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Black Hair With Bangs Is Here To Cement Your Cool-Girl Status For Life

Black Hair With Bangs Is Here To Cement Your Cool-Girl Status For Life

Let’s be honest: you are not badass if you haven’t rocked black hair with bangs at least once in your life. It’s just a natural path for every cool girl in the world. But why is that so? Well, this hairstyle gives you a mysterious yet high-fashion look we all crave.

1. Shaggy Cut With Blunt Bangs

The truth is that blunt bangs don’t look so flattering on everyone so you should be careful when cutting them. That’s why a good choice to go hand in hand with this type of bangs is definitely a shaggy cut.

2. Multicolored Highlights On Black Hair With Bangs

Wow! How impressive are these multicolored highlights, especially when they are paired with black hair with bangs? Is this style easy to maintain? I’ll have to say no but it’s a real banger.

3. Curtain Bangs And Long Layers

The best part about curtain bangs is that they look amazingly on literally every face shape since they’re so versatile. You just have to find the ones that suit you the best.

4. Baby Bangs

Baby bangs make the face look more angular and visually longer. Therefore, they’re not a good match for square or heart-shaped faces, while they look extraordinary on round faces.

5. Top Knot With Wispy Bangs

Top know with wispy bangs is always a good idea. And the best part is that this hairstyle is incredibly easy to make even on a wash day.

6. Undercut Bangs

To be a perfect candidate for undercut bangs, you have to fulfill two pre-conditions: you have to be bold enough to pull off this style, and your hair should be thick enough. If the shoe fits, you know what to do.

7. Medium-Layered Long Bob With Bangs

A black medium-layered long bob with bangs should be your top pick if you’re on a journey of recovering your hair, especially the front pieces.

8. Long Blunt Bangs On Long Cascade Cut

Is there anything better than finding a hairstyle that combines more than one trend together? Here you have it all: long blunt bangs, cascade cut, and of course, black hair color.

9. Straight-Cut Blunt Bnags On Updo

You could have already figured it out: black hair color and the right type of bangs upgrade every hairstyle. This modern piggy updo is no exception.

10. Short String Cutting Bangs On Edgy Cut

I guess we’re not done with edgy black hair with bangs hairstyle. And how could we be when we haven’t seen this straight fire?

11. Short Bangs On Wolf Cut

Who could stay immune to these short bangs on a black wolf cut? Just admit, you’ve fallen in love with the style the moment you saw it.

12. Heavy Blunt Bangs On Long Straight Hair

One thing is certain: you can’t go wrong with long blunt bangs on long, straight, black hair. It’s a timeless look that never goes out of fashion.

13. V-Bangs On Long Layered Cut

V-bangs, vampire bangs, or triangle bangs. Who cares what you call them? The point is that they look awesome. And here’s a pro tip: the best hair color to go with these bangs is, of course, black.

14. Ponytail With Bangs

Would you believe me if I told you that you could make this hairstyle without actually cutting your bangs or buying faux bangs? And you can do it all by yourself! Check it out for yourself.

15. Blunt Bangs On Soft Shag

See the contrast between these asymmetrical blunt bangs and the soft shag surrounding them? Well, that’s exactly what makes this black hairstyle with bangs spotless.

16. Curly Hair With Bangs

Enough with the straight hair, you say? It’s time for a special treat for all of you, curly girlies out there: black curly hair with bangs.

17. Mullet Pixie With Bangs

You’ll get a mullet pixie cut with bangs if you smooth your short hair on top and spike it while letting the locks on the back grow. It’s really a low-maintenance hairstyle that looks awesome.

18. Bottleneck Bangs

It actually makes much more sense than you might assume: this hairstyle looks a lot like the bottleneck, where it got its name from. They are short and slim in the middle, then they curve longer around the eyes and are the longest at the finish line.

19. Micro Bangs

Micro bangs look good on straight or curly hair while they can be a problematic cut when it comes to wavy hair. Either way, they’re edgy, bold, and always attractive.

20. Birkin Bangs

Birking bags, inspired by the legend Jane Birkin haven’t lost their popularity in the last decades. And they don’t plan on doing so in the time to come either.

21. Side-Swept Long Bangs

You’re still not sure about chopping your bangs? Or you’re not ready for that kind of commitment? Side-swept long bangs are the thing for you.

22. Air Bangs

Air bangs are a trend coming from Korea and the Western audience seems to be digging it hard. They’re excellent for thin-hair girlies, as well.

23. Bangs And Face-Framing Layers

You want to hide your forehead wrinkles while putting all the focus on the cheekbones and jawline? I’ve got you. Or to be exact: the combo of bangs and face-framing layers has got your back.

24. Choppy Bangs

If you’re looking for a bangs hairstyle that requires minimum effort, time, and salon visits, you’ve found one. Choppy bangs look good on every hair type and no matter how you style them, your hair is always on point.

25. Groovy 70s Colored Curtain Bangs

No, you haven’t found a time capsule: the 70s are back and they’re more fashionable than ever. What better way to be trendy than with these groovy-colored bangs?