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The High Ponytail Is The Hairstyle That’s Always Having A Moment

The High Ponytail Is The Hairstyle That’s Always Having A Moment

We’ll never be over the high ponytail. This adaptable hairstyle has endured trend cycles and style eras, always coming out on top. Want effortless beach vibes or sleek city glam? The high pony embodies what it means to be versatile.

We’ve got the scoop on the hottest, most low-effort/high-style looks, so keep scrolling!

1. Wavy High Ponytail


This wavy high ponytail is perfect for summer. To achieve loose beachy waves instead of tight curls, tie your hair and use a wide barrel curling iron on the lower half of the strands.

2. Blowout High Ponytail

Blowout extensions have a straight look that appears natural, and can be further straightened with hot tools. This glorious high ponytail is a weave pony that can be created with three hair bundles, and if you are happy with a shorter look, you can go for two.

3. Curly High Ponytail With Micro Bangs


There are endless combinations when it comes to pairing a ponytail with one of the many types of bangs. This voluminous curly high ponytail with micro bangs has a retro throwback look that reads edgy and fashion-forward.

4. High Ponytail With Bow


Switch up your daily hairstyle with the right details. Swap the bow in this romantic high ponytail for a glittering pin to transform it into a full glam look.

5. High Ponytail With Flippy Ends


This cute ponytail with flippy ends is perfect for medium-length hair, suitable for everyday style or a night out. Leaving a single strand out of the pony does a great job framing the face.

6. Curly Hair High Ponytail

There’s something charming about throwing your hair into a ponytail without trying to make it perfect. This effortless curly hair high ponytail takes mere minutes to create, but you’ll be cute all day long.

7. Sleek High Ponytail


If you’re looking for a glamorous hairstyle that won’t overwhelm your look but accentuates your outfit and makeup, look no further than a sleek high ponytail. This runway-worthy style will complement any look you go for.

8. Bubble Braid High Ponytail


Want a fun twist on your regular high pony? The bubble braid high ponytail is much easier to create than it looks, perfect for those occasions when you want your look to say you’ve made an effort.

9. Half-Up Half-Down High Ponytail


The half-up half-down high ponytail can be worn with most hair lengths, even long pixies to short bobs. As long as you can gather your hair at the temples and tie it, you can create this look.

10. Textured High Ponytail


The secret to the textured high ponytail is actually in the title: it’s texture. To make it fluffy and voluminous, use texturizing spray or dry shampoo. This is the perfect hairstyle for second-day hair because you’ll achieve the most body if your hair has some grit.

11. Long Curly High Ponytail


How stunning is this long curly high ponytail? The contrast between the slick-back hairline and the curls makes it both glam and soft—you can wear it literally everywhere.

12. Curled Half-Up Half-Down High Ponytail


Create this fancy curled half-up half-down high ponytail by sectioning your hair from ear to ear in a straight line going across the crown. Tye it into a pony, wrap a strand around the base and smooth out with hair gel for a polished finish.

13. High Ponytail With Extensions


Most long ponytails you see on celebrities get a little boost from hair extensions, and there’s a huge selection of options. From a quick drawstring pony to sew-in weaves, there’s something out there for all your ponytail needs.

14. Kinky Straight High Ponytail


Want both sleek styling and natural texture? Choose kinky straight extensions for your high ponytail that has lots of body without any heat needed.

15. Casual High Ponytail


The beauty of the casual high ponytail lies in its versatility. Dress it up or down with nude makeup and athleisure or go glam with a smoky eye and a sexy dress—perfect either way.

16. Braided High Ponytail


Easily create the iconic ultra-long braided high ponytail by following a tutorial. Here’s one to check out.

17. Slick-Back High Ponytail

Take your ponytail from everyday to high-fashion by slicking back your roots. Use a boar bristle brush and light hold hairspray for best results.

18. Formal High Half-Up Ponytail


A formal ponytail hairstyle with vintage waves is great for special occasions that demand a hairstyle as dramatic as your outfit.

19. Half-Up Half-Down High Ponytail With Bangs


The flirty side bang covering one eye accentuates the features and gives this half-up half-down high ponytail bombshell vibes. Wowza!

20. High Ponytail With Side Braids


Small details have a huge impact on simple hairstyles like a straight ponytail. The tiny side braids give this high pony an edgy look.

21. Wavy Slick-Back High Ponytail


Let’s talk about ponytail placement. The perfect spot for a high pony is in line with your cheekbones. This wavy slick-back high ponytail hits the sweet spot to enhance the facial features.

22. High Ponytail With Side Part


Experiment with different ways to style the front of your hair. This high ponytail with a side part has a classic vibe, while it would look completely different with bangs or slicked-back.