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23 Hottest Wavy Bob Hairdos You’ll Want To Try ASAP

23 Hottest Wavy Bob Hairdos You’ll Want To Try ASAP

Wavy bob hairstyles are among the most versatile hairdos for all hair types. You can choose between textured, choppy, layered, and many other stunning bob haircuts for your hair density and face shape. That being said, here are the trendiest bob haircuts and hairstyles to bring to your next salon visit. Enjoy!

1. Choppy Wavy Bob With Textured Bangs

A choppy wavy bob creates an illusion of fuller hair. This haircut looks incomplete without textured, layered bangs because they bring an extra oomph of volume to your hairstyle.

2. Shaggy Bob With Choppy Bangs

A shaggy bob with choppy bangs is known as one of the most fun and flirty short wavy hairstyles. Cut at varying lengths, choppy bangs give you that effortless, undone vibe that perfectly matches shaggy layers.

3. Textured Ear-Length Wavy Bob

If you have an oval face shape, an ear-length bob will bring out the best in your features. A textured bob haircut will create movement on wavy hair and eliminate weight from your haircut. Sounds like a great deal, right?

4. Wavy Blunt Cut Lob With Highlights

Cutting your entire hair the same length (blunt cut) combined with soft waves is reserved for square faces. This haircut will soften your features and accentuate the texture of your hair. To add more depth and dimension to your hairstyle, consider adding highlights.

5. Choppy Layered Bob With Arched Bangs

Hello, chic lady! If you want to rock bangs with your choppy bob cut, then opt for arched bangs to create a seamlessly blended hairstyle. Arched bangs are slightly curved and asymmetrical giving your bob cut a stylish face-framing effect.

6. Choppy Chin-Length Bob

A chin-length bob creates the illusion of a wider face and it looks most flattering on longer faces. To add a dash of flirty vibes to your haircut, choppy layers are the way to go!

7. Angled Dimensional Lob

Also known as long bobs, lobs look best on narrow and elongated rectangular faces. Consider adding highlights and lowlights to give more depth and dimension to your wavy bob hairstyle.

8. Shaggy Chin-Length Bob With Choppy Bangs

If you have thin hair, a chin-length bob with shaggy layers will give your mane plenty of texture and movement. It’s universally acknowledged that shaggier shapes accentuate waves. Choppy bangs are just a cherry on top.

9. Copper Red Blunt Bob Haircut

Copper red looks best on light to medium skin tones. This gorgeous shade will enhance your wavy bob haircut by creating a lively and radiant look.

10. Layered Wavy Bob With Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs soften your features and add dimension to your face. If you have longer hair, opt for the layered bob to make your hairstyle more textured and voluminous.

11. Angled Tousled Bob For Wavy Hair

The angled bob is slightly longer at the jaw and shorter at the back. To create tousled waves, wrap the sections of your hair around the curling iron. When finished, use your finger to loosen up your waves.

12. Hollywood Glam Wavy Bob

For an elegant and polished look, opt for a Hollywood glam wavy bob. To create Hollywood glam waves, you’ll need to wrap your hair around the curling iron in the same direction. To finish, add some oil and hairspray.

13. Layered Messy Bob For Wavy Hair

Combining longer and shorter, dynamic layers will result in a messy wavy bob haircut full of volume and texture. Needless to say, this haircut is a godsend for those with thin hair.

14. Classic Wavy Bob Haircut

Say hello to a classic wavy bob which is the epitome of elegance and simplicity. If you get bored of your classic bob, you can always spice up your wavy hair with bangs of your choice.

15. Textured Wavy Bob

Textured wavy bob with a deep side part will give your hairstyle mega volume and soften your features. If you have a heart-shaped face, then this is your go-to style.

16. Bronde Wavy Lob

Bronde is a combination of brown and blonde. Choose this trendy color combo to create one of the most natural-looking wavy lob hairstyles. Also, prepare to receive lots of compliments.

17. Pastel Pink Shaggy Bob With Bangs

If you’re a fan of bold and unique styles, then this one is for you! A pastel pink short bob with bangs and shaggy layers will certainly get you noticed. If you want to take your hairstyle to the next level, choose a color-blocking technique which refers to combining contrasting colors.

18. Stacked Wavy Bob

Stacked bob features angled layers that create a graduated, sharper look. This haircut looks flawless on wavy hair thus giving it volume and sophisticated appearance.

19. Golden Blonde Layered Wavy Lob

Golden blonde layered wavy lob stands for one of the most stylish bob haircuts. Keep in mind that golden blonde hair color looks best on warm skin undertones.

20. Light Copper Layered Wavy Lob

If you want to add some color to your layered wavy hair (read: bob) in a subtle way, opt for light copper which is a less vivid red shade with golden undertones. Copper shades are the best choice for those with green eyes and fair skin tone.

21. Tousled Bronde Wavy Bob

Seldom hairstyles can give you that playful vibe like tousled waves can. The best is that tousled waves look great on all hair colors and all types of bob haircuts.

22. Layered Lob With Blonde Money Piece

The money piece is a lighter section of hair around the face. Layered lob with money piece will fashionably frame your face and this hairstyle is best combined with balayage.

23. Dimensional Angled Lob

If you have dark hair, adding caramel highlights will make your bob haircut look more dimensional. Popular caramel shade is a mix of golden brown, honey blonde, and a dash of red. It’s bold enough to accentuate your waves and subtle enough not to overpower your short wavy hairstyle.