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25 Expert Butterfly Haircuts Better Than TikTok DIYs

25 Expert Butterfly Haircuts Better Than TikTok DIYs

How do you feel about bouncy hair with luxurious, flowing layers that not only amplify volume but also delicately frame the face? The butterfly haircut is all that and more: versatile, flattering and opens the door to easy styling possibilities.

Take a peek into the details of the year’s most sought-after cut to learn the secrets behind its widespread appeal.

What’s The Butterfly Haircut?


The butterfly haircut features longer layers falling below the shoulders and shorter layers framing the face. This cut achieves both volume and length with its seamless, soft layering.

The butterfly haircut went viral on TikTok thanks to a surge of DIY haircut videos showing results full of cascading, bouncy layers. While it’s tempting to join this self-styling adventure, remember that the videos you see are edited and achieving those glorious results may involve behind-the-scenes expertise.

To get a truly flawless look, entrust your locks to a skilled professional, but if you’re determined to take the DIY route, choose a tutorial created by an expert to maximize the chances of salon-worthy results. Here’s one by hairstylist Brad Mondo that’s in-depth and easy to follow.

Before you grab the scissors, take a look at these professionally done butterfly haircuts for inspiration and consider placing your trust in the skilled hands of an expert.

1. Butterfly Haircut On Straight Hair


Face-framing, voluminous layers are not a new concept: think back to the iconic Rachel cut. The current trend has longer layers than back then, resulting in an overall more voluminous and contemporary look.

2. Butterfly Haircut With Bangs


Wispy bangs that delicately frame your face will give a particularly charming touch to your butterfly haircut.

3. Bouncy Butterfly Haircut


A simple method of styling a butterfly haircut is using velcro rollers.

Starting with clean, nearly dry hair; section it. Place a roller at the ends of a section, roll it towards the scalp and secure with a clip. Repeat until all rollers are in place, then use a blow dryer to thoroughly dry each section. Let the hair cool then carefully remove the rollers. Shake out and admire the bounce!

4. Butterfly Haircut For Fine Hair


The butterfly haircut isn’t reserved for thick hair—this versatile style works on all hair types, including thin and fine hair. Why does it work? By incorporating layers that create movement, it boosts volume and creates a fuller look.

5. Medium Length Butterfly Haircut


Long straight hair with no layers tends to fall flat. If you want to give it some oomph, the answer is simple: long layers. They add movement and lift, transforming your hair from flat to full and fabulous.

6. Butterfly Haircut For Thin Hair


The beauty of long layers lies in their adaptability. Experiment with precise lengths to discover your sweet spot—the placement of layers that will give you the perfect blend of effortlessness and the most flattering frame for your face.

7. Butterfly Haircut Layers


Wondering how your butterfly haircut looks from behind? Here’s why we say this look is all about creating volume and movement, giving your locks a lively, dynamic appearance.

8. Long Hair Butterfly Haircut


The butterfly haircut in action! Long layers are truly the secret to volume, bounce and movement.

9. Butterfly Haircut With Curtain Bangs


The butterfly haircut shines the brightest with a voluminous blowout. Mastering a salon-quality blowout at home can be challenging, but fear not—here’s a video tutorial by celebrity stylist Chris Appleton.

10. Side-Part Butterfly Haircut


You’ve already achieved glorious hair with cascading layers that gave you glam, bounce and volume, now take it to the next level: the curved part. Using a tail comb or your fingers, draw a smooth curve from the middle of your hairline towards the back of your head. Instant volume boost.

11. Long Butterfly Haircut


The strategically placed layers of the butterfly haircut eliminate excess bulk and weight without sacrificing length—the ultimate technique to make your long hair lightweight and manageable.

12. Butterfly Layered Haircut


Long layered hair is trending rn, but then again, it always is. Why? Its versatility. Wear it up with loose strands around the face for a carefree weekend look, with voluminous curls at events, or sleek for a polished workday look.

13. Layered Hair With Curtain Bangs


Here, the color and the cut work in tandem to create a flawless frame for the face: blended highlights and bouncy layers result in a hairstyle that’s a tailor-made stunner.

14. Medium Butterfly Haircut


You don’t need ultra-long locks to wear the butterfly haircut. While the effect is a little less dramatic on medium-length hair, it will still add bounce to your style, boost volume and create movement.

15. Shaggy Butterfly Haircut


With shorter, fuller bangs, the butterfly haircut reveals that it’s related to the shag. What sets them apart? While the shag has a choppier aesthetic with wispy ends, the butterfly cut is all about softness and bounce.

16. Brunette Butterfly Haircut


The butterfly haircut will make you adore running your fingers through your tresses, reveling in the movement and the lightness.

17. Straight Hair With Butterfly Haircut


This understated butterfly cut still features what we like about its more dramatic counterpart: free-flowing layers that contour the face, bringing softness to your features.

18. Classic Butterfly Haircut


Hello, gorgeous! This is the essence of the butterfly haircut: a flattering silhouette, maximum volume and bouncy locks.

19. Butterfly Haircut On Thick Hair


Combine the butterfly haircut with loose curls for the ultimate bombshell look and effortless glamour.

20. Layered Haircut With Wispy Bangs


If you prefer romantic to sultry, wispy bangs will turn your butterfly cut into a delicate dream.

21. Butterfly Haircut For Long Thick Hair

Resolve all your thick hair woes with the butterfly cut: long, lightweight, and totally manageable – all without compromising on length.

22. Shoulder-Length Butterfly Haircut


Complete your layered hairstyle with highlights: even more vibrancy, more brightness and more dimension.

23. Butterfly Haircut With Long Bangs


Make your butterfly haircut more playful by flipping the ends out to create a fun and carefree style.

24. Long Layered Butterfly Haircut


The butterfly haircut has layers that frame the face and fall below the chin. This creates the illusion of length, which can be flattering for round face shapes.

25. Low-Maintenance Butterfly Haircut


If you have straight hair, maintaining long layers can be relatively low-maintenance. Save the glamorous blowouts for special moments, and a bit of styling cream is all you need for a great everyday look.