs

How to bright red chunky highlights look when combined with black bangs? Well, I’ll let this inspo-pic do all the talking.

41. Dark To Light Bright Red

We’ve already established that there are numerous shades of bright red hair color. But this dark-to-light transition will knock you off your feet for sure.

42. Bright Red Blended Highlights And Money Piece

What’s so great about these blende highlights is that they’re so subtle. This way, you can pull off your bright pink look while still looking super professional.

43. Spicy Pepper Bright Red

One thing is for sure: you’ll get all the looks if you go with this spicy pepper shade of bright red. And you’ll also get all the compliments.

44. Electric Bright Red Hair

Here’s another hairstyle to get you under the spotlight: electric bright red! Yes, it’s high-maintenance but trust me when I tell you it’s worth it.

45. Red Hot Mullet

Speaking of attention-capturing hairstyles. Is there anything funkier than the combination of vivid hair color and an edgy mullet?

46. Bright Red Hair For Black Women

Bright red hair looks awesome on dark-skinned ladies. It blends perfectly with your complexion and it gives you a unique look.

47. Bright Red Finger Waves

How beautiful are these finger waves? Well, they’re even more attractive when paired with a captivating hair color like this one.

48. Bright Red Pixie Cut

Pixie cut has never looked better, that’s for sure. This shade of bright pink will give you a dose of femininity while not taking away anything from your badass look.

49. Almost-Orange Bright Red

I can promise you one thing: no one will stay immune to your hairstyle. So, all you have to do is show this pic to your colorist.

50. Bright Red Wolf Cut

If you’re looking for a sign to change your looks, this is it. Trust me: a bright red wolf cut is just what you’ve been looking for.