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A Wavy Wolf Cut Is The Combination Of Chic And Wild You Need

A Wavy Wolf Cut Is The Combination Of Chic And Wild You Need

Looking for a cool, low-maintenance, and somewhat edgy hairstyle this season? These are exactly the words I would use to describe the wolf cut! It looks good on everyone, while it’s especially flattering for wavy hair. To guarantee you’re sporting the latest trend, explore these 20 creative ideas for a wavy wolf cut.

1. Classic Wavy Wolf Cut

This is essentially how a classic wavy wolf cut looks like: trimmed around the face and along the sides and back, with a focus on the bangs and face-framing layers. Wavy hair is ideal for this style, as it’s all about creating movement and volume.

2. Wolf Cut With Soft Waves

While it has a glimpse of wild, this wolf cut with soft waves offers a feminine and gentle look, making it an ideal choice for salon-worthy hair every day.

3. Wolf Cut On Short Wavy Hair

How do you feel about a short hair wolf cut? In my opinion, this length is the coolest of them all for this ultimately chic hairstyle. Just see how beautiful these soft flips and curves look around the face, neck, and crown.

4. Shaggy Wavy Wolf Cut

It’s messy, effortless, and shaggy: this is the cut you’ve been gearing up to embrace as your major hair transformation!

5. Sharp Wavy Wolf Cut

Here is a voluminous wolf cut with a fluffy/sharp finish that works so good on thin hair.

6. Voluminous Red Wavy Wolf Cut

This hairstyle is impossible to overlook! With its voluminous layers, rich texture, and fiery red color, it ensures your hair becomes the center of attention.

7. Blonde Wavy Wolf Cut

Barbie vibes, but with a modern, edgy twist. Make your blonde wavy hair more stunning with this chic wolf cut.

8. Wavy Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs

A wolf cut with bangs is such a fantastic style, especially when paired with curtain fringe. These bangs complement different hairstyles so good, so, when you want to put your hair up, for instance, you’re sure to have a stylish updo. Also, they work well with hair of all textures and lengths.

9. Goldie Hawn-Inspired Wavy Wolf Cut

Some celebrities and some hairstyles just never get old. This Goldie Hawn-inspired wavy wolf cut is a perfect example of a vintage style that seems to only get better with time.

10. High Layered Wolf Cut On Natural Wavy Hair

You don’t need long hair to rock the wolf cut: just a bit of wave is enough to look stylish with this highly layered hairstyle.

11. Mild Wavy Wolf Cut

This style is so subtle that you might not recognize it as a wolf cut at first glance! Still, it’s distinctive enough to offer a fresh take on your hairstyle.

12. Wolf Cut On Bouncy Cold Perm

Always dreamed of wavy hair? You can achieve it, even without heat, through a cold perm. This technique delivers defined, tight, and voluminous waves that really stand out. Pair it with a wolf cut, and you’ve got a winning combination!

13. Wavy Wolf Cut With Baby Bangs

Baby bangs and long hair go so well together. The only thing missing to claim the title of the coolest style in your group is a bold wolf cut!

14. Wolf Cut On Long Wavy Hair

The best proof of a wolf cut’s magic is seeing it on long wavy hair. Moreover, when you compare before and after pictures, you’ll see this cut is a transformative makeover all by itself!

15. Wolf Cut On Wavy Copper Hair

Soft, gentle, and romantic, a wolf cut on wavy copper hair is something indeed unique and beautiful.

16. Wavy Wolf Cut With Side Bangs

Another fantastic aspect of the wavy wolf cut is the limitless potential for creativity and experimentation. For instance, it can also be transformed into a stylish hairstyle with side bangs.

17. Wavy Wolf Cut On Black Hair

Has your dark wavy hair started to look dull and lifeless? Now is the perfect time to refresh it with a chic wolf cut!

18. Youthful Wavy Wolf Cut

The wolf cut also works wonders on young clients. It doesn’t have to be too emphasized, but can be soft and youthful instead.

19. Wavy Wolf Cut For Older Ladies

Girls and women of all ages should step out of their comfort zones and embrace the modern wolf cut. This one is reserved for ladies in their golden age, offering just the right dose of class and wildness.

20. Pink Wavy Wolf Cut

If you’re looking for a new color to go with your wavy wolf cut, consider this pink (in case you’re in mood for something bold and trendy!).