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The 15 Coolest Short Fluffy Hair Styles To Rock In 2024

The 15 Coolest Short Fluffy Hair Styles To Rock In 2024

When it comes to fluffy hair, there’s only one rule to follow: the fluffier, the better! Short fluffy hair is one of the coolest hairstyles perfect for all hair lengths and textures. From shaggy fluffy layers to short fluffy hair with bangs and everything in between, here are the most popular short fluffy hair styles to rock this year!

1. Short Fluffy Hair With Shaggy Layers

Pairing shaggy and fluffy textures is bound to result in one of the coolest fluffy hairstyles ever. Of course, we’re talking about short fluffy hair with shaggy layers. With plenty of effortless vibes, this hairstyle is a godsend for those with thick hair.

2. 4C Voluminous Short Fluffy Haircut

If you have 4C hair and want to rock a voluminous look, all you need to do is comb your hair. Yup, it’s that easy! Furthermore, you can tease your hair to add more fluffiness to your cool hairstyle.

3. White Gray Short Fluffy Hairstyle

Who said that women over 50 can’t rock fluffy hairstyles? White gray short fluffy hair is a perfect choice for older ladies for two reasons:
1. Curly hair becomes less defined over the years so going fluffy is a logical transition.
2. White gray hair looks amazing in fluffy textures.

4. Ultra Fluffy Short Hair

Say hi to ultra-fluffy short hair because you’ll be seeing this hairstyle everywhere this year! Ultra fluffy short hair is no longer reserved only for supermodels but for the coolest gals on the block as well. Enjoy your new hairstyle!

5. Short Fluffy Ringlet Curls

The best way to form ringlet curls is by using heatless hair curlers. When done, use a wide-tooth comb to create fluffy ringlet curls and add more volume to your hair.

6. Short Fluffy Hair With Straight Bangs

You don’t have to go full fluffy if you’re not ready, but you can combine straight and fluffy textures. For example, you can straighten your bangs and leave the rest of your hair fluffy. Just play with different textures and have fun!

7. Fluffy Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are trending right now and if you want to take this popular hairstyle to the next level, I suggest making it fluffy! The textured fluffy pixie cut is one of the most effortless short hairstyles perfect for those with thick wavy or curly hair.

8. Pastel Minty Teal Short Fluffy Hair

Pastel fluffy hair is a godsend for those who want to rock a unique, voluminous hairstyle without trying too hard. Pro tip: if you have a cool skin undertone, opt for cooler shades like blue, mint, and teal.

9. Chestnut Brown Short Fluffy Curls

If you have short curly hair and want to make a statement this year, opt for chestnut brown short fluffy curls. This effortless hairstyle oozes in volume and texture.

10. 4C Copper Fluffy Curls

If you have 4C hair, there’s no need to tame it! Comb your beautiful hair and enjoy a trendy fluffy style! If you want more defined fluffy curls, apply curl cream and hair gel on damp hair and dry your hair upside down with a diffuser.

11. Bronde Short Fluffy Hair

Bronde short fluffy hair is a great option for those who want to rock an effortless natural-looking style. Pro tip: a deep side part will make your hair look more voluminous and accentuate your best features.

12. Platinum Blonde Fluffy Curls

Are you looking for an elegant fluffy hairstyle? Then you shouldn’t miss out on this beautiful platinum blonde fluffy hairstyle with Marilyn vibes! Gorgeous.

13. Short Fluffy Angled Lob

Short fluffy angled lob features shorter fluffy hair on the back and longer fluffy layers on the front. The biggest trademarks of this stunning hairstyle are plenty of volume and rich texture. What do you think of this hairdo?

14. 4B Short Fluffy Curls With A Middle Part

If I had to describe this hairstyle in three words they would be cute, stunning, and effortless! Besides that, 4B short fluffy curls have plenty of movement and youthful vibes. Therefore, they deserve to be on the list of the coolest fluffy styles. Am I right?

15. Bronde Fluffy Hair

If you don’t feel like styling your hair, you can always switch to a fluffy hairstyle without much effort. Use a fine-tooth comb to tease the sections of your hair and create a messy, fluffy texture. The fluffier – the better!