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40 Short Non-Binary Haircuts That Inspire Self-Expression

40 Short Non-Binary Haircuts That Inspire Self-Expression

The way we look is one of the ways we communicate who we are. Style is inextricably linked to self-expression, so non-binary people are often drawn to queer-coded hairstyles. These are creative, edgy and unique styles that provide a great way to play with presentation.

Exploring popular short non-binary haircuts is a great starting point on the journey of discovering what makes you the most comfortable, so take a look and see if some of these feel right for you.

1. Shag Mullet


The shaggy mullet is one of the most popular non-binary hairstyles around because it’s gender-neutral, extremely cool and unapologetic. Even though it’s short and easy, it still has enough length to play with it, and doesn’t require as much maintenance as some other styles.

2. High Contrast Fade


A side-part that falls over one eye always looks mysterious and sexy, so if that’s the impression you’re going for, this is style to go for.

3. Undercut Mop Hairstyle

This cute short mop/Caesar with an undercut combo is a contemporary update of typically masc haircuts that’s easy to wear for any gender.

4. Long Buzzcut


When it comes to short low maintenance haircuts, nothing beats the buzz cut. You can maintain it yourself if you want; invest in a hair clipper, and you’re set. (Not to mention that you can easily get rid of any coloring mishaps that might come up.)

5. Faux Hawk Mullet Fade


This style has it all—length and buzzed sides, deco and color, edge and softness. It’s a great example of how a creative approach can result in a fun, unique style.

6. Curly Taper Short Mullet Fade


Mullets have made a comeback and become one of the most popular short gender-neutral haircuts over the past few years. Short curly hair with bangs requires minimum styling to look amazing.

7. Short Fluffy Haircut


Fluffy styles are popular with people who want a soft look. They look best in natural colors and with natural styling.

8. Shaved Sides Mullet


You want the ease of a buzz cut, but you also want to play with color and styling? Shaving the sides and leaving the top longer is not only the easiest way to spice up your hairstyle, but also the most stylish.

9. Messy Short Punk Hair


Leaving the top a little longer than the sides gives a lot of space to play with color and texture and has the edgy short hair aesthetic.

10. Emo Fluffy Short Hair


If you want a flattering hairstyle, it’s best to go for something that matches the lines of your face—short choppy haircuts have a lot of volume, so they’re among the most popular non-binary haircuts for round faces.

11. Middle Part Undercut


Non-binary, gender neutral and androgynous hairstyles are often more alternative hair styles than mainstream haircuts. To easily give your hairstyle an edgy vibe, add an undercut to a style you already like.

12. Buzz Cut Mullet


It’s all about finding a hairstyle that feels the most comfortable—let your creativity flow by choosing your favorite components of your favorite styles.

13. Buzz Cut Design


The buzz cut is the ultimate low maintenance short haircut. It looks good even when it grows out a bit, so you can show off designs or colors for a while if your hair is dyed.

14. Short Wolf Cut


A short wolf cut is super flattering on all genders, thanks to its flowing length and moving layers. If you like running your fingers through your hair, this might be the style for you.

15. Mid Taper Design


Short, traditionally masc hairstyles don’t have to be boring. Any type of haircut with sides and back shorter than the top—undercut, taper or fade—gives you lots of options to play. Here, a unique line-up creates visual interest, but you can also experiment with color or texture.

16. Choppy Bowl Cut Mullet


For most people, neither bowl cuts nor mullets are flattering haircuts, and when you combine the two, you get a mix that’s hardly going to be anyone’s best-looking style. But a look doesn’t have to be beautiful and sometimes, that’s exactly what you don’t want—what really matters is that it feels right.

17. Edgy Undercut Mullet


This isn’t the same old mullet of the past—this style is edgy, cool and makes a statement. If attention is what you want, this haircut will get it for you.

18. Layered Bowl Cut


One of the cutest short non binary haircuts there is! The layers on top give it volume, the bangs frame the face and the overall impression is soft.

