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15 Coolest Ways To Wear A Short Wolf Cut For Men

15 Coolest Ways To Wear A Short Wolf Cut For Men

The wolf cut, a versatile option for all hair lengths and textures, looks equally stunning on both women and men. It offers the perfect balance between interesting and low-maintenance, making it a must-try hairstyle this season. To give you some inspiration, here are 15 creative ways to rock a short wolf cut for men.

1. Classic Wolf Cut For Men

This is the most basic variation of a short wolf cut for men: a combination of a shag and mullet that results in heavy layers and a lot of volume. It’s simple, but definitely not ordinary, just enough to give you a unique look.

2. Mid-Part Wolf Cut For Men

A wolf cut featuring a middle part looks so clean and neat, giving you the feeling like you really know what you’re doing! This style is easily attainable and maintained with the use of hair mousse.

3. Bowly Wolf Cut With Curly Perm

A bowl-like shape on your wolf cut makes you feel fun and youthful. When paired with a curly perm, this style ensures you’ll stand out in any crowd.

4. Layered Wolf Cut

Layers, movement, and a cool vibe: you get it all with this style, and this is why a wolf cut looks so good on short hair.

5. Curly Wolf Cut For Men

Curly hair in men isn’t an obstacle, but rather an invitation to get creative with your hairstyle! This curly wolf cut provides fantastic face-framing layers, texture, and volume, enhancing your short curly hair in the best way possible.

6. Shaggy Wolf Cut

A shaggy wolf cut is the messy and effortlessly cool style you’re looking for, ideally suited for medium to thick hair types.

7. Textured Wolf Cut

In this wolf cut variation, the hair is tapered on the sides, featuring added texture and separation throughout. The best way to style it is to mess the hair up on top and at the back, creating a modern and slightly undone look. Achieve this look by using a pomade or texture paste.

8. Wolf Cut With A Subtle Undercut

This wolf cut emphasizes volume at the top and introduces a hint of unconventionality with a subtle undercut.

9. Big Messy Wolf Cut

Slightly messy, effortless, and still such a cool style that not everyone can pull off!

10. Soft Wolf Cut

A wolf cut doesn’t always need to be edgy or intense. Here’s a good example of a softer hairstyle that brings a unique twist without pushing you too far out of your comfort zone.

11. Choppy Wolf Cut

This layered, choppy wolf cut looks great on thick hair, adding an effortless movement to it.

12. Wolf Cut With Buzzed Sides

Every wolf cut will give you a unique style, but this one is something special. It gives you a bit of a wild but still polished look, resulting in trendy hair that everyone will want to copy.

13. Wolf Cut X Mullet

The wolf cut is essentially a more edgy take on the mullet, but if you’re in a creative mood, you can combine these two similar styles into one that has the potential to become a hot trend.

14. Blue Wolf Cut

If you’re not only in the mood to try out a new cut, but also to experiment with a pop of color, show the picture of this blue wolf cut to your stylist!

15. Wolf Cut With Lilac Inner Color

A lilac inner color looks stunning on a man’s short wolf cut. It’s also one of the best choices for inner colors, thanks to its subtle violet tone, ensuring that as the color fades, it does so beautifully and with less brassiness.