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These 24 Braid Into Ponytail Looks Will Elevate Your Everyday Style

These 24 Braid Into Ponytail Looks Will Elevate Your Everyday Style

Feeling casual but also kind of fancy? Can’t make up your mind whether you want a pony or a braid? You’re in the right place: here’s a selection of braid into ponytail hairstyles, ranging from sleek to laid-back, from beginner to experienced level, from edgy to boho. Something for everyone!

1. Loose French Braid Into Low Ponytail


The low ponytail has two very different sides: it’s either a sleek runway favorite or a messy around-the-house staple. How to make it both fashionable and effortless? Try a loose French braid into a low ponytail look.

2. Formal French Braid Into Ponytail


A formal French braid blending into a voluminous ponytail at the nape will take you to any special occasion. Or you can romanticize your life and bring the red carpet to your everyday style when you want to feel a little extra glamorous.

3. Fishtail Braid Into Ponytail


Did you start braiding your hair and get bored halfway or did you decide to add a retro boho touch to your look with a braid on the side of your regular pony? No one will ever know.

4. Bubble Braid Into Ponytail


The bubble braid into ponytail is the easiest way to glamorize your pony. You can create this trendy, playful style even if you’ve never tried braiding your hair before because there’s no braiding to be done at all. Create a few bubble-like sections with hair ties, fluff them up and you’re done.

5. Pull-Through Braids Into Ponytails


The pull-through braid is a variant of the bubble braid, and creating it is as easy as it gets once you get the hang of it. Here’s a tutorial that will teach you the basics which is enough to create this pull-through braids into ponytails look.

6. Cornrows Into Ponytail


Sleek, precise cornrows seamlessly flowing into the fluffy ponytail emphasize the contrast of soft and sharp. This contemporary look will make you feel stylish, edgy and oh-so-cool.

7. Dutch Braid Into High Ponytail


Big hair never really went away, it only got sophisticated. The big, voluminous pony and the thick, fluffy Dutch braid merge into a hairstyle that balances drama and elegance, with some rebellious spirit on the side.

8. Double French Braids Into Ponytail


Show off your intricate braiding skills with double French braids converging into a single ponytail and finish it off with a scarf. And guess what? This look is easier than it seems. You have no such skills? Here’s a tutorial.

9. Fulani Braids Into Ponytail


Braids goals? Pony goals? This gorgeous look is just #goals. These long Fulani braids are a versatile protective style that can be styled in various ways.

10. Side Braid Into Ponytail


To create this asymmetrical side braid into ponytail style, you only need to braid a small section of your hair. Start on the side of the head, then continue all the way to the ends, tying it off with an elastic. Create a low pony, wrap the braid around the base, tuck the ends inside and secure.

11. Hidden Dutch Braid Into Low Ponytail


This subtle hidden Dutch braid merging into a low ponytail brings an element of surprise to your look. Create a braid at the center of the head, then cover it with loose hair from the sides to add some mystery.

12. Side Braid Into High Ponytail


Shake things up with the cool girl version of the slick-back high pony with a cute braid on the side. This look combines sleek and playful—it’s the perfect going out style.

13. Top Braid Into Ponytail


Creating the perfect braid at the very top of your head might be a little tricky, but at least it only has to reach the spot where you’re going to place your ponytail. This pony upgrade might make your arms hurt a bit, but it’s soo worth it.

14. Relaxed French Braid Into Ponytail


Chill, chic and charming—this soft and loose relaxed braid into ponytail decorated with a pretty bow is the perfect romantic hairstyle that will make you feel like a fairytale princess.

15. Twist Side Braid Into Low Ponytail


Carefree, but not careless, this boho style adds a twist to your ponytail—literally. This super-simple look doesn’t require any braiding skills but looks amazing nonetheless.

16. Dutch Infinity Braid Into Ponytail


Not going to lie, the Dutch infinity braid isn’t beginner-friendly, especially if you want to make it this tight and uniform. The good news is that with the Dutch infinity braid into ponytail, you at least don’t have to go all the way down. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to get you started.

17. Middle Dutch Braid Into Ponytail


Instead of braiding all your hair, to create this middle Dutch braid into ponytail look, you only need to focus on the center of the head, leaving the sides loose.

18. Double French Braids Into Ponytails


This look is actually pretty simple: section your hair vertically into two and create twin French braids that reach the nape, tying them off into ponytails.

19. Side French Braids Into Ponytail


Instead of doing your hair the same way you always do, why not use your hairstyle to make your day whimsical and romantic? This look will make you feel sweet and lovely.

20. Top Braid Into High Ponytail


Top braid into high pony, the easy version. If you’re not a skilled braider, you can simply take two sections in the middle and twist them a couple of times. Easy and cute ponytail hairstyle that’s also a great way to hide bangs.

21. Dutch Braid Into Low Ponytail


Do you know the secret ingredient to all Dutch and French braids? It’s the final fluffing. Pancake that braid! After you finish your braiding, gently fluff the sections to make them softer, more voluminous and prettier.

22. Tiny Braids Into Low Ponytail


Even if you don’t know how to braid your hair, you definitely know how to make a basic three-strand plait. Create a few tiny ones on the sides then tie into a pony with the rest to give it a special touch.

23. French Braid Into Ponytail


The classic French braid into ponytail is a timeless style that you can always count on to look classy.

24. Low Dutch Infinity Braid Ponytail


A low pony decorated with a braid can be soft and loose or sleek and tight, so pick your style. You might need help to create this intricate, sophisticated look, though.