19. Fluffy Bowl Cut Mullet


This style plays with color, texture and length, proving that there are no limits to creativity when it comes to hair.

20. High Top High Fade


Leaving the top natural makes this traditionally masculine haircut a bit softer. It’s a popular soft butch hairstyle, if that’s what you’re looking in your search for short non-binary haircuts.

21. Curly Flow With Taper


Leaving your hair longer on top gives you plenty of options to play—here, it’s all about curls and highlights.

22. Pixie With Straight Across Bangs


A pixie haircut is typically considered feminine, but making it a bit edgier by adding blunt bangs gives it a more gender-neutral vibe.

23. Middle Part Undercut Bowl Cut


A short bowl cut with a sharp division between the shaved part and the length is decidedly edgy, especially when combined with such a vivid color. If you’re going for either non-binary or androgynous hair vibe, it’s definitely a good option.

24. Curly Undercut Mullet


Despite the buzzed sides and the trendy mullet style, this cut is all about the curls. If you like your hair texture, consider a style that has some longer parts that allow you to showcase it.

25. Shaped Buzz Cut


Sometimes, being able to cut your own hair is what you need, and with a buzz cut, it’s possible. This particular style has a slightly longer top, which is easy to achieve with a little practice when you do it on your own.

26. Middle Part Mullet With Undercut


Shaved sides bring a bit of an edge to this style, which might have otherwise looked a bit dated. Updating existing styles and giving them a twist is a great way to create subversive, alt hair styles.

27. Undercut Curly Fluffy Hair


If your hair is naturally curly or textured, leaving it a bit longer and fluffy on top and shorter at the sides is an easy way to make your style interesting and fun.

28. Short Curly Bowl Cut


Short non-binary haircuts are often edgy, colorful and creative, but if you prefer something more low-key, there are plenty of options to check out. Soft, tapered sides and natural color gives this haircut a casual, relaxed vibe.

29. Middle Part Flow Haircut


The long strands and the middle part create a gorgeous frame for the face, so this is a lovely option if you’re looking for a flattering and easy style.

30. Curly Colorful Undercut


A haircut like this one is eye-catching, but super easy to style—apply some curl cream to wet hair, and scrunch dry. Looks awesome even when the color fades out a bit.

31. Bowl Cut Mullet


Baby bangs always look cute! To keep the short strands at the crown where you want them to be, hair clay is a good choice.

32. Mid Taper Curly Bowl Cut


A bowl cut is most often seen in straight hair styles, but it also works with all other hair textures.

33. Short Mop Top Fade


This unique style has been tailored for the person wearing it, and isn’t that the dream? Finding a queer-friendly hairdresser who understands that hair is individual isn’t easy, so before you let someone cut your hair for the first time, it’s highly recommended you first get a consultation and see if they’ll understand what it is you’re looking for.

34. Fluffy Wolf Cut


The combination of cut and color in this haircut is stunning. But before you choose a wolf cut, you should know that you’ll have to style it if you want to prevent it from falling flat.

35. Choppy Pixie Haircut


This two-tone pixie/taper haircut can be styled more femme or more masc, so it’s a good choice if you like to change your presentation according to your mood.

36. Undercut Bowl Cut


This sharp, precise cut is all about structure and impact. It looks cool, but keep in mind that it will need regular salon visits.

37. Slicked Back Pompadour


Leaving your hair a bit longer gives you more everyday style options: comb your hair back for a rakish vibe and make a side part when you want to feel more prim and proper.

38. Dyed Buzz Cut Design


A buzz cut with a design and color is short-lived, but that’s the beauty of one—the perfect style if you like to play with your hair and change your look often.

39. Flow With Taper


Sharp and flowing at the same time, this hairstyle tells a whole story. Opting for something that combines short and long gives you plenty of personalization options.

40. Curly Mullet With Shaved Sides

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Curly hair can take a lot of time to style when it’s kept longer, but if you love your curls, you’ll miss them when it’s completely short. This style solves both of those problems!