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22 Trendy Curly Updos For Medium Hair You Shouldn’t Miss Out

22 Trendy Curly Updos For Medium Hair You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Curly hair always looks good, especially when you style it into a fancy updo. If you’re currently in the phase of medium-length hair, this shouldn’t stop you from trying versatile upstyles. In fact, this length offers the perfect opportunity to experiment with diverse hairstyles!

Updos are so great because they’re suitable for any occasion. Whether you’re aiming for a chic, stylish, casual, or elegant look, your curly hair can effortlessly adapt. Dive into these 22 trendy curly updos for medium hair that are too cool not to try.

1. Low Ponytail

The low ponytail is beloved for its versatility, easily worn as an everyday look, but also elegant enough for wedding hairstyles. This casual variant shines with the simple addition of a white band, making it irresistibly cute.

2. Mid-Height Bun

Experiment with different heights instead of always styling your curls in strictly low or high buns!

3. High Ponytail With Framing Pieces

If your hair isn’t exactly clean and there’s no time for a wash, but you’re still aiming for a fancy upstyle, consider pulling it into a high ponytail. Leave the front pieces out to softly frame your face.

4. Top Knot With Fringe

Tame your curls into a top knot, allowing the curly fringe to hang loosely. Add some pretty earrings, and you’re all set to party!

5. Curly Updo With Side Fringe

The combination of a sleek messy bun and side fringe always works! It serves as a great casual everyday option, but when paired with a chic dress and a nice piece of jewelry, it transforms into a stunning style for a night out.

6. Sleek Bun With Framing Layers

This sleek bun with face-framing layers looks classy and elegant. To achieve this look, gently smooth out your curls before styling to give your bun an extra shine.

7. Mid-Height Ponytail

On those mornings when you just don’t have time to think about anything, your hairstyle included, just go with this super easy mid-height ponytail. It’s effortless but still gives a cute hair vibe.

8. Bubble Braid

Braids are great, but bubble braid ponytails are the next level! Perfect for when you’re heading to a friend’s house or the gym and don’t want to spend time separating your curl clumps and braiding them. Simply use elastics to create these adorable bubbles.

9. Half-Up Half-Down Updo

Half updos offer great hairstyles, especially for curly hair. They allow you to show your pretty curls, while subtly keeping them in the background.

10. High Updo With A Scarf Tie

Gather your wild curls into an effortless high updo and add a touch of charm to this simple style with a pretty scarf tie.

11. Casual Updo With A Claw Clip

Nothing beats a casual claw clip hairstyle on those busy days. It requires minimal effort, but you still look effortlessly stylish!

12. Low Bun With A Bow

We all love the wildness of curly hair, but sometimes, those who have it seek a bit of taming. Sleeking it into a low bun is the best way to achieve this. Add a bow to get the ultimate adorable style.

13. High Bun With A Scrunchie

You can never have too many ideas for easy, everyday curly updos. Another style you should definitely try is a high bun secured with a scrunchie.

14. Zig Zag Braids Into Low Buns

If you haven’t tried this hairstyle yet, now is the time! Zig zag braids leading into low buns are cool and youthful, and it would be a shame to miss out on this trend.

15. Cute Pigtails

Ready for a fun and chic look? Give these cute pigtails a try!

16. Low Bun With A Scrunchie

Even the most basic low bun with a scrunchie still looks fabulous on this gorgeous curly hair!

17. Messy Bun

A messy bun takes on a whole new dimension with beautiful dark hair, making it suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

18. Half Updo With Braids And Bright Ties

This style might not be a classic updo, but it keeps your hair away from your eyes, qualifying it as a half updo! It has gained popularity recently and suits curly hair perfectly. To create this style, simply tie the braids at the top using a crisscross pattern.

19. Space Buns

I guarantee there’s no cuter look for your medium curly hair than these space buns!

20. High Bun With Hair Scarf

A high bun looks glamorous with curly hair. Add a pretty scarf and red lipstick for an undeniably stylish look.

21. French Twist

A French twist is perfect for those moments when you desire an elegant and sophisticated updo. Here’s an easy and quick tutorial on how to create it:

22. Ponytail Into A Braid With A Bow

For a cute and elegant upstyle, tie your curly hair into a mid-height ponytail, braid it, and add an extra festive touch with a red bow.