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20 Super Cute Hairstyles For Long Hair To Love On Yourself

20 Super Cute Hairstyles For Long Hair To Love On Yourself

The trendiest and cutest hairstyles for long hair are calling your name, begging you to give them a chance. It’s time you answered. Get some hair inspo from all the ultra-lovely styles in this article. Some of them you can style yourself, and for others, you’ll need some professional assistance. Dive in and see what is the cutest choice for you.

1. Pigtail Bubble Braids

How about some 3D effect on your pigtails? Wrap each bubble in thin bands and puff it out. They look like pops of fun. A ‘gram-worthy look indeed!

2. Dutch Braids & Ponytail

A braid gathered in a low ponytail creates an effortlessly powerful image that is both shopping-ready and runway-approved. Such a casually cool look!

3. Sporty Space Buns

How do you say ‘I’m confident but carefree’ with your hair? Make two space buns high on the crown of your head for that interstellar vibe.

4. Half Up Long Pigtails 

For an enchantingly sweet hairstyle, sweep the top section into two cute pigtails. It’s a playful classic that is too good to miss out on.

5. Crown Ponytail

This royally effortless half-up is totally adorable and super trendy right now. It’s so awesome, you can wear it to brunch or make ti your wedding day hairstyle choice.

6. Bubble Braid & Hair Bows

Wow, this hairstyle takes bows and an ordinary bubble braid to another dimension. This style is a creative and skillful work of art that is just stunning.

7. Effortless Bun

Simple is usually the answer to looking awesome. This is a modern, laid-back style, complemented by the bangs for a touch of chic.

8. Baby Hair

The name ‘baby hair’ alone is super cute, and the hairdo isn’t falling behind. This style enhances the natural beauty of hair and makes it avant-garde.

9. Scrunchies Ponytail

In for a blast of fun and style? Start by making a bubble braid and secure each section of hair with a colorful scrunchie. Retro meets modern!

10. Side Swept Baby Hair

side swept baby hair

The baby hairs and side swept long bangs are perfect face framers, adding a soft and playful touch that’s seriously on trend. A Pinterest-worthy hair idea!

11. Half Up Half Down

At first glance, the whole look is polished and smooth. Then, boom! A small, spiky bun is located right on top to defy all expectations. A perfect combo of edgy and sleek.

12. Boho Half Up

Absolutely sweet boho style with an effortlessly chic braid. It’s the kind of look that screams romantic sunsets and breathtaking moments.

13. Side Braid & Low Ponytail

A loose side braid that transitions into a beach wave ponytail at the nape is all the effortless glamour you’ll ever need. So lovely!

14. Butterfly Updo

In case you missed the ’90s memo, the high messy bun is trending and it’s trending big time. Meanwhile, the butterflies add a cute and playful note to the whole style.

15. Pony & Bow

In the words of Leonardo da Vinci “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Long straight hair pulled back and tied by a simple bow is classic long hair updo that works like a charm on any outfit.

16. Half Up Space Buns

In case your hair wants to throw a party on top, go with the half-up space buns. The look is not for everyone, just for those wanting to feel out-of-this-world.

17. Low Bubble Braid

A single bubble braid styled in a low ponytail can look so elegant and bubbly cute at the same time. It’s a look that you can pull off from a brunch to a gala.

18. Glam Pigtails

This cuteness overload happens when you want everything in your hair. So, you combine braids, pigtails, and wavy hair, and add rhinestones to get an extra sprinkle of magic.

19. Bow & Waves

Audrey Hepburn vibes right here! Long cascading waves give a lush, romantic feel that says, ‘Classy is my middle name!

20. Flowers Of Hair

Perfectly defined long lush curls are perfect by themselves. But creating roses out of that same hair makes it seem like you have a floral crown on your head. Such a romantic style.