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20 Chic Short Shag With Bangs Ideas For A Rock’n’Roll Vibe

20 Chic Short Shag With Bangs Ideas For A Rock’n’Roll Vibe

It seems that the trends from the ’70s are back in game, considering that a shag haircut is almost everywhere you look around! Characterized by its choppy layers feathered at the top and sides, this cut looks great on both men and women and flatters all face shapes. It’s stylish and a bit edgy, giving a cool rock vibe. Check out these 20 ideas for a short shag with bangs to inspire your next hair salon visit.

1. Soft Short Shag With Bangs

A shag might seem like a bold choice if you haven’t experimented much with different hairstyles. However, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here’s an example of a soft and gentle short shag. It allows you to keep the feminine note, while adding a touch of rock style.

2. Blonde Short Shag With Bangs

Blondes have more fun, so, this is your sign to make your blonde hair even more appealing by transforming it into a stylish short shag with bangs.

3. Curly Short Shag With Curtain Bangs

We’re crazy about the shag because it goes so well with different hairstyles, including short curly ones. This cut flatters your natural hair shape, and the curtain bangs add an extra stylish touch to this awesome hairstyle.

4. Short Shag With Bangs On Wavy Hair

Short wavy hairstyles are so cool. But, a shag with bangs on short wavy hair is the iconic cut you just need to try out!

5. Voluminous Short Shag With Bangs

This is what a great short shag with bangs is all about: adding texture and volume, while creating shape around your face.

6. Mini Shag Bob With Textured Fringe

A shag and a bob in one hairstyle: this cut combines two of the trendiest hair trends to create the ultimate stylish haircut, offering both texture and boldness.

7. Short Shag With Curtain Bangs

We love curtain bangs because they look great on everyone and are far more versatile than traditional bangs. When paired with a short shag, they become simply dreamy.

8. Short Shag With Bangs Plus Color Blocking

A short shag with bangs makes a cool hair statement on its own, but it becomes even more unique with some color blocking!

9. Blonde Short Shag With Bangs With A Splash Of Pink

Are you considering adding a pop of color to your new short shag? If you’re not ready to dye all of it in a bold color, here’s a subtle way to introduce a hint of pink to your blonde hair without it being too noticeable.

10. Short Shag With Bangs Before And After

Are you still considering how a short shag with bangs would look on you? This before-and-after picture is the best proof of how a nicely cut shag can completely transform your look.

11. Copper Short Shag With Bangs

Copper hair is so pretty, rich, and fiery. When combined with a short shag with bangs, it results in an ultimately chic hairstyle.

12. Short Shag With Bangs Plus Rooted Caramel Highlights

Rooted caramel highlights take on a whole new shine with a short shag with fringe.

13. Short Shag With Bangs For Older Ladies

If you think your golden years aren’t the time to try out new hairstyles, think again! A short shag can make you feel young again, offering a modern twist on a retro haircut that looks fabulous at any age.

14. Short Shag With Bangs X Pixie X Mullet

Here we have a combination of three trendy cuts: a short shag, a pixie, and a mullet. It doesn’t get any cooler than this!

15. Short Shag X Bowl Cut

This is what happens when a short shag meets a bowl cut (the front hair is cut into a straight fringe, while the rest is left longer, the same length all around) and they fall in love!

16. Short Shag With Bangs On Wavy Copper Hair

Short wavy copper hair styled into a charming shag with bangs is so dreamy!

17. Men Short Shag With Bangs

I was serious when I said that a short shag with bangs looks great on both women and men. This style is just fantastic, giving Mick Jagger-vibes!

18. Short Shag/Wolf Cut With Bangs

Here’s a combination of two edgy styles: a short shag and a wolf cut, another retro haircut that’s making a major comeback these days!

19. Youthful Short Shag With Bangs

A short shag with bangs is really flattering for all ages. Just look how adorable it looks on a youngster!

20. Short Shag With Bangs On Split Hair

Warm chestnut tones, two-tone hair, shaggy layers, and cool bangs—this style is as pretty as it gets!