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The 19 Coolest Short Shaved Hairstyles For Women In 2024

The 19 Coolest Short Shaved Hairstyles For Women In 2024

Short shaved hairstyles are one of the most daring styles reserved for the boldest personalities! From micro bob with shaved sides to curly mohawk with shaved nape undercut (and everything in between), there’s a perfect short shaved hairstyle for everyone! Your “job” is to find the one that resonates with your personality and hair type, and I’ll do my best to help you narrow down your choices. Ready to roll?

1. Sharp Angled Bob With Shaved Undercut

Sharp angled bob features ultra-short hair at the back with longer hair in front. Because of the shorter layers at the back, an angled bob is a perfect choice of haircut to pair with a shaved nape undercut.

2. Shaved Buzz Cut

A popular buzz cut has the same hair length throughout the entire head. Therefore, the short buzz cut is an ideal haircut to combine with shaved sides and an undercut. Add a bold color to this edgy cut and you’re ready to rock!

3. Bob Cut With Shaved Cat Hair Design

To cat lovers: Bob cut with shaved cat hair design is here to boost your affection for feline creatures and also make you the coolest gal on the block! Pair this unique hairstyle with pastel hair colors for a soft, feminine look.

4. Voluminous Micro Bob With Nape Undercut

Voluminous micro bobs are the real gem among short hairstyles. Adding a subtle nape undercut to this gorgeous cut will add more personality to your style and make your hair on top look even more voluminous. A perfect combo!

5. Pastel Pink Side Shaved Buzz Cut

Pastel pink is one of those hair colors that look amazing on all types of cuts and styles. Yes, a side-shaved buzz cut is one of those styles. Does this hairdo resonate with your personality?

6. Short Hair With A Freestyle Shaved Hair Design

If you don’t have a specific idea for a side shaved hair design (or an undercut hair design), you can always go freestyle. Short hair with a freestyle shaved hair design is a real head-turner you should try at least once.

7. Platinum Blonde Shaved Buzz Cut

Platinum blonde is the lightest blonde shade and we cannot pretend we don’t see how amazing it looks on a shaved buzz cut. To platinum blonde: Keep up the good work!

8. Short Curls With Shaved Sides Undercut Haircut

Curly hair is voluminous by default but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to add even more volume to your curly mane. Tapered sides with unique shaved hair designs will add an extra oomph of volume to your curly hair on top and make your hairstyle more personalized.

9. Pastel Blue Shaved Curly Mohawk

Curly mohawks in bold colors are reserved for bold spirits who don’t want a classic short shaved hairstyle. If you aren’t sure which hair color to choose for this stunning hairstyle, here are two suggestions: pastel blue or intense copper red.

10. Side Shaved Wavy Pixie Cut

Wavy pixie cuts belong to the category of most voluminous short hairstyles. Well, you can transform this beautiful cut into a unique piece of hair art by simply shaving one side of your head and/or adding a unique hair design.

11. Pixie Cut With A Heartbeat Shaved Hair Design

Seldom things can leave you speechless like pixie cuts with undercuts. This gorgeous pixie cut with a heartbeat shaved hair design is a great option for those who want to achieve a dynamic look without much effort.

12. Shaved Bronde Pixie Cut

We already know that brown and blonde are a match made in heaven creating one of the most natural-looking bronde shades. And yes, we also know that nothing can beat a bronde pixie cut with an undercut. Period.

13. Side Shaved Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Cut

Pixie bob cut features a voluminous mane on top resembling a pixie cut with the length of a short bob. If you want to make your pixie bob cut look even more breathtaking, combine a shaved side (or sides) with an asymmetrical cut.

14. Textured Bob With Shaved Nape Undercut

Textured bobs are reserved for those who want to rock a messy, textured haircut with plenty of effortless vibes. A shaved nape undercut will add a dash of edginess to your beautifully textured bob cut (and ensure you become the queen of short shaved hairstyles).

15. Micro Bob With Shaved Nape

A micro bob cut is a godsend for those who don’t want to hide their nape undercut beneath their hair (which you definitely shouldn’t). Proudly show off your bob with an undercut for everyone to see because the greatest hairstyles are also the most direct and boldest.

16. Burgundy Curly Short Shaved Haircut

The burgundy curly short shaved haircut has everything one could ever want from a short shaved hairstyle: plenty of volume, contrast, edgy vibes, and personalized style. What do you think about this amazing short tomboy haircut?

17. Shaved Choppy Pixie Cut

A choppy pixie cut is an edgy hairstyle that features hair cut at different lengths for an effortless, undone look. Combined with shaved sides, a choppy pixie cut deserves to be in the top 5 undercut hairstyles!

18. Shaved Pixie Cut For 4C Curls

If you have 4C curls, you know how hard it is to keep your coils tamed. Well, a shaved pixie cut is a real game-changer when it comes to styling coily hair, so don’t miss the opportunity to rock this trendy style (and leave everyone speechless)!

19. Blonde Pixie Cut With Shaved Nape Undercut

If you have thin hair, a shaved nape undercut will make your pixie cut more voluminous. Besides that, a blonde pixie cut with a shaped nape undercut is trending right now! Pro tip: If you have dark hair, add blonde highlights for a dimensional look.