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Everyone Is Obsessed With These 25 Spiky Y2K Hairstyles

Everyone Is Obsessed With These 25 Spiky Y2K Hairstyles

If you’ve ever been on Instagram or TikTok, if you’ve ever scrolled through these apps, there is no way you didn’t run into these Y2K hairstyles. They’re making their way up the charts and dominating the trending.

The fact is, the 2000s gave us one of the most iconic hairstyles ever, and I’m so glad they made such a huge comeback. These interesting and edgy hairstyles are all about mini braids, unusual bangs, chunky highlights, colorful clips, vibrant hair colors, spiky buns, and the coolest undercuts.

1. Mini Braids Falling Into Curled Messy Updo

Okay, the hair and the makeup… Everything about this picture screams the year 2000! It’s one of the most elegant Y2K updos that can be worn for special occasions, especially if you accessorize it with these gorgeous hair diamonds.

2. Half-Up Bun With Two Braids In The Front

These mini braids left in the front are the Y2K hairstyle signature because you can find them in most of these looks. Also, the orange hair color was popular back then, but you should know that these hues mostly suit women with warm undertone skin.

3. Playful Half-Up Knots

These butterfly clips were also one of the trademarks of the Y2K hairstyle! Most of these looks are spiky and edgy, and these cute clips always tend to wrap things up in a more gentle way.

4. Half Ponytail With Side-Swept Bangs

This sweet hairstyle is the go-to look for women with round face shapes because they have a face-framing effect that can make the face look slimmer.

5. The Wire Braid Ponytail

As you have probably understood by now, these hairstyles are everything but usual. This wire braid will give you that bold look while the sleek ponytail radiates those glam vibes. Even though this hairstyle can last up to 7 days, I recommend you take it off sooner and allow your hair to breathe.

6. Feathered Dyed Ends

Feathered layers are always a good idea to create that edgy look, especially if they’re dip-dyed. The contrast between the orange and blue colors makes the whole look more unique. This technique isn’t as demanding as it seems, you can dye the ends yourself.

7. Fun Space Buns

Here is proof that the Y2K hairstyles are the most playful and youthful. Oh, and nothing says 2000s more than space buns and colorful hair clips and accessories.

8. Block Color

Color blocking is one of the most favorite hair coloring techniques of the Y2K trend. They usually consist of two tones but can include even more hues. It’s when you choose a contrasting color to your base and pain it through the hair in statement blocks.

9. Baby Braids And Colorful Hair Clips

Just look how gentle, naive, and sweet this look can make you! Most hairdressers would agree that baby braids with hair clips are the most classic Y2K look, but, for me, it’s still the sweetest and the most common one.

10. Twisted Updo With Two Curled Strands In Front

Yes, elegant wedding updos in the 2000s looked like this and were absolutely stunning. The only thing I’m not a fan of from this era were these eyebrows, but, after all, we’re here to talk about hairstyles, so I’m going to keep quiet.

11. Half-Up Pigtails

Simple yet so sweet and lovely hairstyle. The accessorized pigtails are one of the most favorite looks from this era because of their simplicity, the fact they suit all face shapes, and because they can make some facial features seem softer.

12. Split Dye Bangs

Dyed bangs, the favorite look of e-girls, can immediately be associated with Y2K hairstyles because of their uniqueness and boldness. It’s amazing how this green hue makes the jet-black hair look more lively and gives that edgy face-framing effect.

13. Dip Dye Fox Hair

Women worldwide went mad over this fox hair trend, and the main culprit is Hayley Williams because she was the one who started this trend. If you have a light blonde color, just dip dye your hair ends first in orange, then in dark brown or black color, and you’ll get this trendy fox hair.

14. Butterfly Clips Messy Updo

I love the idea of using butterfly clips of different designs and colors because they add such special, gentle, and sweet vibes to the look. Here is a classic messy updo, but these clips make it look modern and stylish.

15. Vibrant Colors And Creative Designs

The Y2K palette is all about vibrant colors. Look how this neon yellow adds brightness to her face and makes her beautiful blue eyes pop.

16. Bantu Knots

This protective Y2K hairstyle keeps the ends hidden, preventing and reducing hair breakage. If you keep them wrapped in a silk scarf while sleeping, Bantu knots can last up to two weeks.

17. Side Cut With A Braid

If you want your inner badass to break free, here is the right Y2K hairstyle. It’s a classic side undercut, but you can choose something more daring. Or, if you aren’t ready to show off your undercut, you can get a hidden design that will be just enough to satisfy your desire for a bit bolder haircut.

18. Chunky Highlights

Chunky highlights are real head-turners. You should only pay attention and choose a contrasting color to your natural hair color. Also, to get that stark contrast and chunky effect, you should do them on large sections of your hair.

19. Double Bubble Braids

No matter your hair type, bubble braids will suit you. That is why we love them so much. They’re stylish, always trendy, cool, and, most importantly, one of the easiest DIY hairstyles.

20. Frozen Blue With Dreamy Accessories

As you can see, when it comes to Y2K hairstyles, you can play with designs, and there are endless ways to style your hair. This blue shade is breathtaking and mostly suits those with a cooler complexion.

21. Neon Rainbow Hair

These eye-popping neon shades are the perfect choice for ladies who like to keep their hair at the shoulder or medium length. The soft waves make these juicy colors even more vibrant and the entire look more spectacular.

22. Funky Highlights

If you want your hair to look more fashionable, funky highlights should be your go-to hairstyle. They’ll step up your entire look and make your hair look more lively and shiny.

23. Micro Bangs And Baby Braids

Micro bangs are having their moment in hair fashion. They were made for women who want to make bold statements through their fringes. Baby bangs complement women with oval and round face shapes because they enhance their soft angles and features.

24. Pineapple Dreadlocks

Although all these looks were playful and interesting, this one has topped them all. There is no way you won’t be noticed with this hairstyle! The thing I always loved the most about dreadlocks is that, with the proper care and maintenance, dreads can last indefinitely.

25. Space Buns And Bottleneck Bangs

Women with oval face shapes will benefit the most from the bottleneck bangs because they’ll give them a more defined look and draw attention to their best facial features.