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50 Cute Hairstyles With Bangs Trending In 2024

50 Cute Hairstyles With Bangs Trending In 2024

One thing is for sure: you can’t go wrong with bangs. The only thing important is to find the right ones for your face shape, hair type, and texture. This collection of cute hairstyles with bangs is here to help you do that.

1. Cute Hairstyle With Draped Bangs

Drape bangs are quite similar to curtain bangs: they frame your face the way curtains frame windows. However, the only difference is that drape bangs are even longer.

2. Cute Hairstyle For Short Hair With Bangs

Ready to update your dull short haircut? Say no more! Bangs are just the thing you’re looking for. Just look at what they did here.

3. Cute Hairstyle For Long Hair With Bangs

Long, straight hair can easily get you bored. But what if you don’t want to cut it off and actually love your length? Once again, bangs are the perfect solution.

4. Cute Hairstyle With Long Bangs

I won’t lie to you: bangs are quite a commitment. And if you’re not sure whether you’re ready for them or not, consider a pair of long bangs until you figure out what you want.

5. Cute Hairstyle With Bangs For Medium Hair

Bangs have never been easier to maintain and this inspo-pic is living proof of that. Who says that your fringe has to be neat all the time? Instead, let your wild side loose.

6. Cute Shoulder Length Hairstyle With Bangs

It’s time to spice up your shoulder-length hairstyle. These bangs will accentuate your eyes, especially if paired with a trendy orange hue.

7. Long Wolf Cut With Bangs

I know that you probably associate wolf cuts with shorter hair but it’s time to forget about those ancient rules. This wolf cut is ideal for girls who are a little edgy, and want to look unique at all times.

8. Long Ginger Hairstyle With Bardot Bangs

Yes, you’ve got it right: these bangs are inspired by Brigitte Bardot, the living legend. Unlike classic curtain bangs, Bardo bangs don’t have an accentuated middle part. Also, Bardot bangs are a combination of shorter and longer piece brought together.

9. Caramel Textured Bob With Bangs

Looking for the perfect bob cut? Congratulations: you’ve just found the best inspo-pic to show to your hairdresser.

10. Vibrant Orange Long Hairstyle With Bangs

If you’re looking for cute hairstyles with bangs, please take this long vibrant orange hairstyle into consideration. The bangs are low-maintenance, while the color is excellent for the upcoming season.

11. 70s Hairstyle With Bangs

The 70s keep on coming back and now, we’re living in yet another era of their return. This hairstyle is shaggy, effortless, and let’s face it— iconic.

12. Long Shaggy Mullet With Bangs

Speaking of retro haircuts with bangs, it would be almost sinful not to mention a mullet. Of course, here we have a contemporary version: a long, shaggy mullet with bangs.

13. Cute Hairstyle With Bangs On Naturally Gray Hair

Embrace those beautiful gray locks of yours! Trust me: you can look cool and stylish without dyeing your hair. All you need is to cut your bangs for maximum effect.

14. Long Curly Hairstyle With Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs are usually cut straight across and sometimes, they might remind you of typical blunt bangs. However, wispy bangs give off a flirty vibe since they’re soft and feathery.

15. French Bob With Bangs

One of the cutest hairstyles with bangs is, without a doubt, a French bob cut. The best thing about is that it doesn’t require much styling, and is always in trend.

16. Mixie Cut With Bangs

A mixie is the perfect combination of a mullet and a pixie cut. Ursula Corbero, best known as Tokyo from “La Casa de Papel” reinvented this sassy haircut.

17. Long Hairstyle With Ultra Short Blunt Bangs

The contrast between extra-long hair and ultra-short bangs is for the most confident women only! However, this hairstyle angulates your face in a beautiful manner.

18. Blunt Bob With Baby Blunt Bangs

Are you ready for the “it” haircut with bangs of the season? I’m talking about blunt bob with baby blunt bangs. What makes this cut even more spectacular is the subtle undercut you can see under the bangs.

19. Long Hairstyle With Feathery Shaggy Bangs

How awesome are these feathery shaggy bangs? If you still have second thoughts about getting a fringe, just look at the transformation this hairstyle went through thanks to bangs.

20. Curly Bob Cut With Choppy Bangs

Curly bob cut has never looked better. Choppy bangs are here to give your locks texture, movement, and depth.

21. Blunt Bob With Side Bangs

The blunt long bob with bangs should be your top pick if you’re a professional lady who wants to look respectable at all times, but who doesn’t fail to follow the latest trends.

22. Pixie Cut With Micro Bangs

Is a traditional pixie cut too dull for you? But at the same time, you still want a short hairstyle? Play with your cut and ask your hairdresser for a set of bangs to go with your pixie.

23. Curly Hair With Curly Bangs

If you have curly hair and want a style with bangs, please look for a skilled hairdresser because not everyone is an expert when it comes to chopping off your hair type.

