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Curtain Bangs With Wavy Hair Trend Is Set To Dominate 2024

Curtain Bangs With Wavy Hair Trend Is Set To Dominate 2024

It’s official: The curtain bangs with wavy hair trend is set to be all the rage this year! Curtain bangs are a softer version of full bangs and they are especially flattering on wavy hairstyles. Apart from that, curtain bangs soften and balance your features in the most stylish way possible. Now, it’s time to find the perfect style for you!

1. Dimensional Blonde Waves With Curtain Bangs

Dark brown hair with lighter highlights creates dimension and the illusion of a thicker mane. This hair color combination is ideal for those with thin hair who want to achieve the effect of voluminous, curtain bangs.

2. Textured Wavy Hair With Curtain Bangs

Textured wavy haircuts enhance the natural texture and movement of your wavy hair strands. As a result, your hair looks more voluminous. Everyone knows that voluminous wavy hair and curtain bangs are a match made in heaven.

3. Long Wavy Shag With Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs with messy hairstyles are all the rage as of late. If you’re a fan of this style, then opt for a short or long wavy shag (depending on your hair length). Heavily layered cuts like wavy shag with curtain bangs will give you that undone, messy vibe which is a huge head-turner.

4. Caramel Balayage Wavy Hairstyle

Balayage gives your hair dimension and a sun-kissed appearance. Caramel balayage is one of the most natural shades that is also low-maintenance. Curtain bangs are a cherry on top, giving this hairstyle a complete look with a face-framing effect.

5. Platinum Blonde Mid-Length Wavy Hair

Hello, elegant and sophisticated lady! Platinum blonde is the lightest shade of blonde that looks flattering on a wide range of skin tones. This beautiful shade gives medium wavy hairstyles with curtain bangs that ethereal vibe no one can stay indifferent to.

6. Long Wavy Hair With Layered Curtain Bangs

Layered curtain bangs with layered wavy hairstyles create a perfectly blended haircut. This hairstyle is a godsend for those with thick wavy hair. Remember not to use heavy styling products based on oils to prevent your hair from weighing down.

7. Cowboy Copper Layered Waves

Cowboy copper is a beautiful shade with earthy undertones of red and brown. Cowboy copper layered waves with curtain bangs create one of the most natural-looking hairstyles in terms of hair color and haircut.

8. Highlighted Wavy Hair With Curtain Bangs

If your base color is brown, you can add blonde highlights to give your wavy hairdo more depth and dimension. Apart from that, highlighted curtain bangs will make your hairstyle look more textured.

9. Multi Tonal Brunette Wavy Hairstyle

Not every brunette needs to rock blonde highlights to create a flawless hairstyle. If you have brown hair, you can play with different shades of brown to create a multidimensional look. Blending various shades and tones along with curtain bangs all help create a rich and dynamic look.

10. Copper Waves With Curtain Bangs

Copper shades look best on fair, medium, and olive skin tones. Also, this hair color looks amazing on wavy hair with curtain bangs regardless of your hair length.

11. Blonde Waves With Feathered Curtain Bangs

Feathered curtain bangs are layered bangs that resemble the feathers of a bird (hence the name). This type of curtain bangs gives your hairstyle a more subtle look because they are perfectly blended with the rest of your wavy hair.

12. Money Piece With Curtain Bangs

Money pieces are sections of hair that are lighter and brighter around the face. Adding money pieces to curtain bangs is one of the best ways to frame your face for a youthful aesthetic.

13. Butterfly Layers With Curtain Bangs

Butterfly haircut features short and long layers that give your wavy hair movement and dimension. Butterfly layers with curtain bangs not only frame your face but also highlight your features. Also, this gorgeous hairstyle is one of the biggest hair trends for ladies.

14. Modern Wavy Shag With Curtain Bangs

Shaggy layers give off the ultimate cool girl vibe and they are one of the most popular hairstyles for wavy hair. To make your haircut look more fashionable, opt for curtain bangs. You can thank me later.

15. Wavy Hair With Milkshake Cream Highlights

Milkshake cream highlights with curtain bangs is a yummy combo that looks amazing on wavy hair. To maintain this hairstyle, all you need is a leave-in conditioner and mousse.

16. Layered Waves With Curtain Bangs For Fine Hair

Depending on your face shape, you can opt for shorter or longer curtain bangs. In a nutshell, shorter bangs create more defined cheekbones while longer bangs can narrow a broad face. As always, the choice is yours!

17. Shaggy Lob With Curtain Bangs

Shaggy bob aka long bob with shaggy layers is often paired with curtain bangs to achieve that beautifully layered, textured hairstyle. I’d especially recommend a long wavy bob to everyone with thick wavy hair.

18. Messy Waves With Curtain Bangs

Because messy is the new polished! Messy waves with curtain bangs give off cool and laid-back vibes without overpowering the texture of your wavy hair. Beautiful.

19. Medium Wavy Hair With Curtain Bangs

For a stylish and elegant look, you can wear your curtain bangs straight and keep the wavy texture on the rest of your hair. This hairstyle looks amazing on medium-length wavy hair.

20. Blonde Balayage With Curtain Bangs

Blonde balayage and curtain bangs are a perfect match when you want to rock a natural look but also enhance the texture of your wavy hair. Besides that, balayage makes your hair look fuller which is something we shouldn’t take for granted.

21. Blonde Wavy Shag With Curtain Bangs

Long wavy shag with curtain bangs features a fuller mane at the crown combined with plenty of shorter and longer layers. This hairstyle gives your mane both volume and movement and that’s why it’s one of the best hairstyles for long wavy hair.

22. Wavy Hair With Long Curtain Bangs

Long curtain bangs give more definition to your cheekbones. They bring out the best in both layered and blunt cuts. Pro tip: To make your wavy hair with bangs look more personalized, opt for popular pastel shades.