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20 Short Hair Wolf Cut Ideas To Try In 2024

20 Short Hair Wolf Cut Ideas To Try In 2024

Stylish, a bit edgy, and so cool – we totally get why everyone’s going crazy about wolf cut these days! Not only does it suit different face shapes and hair textures, but it also looks great on all lengths, including really short hair. Yes, there’s something even more awesome about the short hair wolf cut. I’m sure you’ll need some inspiration, so, here are 20 fabulous ideas on how to rock this unique hairstyle.

1. Classic Wolf Cut

Short hair doesn’t mean you’re limited with styling options. There are ways to spice thing up and make it look chic, like with a pixie bob haircut. However, if you’re looking to create volume and highlight your hair texture, I suggest trying this classic wolf cut. The shorter layers at the top will create volume around the crown, while the longer hair in the back will be flattering for your face. So simple, but so efficient!

2. Wolf Cut On Brunette Hair

You’re in search of a cool idea for your brunette hair? Save this photo as inspo for your next hair appointment! This sexy wolf cut is just the thing you need to step out of routine and get all eyes on you.

3. Wolf Cut On Black Hair

A good cut makes wonders for your face shape and instantly improves your black hair, making it anything but dull. If you’re thinking of giving your dark hair a refresh, don’t hesitate to try out this style!

4. Wolf Cut With Spiral Perm

A spiral perm is a great way to add soft curls and volume to your short hair. Pair it with a fresh wolf cut, and you’ve got a winning combination!

5. Modern Wolf Cut

The wolf cut takes us back to that iconic hairstyles, while offering a modern, trendy twist. This style shows how textured layers and choppy ends freshen up your hair and give you the style you dreamed of!

6. Wolf Cut On Thick Short Hair

The wolf cut is also a great hairstyle for short thick hair. This style features shorter hair at the top with a light, wispy fringe that flicks and sweeps into the length. This texture and layering are all you need to create a lot of movement in your thick hair.

7. Wolf Cut On Straight Hair

Not too overwhelming, but noticeable enough to make a statement – this wolf cut looks effortless and cool on short, straight hair.

8. Wolf Cut With Elongated Bangs

Elongated bangs and shaggy layers look so stylish and emphasize the natural beauty of your hair texture.

9. Tousled Wolf Cut

Try out this tousled wolf cut to balance your face shape and highlight your cheekbones.

10. Wolf Cut With Grunge Waves

If you really want your wolf cut to look vintage and edgy, these 70-s inspired grunge waves will definitely do the trick!

11. Wolf Cut With Flipped-Out Layers

You get all the volume and movement with this wolf cut with flipped-out layers, while you’ll still maintain that effortless look.

12. Wolf Cut With Mini Bangs

The mini bangs are the real star of this wolf cut! They emphasize your unique look, which is messy and chic at the same time.

13. Wolf Cut With Cold Wave Perm

A wolf cut looks beautiful on short hair with cold wave perm. This technique suits coarse hair the best, creating tight and voluminous curls that won’t go unnoticed. The cold wave perm can last anywhere from one to two months.

14. Wolf Cut With Nuance Perm

You have straight short hair and you’re ready for some change, but nothing too drastic? Then this wolf cut and nuance perm are the right deal for you! This style offers a gently curled look with a natural finish, leaving people wondering what exactly you’ve done with your hair.

15. Curly Wolf Cut

If you have curly hair, every day is a good hair day! A wolf cut is one of the coolest hairstyles for short curly hair. Dare to show those awesome curls!

16. Black And Blue Wolf Cut

A wolf cut freshens up short thin hair so good, and if you’re ready to add some color to your style, this combination of black hair with blue tips is creative and efficient.

17. White Blond Wolf Cut

Soft, gentle, and romantic: this white blonde wolf cut emphasizes your femininity in the best way possible.

18. Short Wolf Cut With Red Highlights

Short wolf cut can be gentle and romantic, but also edgy and baddie – whichever version you prefer! This style with red highlights on dark hair offers just the right dose of spunk and is sure to grab everyone’s attention!

19. Wolf Cut With Money Piece

The money piece trend on black hair is back, making it a fantastic way to refresh your short wolf cut! This technique highlights a section of hair around the face and makes it lighter and brighter. It’s a minimal change that has a powerful impact on your style.

20. Hime Wolf Cut

Just the like wolf cut, the hime cut is eye-catching and cool hairstyle, characterized by pin-straight strands, a full set of bangs, and face-framing side pieces. Combined, these two create a striking duo, designed to make your short hair look stunning.