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Bring Out Your Edgy Side With These 21 Wavy Pixie Cut Hairstyles

Bring Out Your Edgy Side With These 21 Wavy Pixie Cut Hairstyles

Sassy and edgy are two words that perfectly describe wavy pixie cut hairstyles. These inspiring hairstyles will give you plenty of room for creativity. You can choose between a tapered, textured, mixie cut, pixie bob, an undercut pixie haircut, you name it. One thing is for sure: finding the right pixie cut style for your wavy hair type has never been more fun!

1. Wavy Layered Pixie Cut With A Short Fade

FACT: Wavy pixie cuts can be as voluminous as longer wavy hairstyles. If you want to rock a more voluminous pixie haircut, adding many layers and leaving your hair longer at the crown will do the job.

2. Textured Shaggy Pixie With Bangs

If you’re a fan of both shag and pixie cuts, there’s no need to choose between the two because you can have the best of both worlds. Shaggy layers and choppy bangs will ensure your pixie cut gives off that undone vibe that screams sassiness.

3. Wavy Pixie Wet Hairstyle

With a wet hairstyle, you can transform your pixie cut into a true piece of art. It even rhymes! To achieve this hairstyle, apply some oil and hair gel on damp hair and allow it to air dry. Feel free to play with different partings for a more elegant or casual style.

4. Wavy Pixie Mullet With Choppy Bangs

The wavy pixie mullet haircut features longer hair in the back. It’s a perfect choice of haircut for those who want to frame their face and also retain some hair length. Adding choppy bangs to this trending wavy hairstyle is just a cherry on top!

5. Long Tapered Wavy Pixie Cut

Opt for a long pixie cut with tapered sides for a bold look. With tapered sides, you can create a beautiful contrast between the voluminous hair at the crown and the lower tapered part of your hairstyle. Besides that, tapered sides give the illusion of a fuller mane.

6. Ultra Short Blonde Wavy Pixie Cut

Ultra short pixie cuts are reserved for the queens of wavy pixie haircuts! This hairstyle has it all – elegance, edgy vibe, and textured waves. For an even bolder look, choose a vivid hair color like intense red.

7. Pixie Cut With Tousled Waves

If you have a longer pixie cut, you can easily create romantic, tousled waves. Here’s how: wrap the sections of your hair around the curling iron and finish with hair spray. Shake your hair using your fingers to create tousled waves.

Pro tip: Be careful when using curling iron if your hair is too short.

8. Outgrown Messy Pixie Haircut

Pixie haircuts are incredibly versatile and low maintenance. Even if you decide to grow out your wavy pixie cut, the messy texture will ensure that you still look funky-fresh. Just apply some leave-in conditioner or other lightweight hair product on damp hair, scrunch your waves, use a diffuser (optional), and you’re good to go!

9. Tapered Silver Wavy Pixie Cut

Silver hair, don’t care! A bold hair color choice like silver can make any pixie haircut look ten times more stylish and edgy. If you have gray hair, blending it with a silver shade will solve the problem.

10. Intense Red Pixie Bob Cut

If you’re having a hard time deciding whether you want to rock a short wavy bob or pixie cut, I suggest you go for a pixie bob cut. By doing that, you’ll preserve some bob haircut features and your hair will look more textured and voluminous.

11. Super Long Platinum Blonde Pixie Haircut

The super long wavy pixie haircut is a perfect hairstyle for those who dare to be bold! Besides being a real head-turner, this hairstyle is also one of the most versatile pixie haircuts for wavy hair. You can make it look more voluminous by teasing your hair and adding lots of hairspray. Or you can wear it as a pixie bob by flipping your hair inwards or outwards. The choice is yours to make!

12. Wavy Mixie Cut

The mixie cut is a combination of a pixie and a mullet. This edgy style is longer in the back and shorter in the front. Unlike a classic pixie cut, the mixie gives you slightly more length and plenty of layers at the back.

13. Wavy Pixie Cut With Segmented Undercut

For the love of pixie! Just when you think that a pixie haircut can’t be more versatile, a segmented undercut comes into the story. An undercut with shaved lines is bound to transform your wavy pixie cut into a true masterpiece. Period.

14. Wavy Pixie Cut With Piecey Bangs

For an extra sassy look, combine your wavy pixie cut with piecey bangs. Well-defined separated strands aka piecey bangs will make sure that your hairstyle looks effortless and to the point.

15. Purple Blonde Undercut Pixie Haircut

Yes, it’s totally possible to be both edgy and elegant at the same time and this beautiful haircut is proof of that. Purple-blonde color-blocking combination with an undercut is one of the most inspiring edgy pixie haircuts reserved for the boldest personalities.

16. Outgrown Wavy Pixie Haircut

This is a go-to hairstyle for when you want something with a “bob feel” but shorter. Outgrown wavy pixie cut will make sure that you look stylish, edgy, and effortless at all times.

17. Classic Wavy Short Pixie Cut

If you aren’t ready for some drastic changes, then a classic pixie haircut is the best option. When/if you get tired of this hairstyle, you can always spice it up with an undercut or a different hair color. Also, when it comes to transitioning from long wavy hairstyles to short wavy hairdos like a pixie cut, it’s best to take baby steps – one change at a time.

18. Voluminous Wavy Pixie Bob

With a voluminous wavy pixie bob, you can proudly show off those edgy, diva vibes no one can stay indifferent to. Consider adding highlights to add more depth and dimension to your stunning hairstyle.

19. Wavy Pixie Cut With Choppy Micro Bangs

Choppy micro bangs + wavy pixie cut = a match made in heaven. Seldom things can boost the edginess and sassiness of short wavy hairstyles like choppy micro bangs can. So, what are you waiting for?

20. Blonde Black Undercut Pixie With Shaved Lines

If you lean towards more personalized wavy pixie bob haircuts, combining contrasting colors with a unique undercut with shaved lines will do the job. Remember: the edgier the better.

21. Blonde Wavy Pixie Bob

The blonde wavy pixie bob is reserved for sophisticated ladies who want to add a bit of edginess to their hairstyle. From dark blonde to platinum blonde, whichever shade you choose, one thing is for sure: your wavy pixie bob will look breathtaking.