24. Cute Hairstyle With Bangs For Fine Hair

Here’s a pro tip: bangs make fine hair look a lot thicker and fuller. If this is your hair texture, avoid too long tresses and instead, go for a bob or a shoulder-length style.

25. Cute Hairstyle With Layered Bangs

Layered bangs are here to give your hair the illusion of volume, and movement. Also, they’re super-low-maintenance.

26. Short Haircut With Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs are here to sweep you and everyone else off your feet. If you don’t believe me, try them and see it for yourself.

27. Cute Hairstyle With Bottleneck Bangs

Bottleneck bangs are another variation of the popular curtain bangs. However, the difference is in the length. Since the bottleneck bangs are shorter, you can always wear a part of them straight, while the rest of them are here to frame your face.

28. Cute Hairstyle With Wavy Bangs

Luckily for all the girls who are somewhere in between straight and curly hair, wavy hair is back in style. And it brings wavy bangs along!

29. Short Hairstyle With Piecey Bangs

Short hair with piecey bangs is a great way to hide your forehead wrinkles, to add a dash of fun to your style and to have a low-maintenance, trendy haircut.

30. Hairstyle With Clip-In Bangs

Guess what: you don’t have to actually chop off your bangs to have bangs, especially if you’re still not sure about getting one! For starters, try a cute hairstyle with a set of clip-in bangs that will give your look incredible versatility.

31. Topknot With Bangs

You know what hairstyle goes great with bangs? A topknot, or to be honest, any type of a messy bun will look way better when there are bangs involved.

32. Hairstyle With Textured Bangs

Are you into that whole “I woke up like this” kind of look? Well, you should be because it looks spectacular and most importantly, it saves a bunch of your time.

33. Hairstyle With Full Bangs

If you pick a hairstyle with a set of bangs, know that your eyes will be at the center of attention all the time so wearing heavier make-up might be something to consider.

34. Funky Colored Bangs

Are you ready to bring some color to your life? Why wouldn’t you begin with your hair? Funky-colored bangs are a fancy way to draw everyone’s attention without much effort.

35. Cute Hairstyle With Bangs For Thick Hair

If you have thick locks, bangs should be your number one choice since they remove the weight of your hair. This is especially true if you have long hair; bangs are here to give it form.

36. Hairstyle With Bangs For Round Face

If you have a round face, avoid straight bangs at all costs since they will make your face look even fuller. Instead, go for a side-swept, angled fringe that will make your face look thinner.

37. Short Hair With Brushed Forward Bangs

38. Salt And Pepper Hair With Bangs

Salt and pepper hair is a natural way to embrace your natural look and age. It also gives you a sophisticated look, especially when completed with a set of straight bangs and two hair strands casually falling out of the bun.

39. See-Through Bangs

It’s careless, flirty, and youthful. This low-maintenance hairstyle is everything you need to look smoking hot this season.

40. Hairstyle With Bangs For Oval Face

Consider yourself lucky because almost all types of bangs look good on your face shape. However, the most flattering are the ones that end above your eyebrows.

41. Cute Hairstyle With Curtain Bangs

The entire fashion industry has gone mad for curtain bangs for a reason. They have it all: they accentuate your cheekbones, frame your face, and make your forehead visually smaller.

42. Bob With Volumized Side Fringe

Bob with volumized side fringe is definitely one of the cutest hairstyles with bangs you’ll come across. It’s classy and elegant, but also fashionable and cool.

43. Long Hair With Birkin Bangs

Birkin bangs are inspired by one and only Jane Birkin. They give you the perfect balance between wispy and blunt bangs and are a bit longer than the classic fringe.

44. Ponytail With Bangs

Let’s face it: you must have an almost perfect face shape to wear a ponytail. Well, that’s where bangs come to your rescue. If you don’t feel like chopping them for this style only, get yourself a pair of clip-in bangs we already talked about.

45. Face-Framing Layers With Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs paired with face-framing layers scream the 90s. It’s an easy-to-maintain hairstyle that looks good on every face shape and every hair texture.

46. Long Blunt Bangs On Long Hair

Long blunt bangs never go out of style but the problem is that they require regular chops. If you let them grow just a little bit more out of their predestined length, they lose their form and they start bothering you.

47. 90s Hairstyle With Bangs

I bet you can’t imagine a trendy 90s hairstyle with bangs. Well, me neither. Luckily, these cute hairstyles are coming back in fashion.

48. Steps Bangs On Long Hair

These steps-bangs will make you fall in love with them immediately. If you want a different, unique haircut everyone will be wowed by, you’ve just found one.

49. Rainbow Bangs On Dark Hair

You can even do these rainbow bags at home; just choose a semi-permanent hair color. Play with shades and watch your entire style transform in just a few minutes.

50. Two-Colored Groovy Bangs

Do you feel like a rock star? Well, it’s time you start looking as one, as well. It’s actually very simple: just ask your hairdresser for two-colored groovy bangs.