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20 Trendsetting Wavy Shag Haircut Ideas To Rock This Year

20 Trendsetting Wavy Shag Haircut Ideas To Rock This Year

It’s official: wavy shag haircuts are one of the biggest hair trends this year. They are one of the most versatile haircuts suitable for all hair types and textures. A wavy shag haircut can be modified according to your preferences, hair length, and hair thickness. In other words, whatever wavy hair type you have, there’s a shag haircut for you! Ready to find your own?

1. Layered Shag With Curtain Bangs

If you have thick hair, then layers are your best friend! Layered wavy shag with curtain bangs will not only remove bulk from the hair and make it look less heavy but also frame your face in an effortless and chic way. Yup, this haircut has it all.

2. Voluminous Blonde Wavy Shag

Volume at the crown of your head is a famous shag’s trademark. So, if you want to “go full shag”, then adding volume (read: layers) at the crown is a must.

3. Color Blocking Short Shaggy Haircut

Long gone is the time when long shags were considered most popular. Short shaggy haircuts are gaining more and more popularity as of late. If you want to make your short wavy shag look even cooler, then opt for the color blocking technique which includes pairing contrasting colors together.

4. Pastel Pink Blonde Shag Hairstyle

Wavy shags can also be soft and feminine. A simple way to enhance every layer of your wavy shag is by choosing bright pastel hair colors such as pink and blonde (or a combination of both).

5. Textured And Smooth Long Shag Haircut

More good news: you can choose whether you want your shag to be textured or smooth (as shown in the picture above). Textured wavy shag gives the illusion of more volume, whereas smooth wavy shag is a more polished version suitable for thick hair. Choose wisely!

6. Medium Shag Haircut With Bangs

Curtain bangs and shaggy layers blend perfectly together. Also, curtain bangs on medium-length shags are one of the biggest hair trends this year. So, what are you waiting for?

7. Long Wavy Shag Haircut With Bangs

Even though shags are effortless by default, you can still boost their effortless vibe with the addition of choppy bangs. Shags with choppy bangs look amazing on all hair lengths and hair types.

8. Long Shaggy Hairstyle For Thick Hair

If you have thick hair, it’s high time to de-bulk it and create a flattering shape. You’ll do that by adding lots of layers. Also, adding bangs will help frame your face and make your wavy shag look fashionable.

9. Golden Blonde Short Shag With Bangs

Full bangs and short blonde wavy shag are a killer combination if you want to achieve that effortless, natural look. Pro tip: Keep in mind that golden blonde looks best on warm skin undertones.

10. 70s Shag Haircut For Wavy Hair

70s shags are characterized by plenty of shaggy layers combined with face-framing bangs that are perfectly blended with the rest of the hair. An absolute perfection.

11. Textured Wavy Shag With Shaggy Bangs

Shaggy bangs are textured bangs of various lengths that help create a tousled appearance. This type of fringe adds a casual vibe to your long, wavy shag. It’s a win-win combination.

12. Textured Wavy Shag With Micro Bangs

Also known as baby bangs, micro bangs fall only a few inches down your forehead. When combined with short or long wavy hair, they create a striking look no one can stay indifferent to. If you opt for a wavy shag with micro bangs, prepare to receive lots of compliments.

13. 80s Shag Haircut

The 80s shag haircut features lots of short, dynamic layers and popular curtain bangs. Ready to become the 80s wavy shag queen? I bet you are!

14. Bronde Wavy Shag

Torn between brown and blonde? Well, you can choose bronde and enjoy the best of both worlds. With a nicely shaped bronde wavy shag, you’ll make a fashion statement everywhere you go.

15. Wavy Shag With Arched Bangs

Arched bangs are slightly curved and asymmetrical. They are a perfect addition to shaggy layers if you want to draw attention to your eyes. Adding lighter-colored pastel highlights to your dark strands will create the illusion of depth, volume, and texture.

16. Modern Shag Haircut For Wavy Hair

A modern shag haircut is a softer version of a classic shag and it features equally textured layers at your crown and the rest of your hair. This type of shag is not as voluminous as the 70s or 80s shag and is ideal for medium to thick wavy hair.

17. Face-Framing Wavy Shag

Face-framing shag on mid-length wavy hair is one of the most gorgeous hairstyles ever thanks to the seamlessly blended layers. You can choose whether you want more volume at the crown or a smoother version of a wavy shag. Both choices are excellent.

18. Spiky Wavy Shag Haircut

For those who are looking for a bolder and unique version of a wavy shag, I suggest a spiky wavy shag haircut. Pro tip: You can use hair gel to keep those spiky sections of hair in place.

19. Long Wavy Shag With Choppy Bangs

Long wavy shags with choppy bangs deserve the award of being one of the most carefree hairstyles ever. If you want to unlock a youthful aesthetic, then this stunning haircut is a good starting point.

20. Blonde Money Piece Wavy Shag

A money piece is a section of hair that is brighter around the face. Adding money pieces is a great way to enhance face-framing bangs and make your shag haircut look more stylish and personalized. FACT: Money piece looks breathtaking on all wavy hairstyles.