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20 Best Short Fluffy Haircuts Taking Over 2024

20 Best Short Fluffy Haircuts Taking Over 2024

Wouldn’t we all like for our hair to look voluminous, trendy, healthy, and attractive without much effort? Good news: this is not just a dream anymore and these short fluffy haircuts are here to prove it!

It’s time to put your hair straightener that’s been damaging your tresses for years aside. Instead, go back to the past and embrace a healthier alternative: fluffy hairstyles. Chop off those damaged locks and rock the trendiest short haircut of the season!

Trendiest Short Fluffy Haircuts

Here is the ultimate list of all the short fluffy haircuts the hair industry has gone mad about once again:

1. Short curly fluffy pixie bob

Is it really possible for a haircut to be low-maintenance and appealing at the same time? This inspo pic is the answer itself.

2. Textured wavy short haircut

If you want to add dimension and depth to your locks, ask your hairdresser for a textured short haircut. Just look at how sexy this style is.

3. Bronde fluffy short haircut

Want to update your appearance? Pair a short fluffy haircut with bronde hair color: the perfect combination of blonde and brown.

4. Pink short fluffy haircut

Are you feeling extra brave and confident? If the answer is yes, a vivid pink short fluffy haircut should be your top pick.

5. Short fluffy haircut with curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are not here just to cover your forehead wrinkles (even though that’s a good use, as well). They also frame your face beautifully and transform your entire haircut.

6. Short fluffy haircut with blonde balayage

Who says that blonde balayage is reserved for long hair only? Just look at how spectacular it looks on a shorter haircut.

7. Mullet bob with bangs

It looks like the 80s are back and they brought a mullet with them, but this time, we have an update version that comes hand in hand with a bob cut. How awesome is that?

8. Blonde fluffy short haircut

If you have a round or chubby face shape, a fluffy short haircut will slim it down perfectly. Here’s a pro tip: add shorter bangs to make the entire haircut a bit more angular.

9. Elegant short fluffy haircut

I know what you must think: a fluffy short haircut is effortless, and messy. There is no way you could look classy with it. Well, think again!

10. Blonde wavy bob

Who would know that a bob cut can look so good on wavy hair? This shape will complement your facial features and natural hair pattern.

11. Bowl fluffy cut

How long have you been searching for a haircut that will accentuate your jawline and cheekbones the right way? Congratulations, your quest has come to an end.

12. Short fluffy haircut for older ladies

You’ve spent your entire life trying to tame your hair. And let’s be honest, you’ve damaged a lot of it throughout the process. That has come to an end!

13. Gray fluffy pixie cut

I know what you need: a wash-and-go haircut that will look tempting in all occassions. This can only mean one thing: you want a fluffy short haircut.

14. Fluffy lixie cut

A lixie is the middle way between a bob and a pixie cut. And the best part about is that it looks stunning when paired with a fluffy short cut.

15. Shoulder-length fluffy haircut

This is the longest you should go if you want your hair to really remain fluffy. A shoulder-length cut gives your locks a nice, smooth flow. Don’t worry, you won’t have a lot of trouble maintaining it. You just need a round brush and a blow-dryer.

16. Swoopy short haircut

Is it really possible for your locks to look sleek and smooth but also dimensional and full of movement? The answer is yes, if you choose a swoopy hairstyle like this.

17. Short fluffy haircut for naturally curly hair

You’ve been straightening your hair for so long that you almost forgot what your natural hair texture is. Well, it’s time to fall back in love with your curly hair.

18. Short fluffy haircut with sideburns

Are you ready for a splash of edginess in your short hairstyle? Longer sideburns will do the trick!

19. Asymmetrical fluffy pixie cut

An asymmetrical fluffy pixie cut with peek-a-boo bangs gives your look a dash of mystery while thinning your face. It sounds like a win-win situation.

20. Feathered fluffy long bob cut

For your feathered fluffy long bob to always look on point, you need a round brush or a set of hair rollers. Just wait and see how your hair becomes magically thicker!


What is the best haircut for fluffy hair?

There is no question about it: a short haircut is the best option for fluffy hair. Pixie cut, bob, lixie, shoulder-length cut, bangs, no bangs, asymmetrical cut… The choice is all yours. The point is that a short hairstyle will give your locks the volume it desperately needs.

How do I get short fluffy hair?

Getting a short fluffy hairstyle is actually easier than you might think. Start by blow-drying your hair upside-down with the help of a stiff brush. Also, getting a diffuser or a blow-dry brush can come in handy. Finally, don’t forget to wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo.