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Half-Blonde Half-Brown Hair Will Give You It-Girl Vibes

Half-Blonde Half-Brown Hair Will Give You It-Girl Vibes

The two-tone hair color trend typically features unnatural hues, but if bold colors aren’t your style, you can experiment with half-blonde, half-brown hair. This combination is at the same time classic and edgy: while the colors are timeless, blending them together in creative ways like gemini hair, split-dye or underdye is very current.

Keep reading as we share stunning half-blonde, half-brown dye jobs that will make you itch for a color change.

1. Cool-Toned Brown And Blonde Gemini Hair


When pairing hair colors, you’ll get the most harmonious results if both shades have the same color temperature, like this cool-toned medium brown and icy platinum blonde combo.

2. Peekaboo Warm Blonde


Warm, soft blonde peeking out underneath dark brunette hair has a subtle edgy look, but that’s not all—it also has a brightening effect, making your skin glow.

3. Black And Platinum


High-contrast color combinations will suit you best if you already have high contrast in your natural coloring. If you can pull off black and white outfits, you can probably work those colors in your hair too.

4. Half-Blonde Half-Brown Split Dye


Despite being two different colors, these blonde and brunette hues both have similar softness, which makes them so well-matched.

5. Blonde With Brunette Accent


Color blocking creates a strong visual impact and profoundly transforms your look. Case in point: without the brown strands, this look would have a completely different vibe.

6. Black And Platinum Gemini Hair


Gemini hair is always dramatic, but especially when you pair two very different colors. Even when you’re not working with unicorn or mermaid hues, this look definitely packs a punch.

7. Brown And Beige Blonde


This gorgeous beige blonde paired with a warm dark brown creates a modern and subtle effect. To keep both shades free of brassy tones, add purple shampoo to your routine.

8. Ash Blonde On Black Hair


With two-tone coloring, placement matters as much as the choice of colors. With split dye, you can have fun with your parting to change the way different colors fall around your face.

9. Soft Contrast Brown And Blonde


This look is at the same time bold and natural. The combination of golden blonde and coppery brunette is often seen in typical balayage looks, but here they’re separated, yet still in harmony with each other.

10. Half-Blonde Half-Brown Hair


Even if half-blonde, half-brown hair consists of natural colors, it’s still a considerable commitment. Regular root touch-ups are necessary to maintain the re-growth and keep your color fresh.

11. Chocolate-Vanilla Swirl


By playing with the placement and intensity of the blonde and brown shades, you can achieve interesting looks. This fun dye job goes a step further and incorporates the haircut into the mix to create a visually striking effect.

12. Dark Brunette With Ashy Blonde


This would be your typical brown hair with blonde highlights look without the addition of intense face-framing streaks on one side and the fully blonde bangs. You make the rules!

13. Blonde And Brown Gemini Hair


The balance between the two colors you choose is what creates visual interest. You can opt for a harmonious look or go for more contrast, you can match color temperature or choose clashing tones and you can impact the final look by deciding on the placement of each color.

14. Honey Blonde Underdye


In this style, the underneath of the hair is blonde, while the top layer falls over it in brown. You can style it to reveal more of the blonde or keep it down for a subtle contrast.

15. Platinum Accent


Are you in your villain era? A single chunky platinum streak on dark hair is all you need to create a strong visual impact. This look involves very different shades which makes it appear even bolder than it is.

16. Brown And Blonde Split Dye


Brown and blonde hair can be combined in various ways. Split dye is one of the more extreme options, but because these colors complement each other so well, this look is still harmonious.

17. Blonde Veil On Brown Hair


Dying the top half of your hair a contrasting color is a great way to have fun with styling—a half-updo will give you a completely different look than wearing your hair loose.

18. Brunette With Peekaboo Blonde


Peekaboo hair is the subtlest way to have two different colors in your hair. Wear your hair loose to hide the color underneath or pin it back to reveal the secret you’ve been hiding.

19. Brunette With Blonde Streaks


There’s no blending or subtlety here. Instead, extra chunky streaks of blonde and brown create a bold, unique look that takes daring to pull off.