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25 Low Ponytail Wedding Hairstyles For Brides And Bridesmaids

25 Low Ponytail Wedding Hairstyles For Brides And Bridesmaids

Let’s talk about any bride’s crowning glory: her hairstyle. Right now, we’re crushing on the elegance of low ponytails for both brides and bridesmaids. Make no mistake, though: there’s nothing understated about these looks—this level of glam demands attention.

From sleek and polished to boho and romantic, these low ponytail wedding hairstyles will highlight your beauty whether you’re the bride-to-be or a part of the bridal entourage.

1. Low Ponytail With Rhinestone Cuff


You can never go wrong with a hint of sparkle, especially on your wedding day. Level up your sleek low pony with a rhinestone cuff that adds opulence and glam to your bridal style.

2. Low Pony With Veil As Scarf


Here’s an unconventional twist to the classic look: a low pony with the veil used as a scarf. This fun style combines the traditional veil with a fashion-forward detail. The chunky braid at the crown adds volume to make it extra flattering.

3. Fluffy Low Pony With Hair Jewelry


Carefree, elegant and romantic: a lovely fluffy low pony decorated with delicate hair jewelry. Hair accessories are the shortcut that takes your low pony from casual to special—perfect for the bride or bridesmaids who want a simple look with an ethereal vibe.

4. Wavy Low Pony With Bejeweled Vine Wreath


Are you a girl who’s dreamed of a fairytale romance? Try a wavy low pony with a bejeweled vine wreath to make your bridal look worthy of your love story. This enchanting style is fit for a princess.

5. Low Ponytail With Floral Accessories


Walk down the aisle with a bouquet in hand and flowers in your hair for a picture-perfect day. A low ponytail with floral accessories celebrates love, and the elaborate three-strand base of the pony makes it that much extra.

6. Curled Low Pony With A Single Flower


Wear a flower in your hair it you’re looking for a definitive romantic look. This curled low pony with a single flower calls to mind vintage hairstyles, but it has a modern elegance. The simplicity of a flower in your hair and the sophisticated way the hair has been arranged perfectly blends the classic and the fresh.

7. Low Pony With Pearl Headband


Headbands aren’t just for keeping your hair out of your face—this low pony with a pearl headband is absolutely gorgeous. The pearls glimmer in the front, and in the back, the spotlight is on the beautifully braided ponytail.

8. Low Bubble Pony With Golden Clips


Not every bride wants to look soft and delicate—channel your inner goddess with this low bubble pony with golden clips. The statement accessories and the sleek bubble braid pony are just right for the bride who wants to look regal and powerful.

9. Sleek Low Pony With Silken Scrunchie


Dramatic accessories can transform even the simplest hairstyles, and this sleek low pony with a silken scrunchie proves it. If you want to feel comfortable and stylish as you walk down the aisle, a laid-back, refined look like this one will surely hit the spot.

10. Low Half-Ponytail With Pearls


Hey, drama queen! This contemporary and sophisticated low half-ponytail with pearls is not for the timid. The voluminous half-up half-down pony is luxurious enough on its own, but the pearls of various sizes make it opulent.

11. Wavy Beaded Low Ponytail


Are you the free-spirited girl who likes the beach at sunset and stargazing? Ideal for a destination wedding, this wavy beaded low ponytail has a carefree, bohemian look that will complement that vibe.

12. Bridal Braid Into Ponytail Style


This is not your everyday braid into ponytail style, but a work of art. The gorgeous, delicate French braid is out of this world, and the pony is what dreams are made of—a hairstyle worthy of being in all your wedding pictures.

13. Low Bubble Pony With Silver Clips And Headband


You don’t have to leave your personal style aside on your wedding day. For a bride with an edgy aesthetic, this low bubble pony with silver clips and a headband is just the right blend of romantic and rebellious.

14. Low Pony With Crystal Hairpin


Elegant and simple, this low ponytail with a crystal hairpin will make you feel like royalty. The slick-back pony with understated waves lets the gorgeous accessory shine, highlighting your beauty instead of trying to outshine it.

15. Low Ponytail With Ribbon


A low ponytail with a ribbon is a particularly good choice for bridesmaids. It allows personalization without going over the top—for example, you can pick a ribbon that complements the color scheme or the theme of the wedding while keeping the bridesmaids’ look sophisticated.

16. Low Sleek Pony With Gemstone Chain


If you prefer bold looks, better look elsewhere because this low sleek pony with a gemstone chain might be too simple for for you. But if you’re after something that’s understated while being edgy and polished, this might be the look.

17. Braid Into Ponytail With Floral Accessory


A bridal classic: braid into ponytail with a floral accessory. Your bloom of choice is the most obvious way to make it your own, but don’t forget that you also have many options when it comes to the braid as well.

18. Simple Low Pony With Gemstones


Keep it minimalist with a sleek pony featuring strategically placed gemstones. This subtle but glamorous simple low pony with gemstones is the way to mix a clean aesthetic with a hint of sparkle.

19. Textured Pony With Cuff


The key to making styles that appear simple work, like this textured pony with cuff, is in the prep. This seemingly loose, laid-back pony is kept in place and the tousled vibe is intentional. Adding a fashionable accessory is the final touch.

20. Bubble Braid Pony With Accessories


Statement accessories need a simple base to keep them balanced, but you can still have fun. This trendy and glam look combines visual interest and sparkle on top with a playful bubble pony that will be hiding underneath the veil.

21. Low Pony Wrapped In Gem Ribbon


A hair ribbon encrusted with gems could be too much for most occasions, but your wedding day isn’t one of them. Show your sense of style and amp up the glamour with a sleek low pony wrapped in a gem ribbon.

22. Chignon Low Pony With Pearl Pin


Combining classic elements to create something modern will give you a timeless, refined look. The chignon-inspired base of this low pony and the pearl pin both have a vintage glamour, but the overall look is contemporary.

23. Low Pony With Delicate Branch Pin


This simple yet whimsical cute ponytail with a delicate branch pin is the perfect base for your veil. It features flattering volume at the crown and face-framing strands to highlight your face and make it the center of attention.

24. Low Ponytail With Bow And Side Braid


The ultimate in boho aesthetic: this playful low ponytail with a bow and a side braid. The sweet bow and the fluffy braid combined with loose waves create a look that radiates carefree joy and romance.

25. French Braid Low Pony With Gemstone Pin


Volume, face framing and sparkle: this french braid low pony with a gemstone pin has it all. The braid has been fluffed up, the pin complements the veil and the waves are right where they’re supposed to be. You’re ready to walk down the aisle.