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Medium Layered Hair Is The Cut You Can’t Afford To Miss In 2024

Medium Layered Hair Is The Cut You Can’t Afford To Miss In 2024

Searching for a fun and flirty way to give your tresses a fresh update? It looks like you’ve found one! Medium-length layered hair is a bouncy, gorgeous style that creates movement, volume, and definition within your locks. If you like what you’re hearing, you’ll love seeing these inspo pics even more.

1. Short To Medium Layered Hair

Layered short-to-medium hair is a creative way to spice up your look. But not only that— this cut requires minimum effort, which is another bonus point.

2. Shaggy Choppy Layered Medium Hair

Speaking of minimum effort… If you’re looking for a low-maintenance hairdo, ask your hairdresser for a shaggy choppy layered medium cut. Or just show them this amazing inspo pic.

3. Medium Layered Hair With Bangs

The best thing about medium layered hair with bangs is the fact that this cut highlights your beautiful facial features while at the same time, hiding the less-flattering ones. And we mustn’t disregard how beautiful this style is!

4. 90s Layered Medium Hair

We can’t talk about layers without mentioning the ’90s. Back in the day, this was an iconic hairstyle every “it” girl was rocking. And now, the 90’s layered hairstyle is back, and more popular than ever.

5. Very Layered Medium Hair

For those of you who want a textured, volumizing haircut, heavy layers are the best possible choice. Very layered medium hair will make your locks look thicker than ever.

6. Layered Medium Length Straight Hair

How does layered medium-length hair look like on straight locks? The layers will remove some heaviness and weight off your shoulders while giving you much-needed movement. So, when in doubt, choose straight layered hair!

7. Medium Layered Haircut For Wavy Hair

What’s so special about medium-length layered hair? Above other things, it’s the fact that it looks equally beautiful, no matter the hair type it’s paired with. If you don’t believe me, this medium layered haircut for wavy hair is here to prove it.

8. Medium Layered Fine Hair

The same goes for hair textures. If you have fine locks, too-long hair will make them look even thinner. On the other hand, a medium-length layered cut will feign thickness and volume.

9. Layered Mom Cut

A mom cut is a low-maintenance yet classy look that will save you tons of time, and effort while giving you a stylish appearance. Well, you can only imagine what adding layers to this chop could do to your look.

10. Medium Layered Gray Hair

It’s time to let your natural grays shine as bright as diamonds instead of trying to cover them. Aging gracefully is a blessing and medium-layered gray hair is here to help you through the process.

11. Layered Bangs On Medium Hair

What if you don’t like heavy layers but are a big fan of this trend in general? Worry not, I’ve got a solution for you: layered bangs on medium hair.

12. Layered Razor Cut Hairstyle For Medium Length Hair

A razor-cut technique is all about freehand styling. It’s a chopping method that gives your tresses an airy touch. But most importantly, it looks stunning on medium-length hair.

13. Layered Feathered Hairstyle For Medium Length Hair

Feathered hair is the trend of the season. It should be your go-to style if you’re a thin-haired girl who wants the illusion of thickness.

14. Medium Length Layered Hair With Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs look great on almost every face shape, and long-face girlies are the only ones who should avoid it. This type of bangs adds dimension to your face while making it slimmer and more angular.

15. Medium Length Layered Curly Hair

What’s the best way to style your medium-length curly hair? Well, with this hair texture and length, adding layers should be your top pick. This way, your curls will be more manageable and you’ll get a high-fashion appearance.

16. Shoulder Length Hair With Layers

Whoever told you that shoulder-length hair with layers is impossible to maintain has no idea what they’re talking about. It’s a versatile style with tons of options that you can style at home without much trouble. Here are some ideas:

17. Textured Medium Length Hair

A textured medium-length cut features attractive shattered shapes that define your tresses and give your hair a sense of fullness. Check out these before and after pics and see the sensational transformation this chop created.

18. Layered Long Bob

A layered long bob is a subtle yet elegant look that will never go out of style. The key to this cut are the layers that blend seamlessly and delicately without taking away from your length.

19. Medium Blunt Haircut With Layers

I know what you must be thinking: a blunt bob and layers can’t be found together in the same sentence, let alone in the same hairdo. If this is the case, it can only mean one thing: you still haven’t stumbled upon the right hairdresser who knows what they’re doing. Just look at how startling these two styles look when blended into one.

20. Medium Length Layered Tousled Cut

I can guarantee you one thing: it doesn’t get any lower maintenance than a medium-length layered tousled cut. If chopped right, the only tool you need to tailor this wash-and-go hairstyle at home is your fingers.

21. Layered Mullet

A medium-length layered mullet is an edgy yet subtle look that has both shape and movement. For maximum effect, pair the cut with an interesting hair color.

22. Layered Medium Length Wolf Cut

The layers are what make this wolf cut even more spectacular. The principle is quite simple— the more layers— the more texture, and the more movement.

23. Layered Medium Length Asian Hair

If you’re looking for an up-to-the-minute Asian hairstyle, a medium-length layered cut is calling your name. It includes a thicker crown contrasted with thinner ends, face-framing layers, and preferably a funky hair color.

24. Medium Layered Hair With Highlights

How to spice up your mid-length layered hair? Add some lived-in highlights for more dimension and depth, and make your base color pop.

25. Medium Layered Hair With Peekaboo

Black hair with peekaboo highlights is always a good idea, especially when joined with an intriguing cut. That’s right, I’m talking about medium layered hair.