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These Dreamy Boho Hairstyles Are Giving Wood Elf Vibes

These Dreamy Boho Hairstyles Are Giving Wood Elf Vibes

Romanticize your life! Boho hairstyles feature loose waves, fluffy braids, floral accessories and lots of texture. Their natural, effortless aesthetic will bring whimsy into your everyday life. These flowy, loose and perfectly imperfect looks will make you feel like a woodland nymph—and you don’t even have to be into boho chic to wear them.

Try one of these beautiful hairstyles the next time you’re feeling particularly free-spirited and in touch with your inner flower child.

1. Floral Fishtail Braid


Boho hairstyles are hugely popular for weddings and this dreamy cascading updo makes it clear why—this loose fishtail braid with floral accessories looks like something out of a fairy tale.

2. Boho Half-Up Half-Down Bun


Turn your basic half-up half-down ponytail boho using accessories. Flowers, butterflies, feathers or other natural elements work great. Add some braids wherever you like and you’re done!

3. Textured Boho Low Bun


Where a classic chignon would be neat and carefully arranged, this boho low bun is intentionally imperfect. Side twist detail and delicate flowers make it look soft and romantic.

4. Goddess Braids


Boho braids—also called goddess braids—are a protective hairstyle that mixes braids and loose curls that will give you a gorgeous look that includes elements of both braids and a weave. It looks especially cute with ends of all or some of the braids left undone.

5. Half-Up Half-Down Pull-Through Braid


If might be difficult to DIY a style as elaborate as this, but with some practice it’s definitely possible. Until then, pop to the salon with this pic and enjoy your new look.

6. Floral Braided Crown


A fluffy pull-through crown braid is a great boho option for shorter hair. Make sure the loose hair is wavy or has lots of texture to complete the lived-in look.

7. Loose Boho Beach Waves


Beachy waves are the starting point for many boho looks. Loosely pin them or add braids and accessories to create various styles or simply wear them as they are.

8. Loose Side Braid


Mix and match different types of braids to create unique boho hairstyles. The only rule? Avoid tight, sleek, overly done looks—loose, wispy tendrils are almost required to create a boho vibe.

9. Dutch Braided Boho Crown


A flat braid won’t do if you’re after a boho style—pancake it until it’s thick and fluffy. Gently pull apart the strands to make them appear thicker and more voluminous.

10. Messy Boho Fishtail Braid


It takes lots of hair to create an incredible bridal downstyle like this one. If this is your dream look and your hair isn’t naturally thick, adding a few clip-in extensions will get you there.

11. Boho Messy Bun


The messier, the better—but intentional. Boho hairstyles may look haphazard, but each tousled strand should fall just right to give you the softness and face-framing that makes these looks so attractive.

12. Crown Braid With Wispy Strands


A crown braid with wispy strands falling just so and a pop of color that evokes nature and freedom—live out your fairy princess dreams!

13. Floral Crown With Fishtail Braid


Boho hairstyles blend complex and carefree to perfection, like this intricate mix of braids that still looks like it’s worn by someone who lives in a pretty cottage in the forest.

14. Boho Twisted Half-Updo

A half-updo is one of the easiest boho styles that has serious elf vibes. Start with beachy waves and tie or pin the top half of your hair any way you prefer. Don’t forget to leave out some boho face-framing strands loose.

15. Side Rope Braid


A rope braid is simple to do and comes with boho feel included! Texture spray beforehand will make your braid extra thick and easier to create.

16. Boho Twist Into Ponytail


This low ponytail is all about the details. Volume at the crown and in the pony and the pretty wisps near the face make this boho hairstyle seriously flattering.

17. Boho Braided Half-Updo


Soft texture is what really gives boho hairstyles their effortless, lived-in look. Make dry shampoo and texture spray your best friends if you want this gorgeous definition.

18. Loose French Braid


This look wouldn’t be half as interesting if it were neat and tidy. The combination of the imperfect, slightly wild look and the floral accessories make this look organic and natural.