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20 Chic & Sleek Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair To Rule In 2024

20 Chic & Sleek Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair To Rule In 2024

You are already head over heels for the person you are about to marry. We are here to help you fall for a hairstyle too. So, find your ‘bridal look at first sight’ among these hairstyles for long hair.

1. Timeless Half-Up

When in doubt, go with a half-up, half-down hairstyle for your wedding! While curls can vary depending on your unique style, you have to admit this look is gorgeous.

2. Braided High Bun 

Braids usually look super dashing on blonde highlights. Add a big classical high bun on top and a few strands of hair loose here and there, and you have the elegantly relaxed look you want for your wedding.

3. Glamour Waves

Hollywood waves have been a favorite choice of many brides, and rightfully so. Just look at this stunningness and glamour. Whether you choose to accessorize it or not, perfection is guaranteed.

4. Luxury Pony

A go-to bridal style for thick hair. A simple low wavy ponytail can look so rich and shiny. Also, adding a tiny detail like this piece of hair jewellery can make a huge difference. Fancy!

5. Soft Braided Up-Do

A few hair strands framing the face add liveliness to the look. Meanwhile, a side braid ending in a low bun, complemented with tiny pearls, gives that romantic vibe every bride aspires to have.

6. Hollywood Waves

Make a chic statement on your big day with Hollywood waves; they’re the definition of bridal elegance for the modern, stylish bride. Also this is one of the most trending prom hairstyles these days.

7. Greek Braid & Jewelry

If you are an over-the-top kind of lady and want your hair to reflect that, go with this Greek braid. The braid is so loose, you don’t even notice it’s a braid, plus the fairytale-inspired jewelry just makes you go wow.

8. The Royal Ponytail

There is no time like your wedding day to wear a tiara and be the princess you dreamed of being as a little girl. Now, this is what you call a royalty-worthy bridal hairstyle.

9. Messy High Hair-Up

Looking for a carefree and romantic wedding hairstyle? Look no further: this spontaneous updo, mixed with loose ends and wisps gently framing the face, is all you will ever need.

10. Big High Bun

Go big for your big day with this high, messy bun. Tousled, gathered locks express a sense of playful elegance, while wisps of hair angelically frame the face. Its beauty lies in its imperfections!

11.  Low Rose Bun

This low bun is perfect for thin hair. A rose bun, preceded by a loose braid, and a few strands of hair falling, adds extra volume, while sleek precision makes it so classy.

12. Pearl Bun

A simple updo is made even more alluring by adding some shiny pearls. The golden and white colors of this hairdo are breathtaking. Pure sophisticated elegance!

13. Tussled Low Knot Bun

A knot bun on the day you are tying the knot? Sounds about right. A clash of laid-back and sleek, this low knot is a flawless choice for all those going for something that is simple but glamorous.

14. High Bun

Well, this bridal updo has ‘love at first sight’ incorporated into it. A neat but complicated hairstyle, like a high bun, is perfect for your big day.

15. Braided Half Up, Half Down

Half up, half down hairstyles are everything! Variants of this bridal hair choice have been the first choice for many brides over the years and will continue to be for many more years to come.

16. Barbie Dream Bridal Hair

When you have beautiful, thick, long blonde hair, a half-up, half-down style is just the thing for you. This beehive hairdo on the crown of the head and voluminous ponytail make the whole style richer.

17. Glam Ponytail

Without a doubt, a low ponytail will be the trendiest bridal look in the next wedding season. These Hollywood waves add a dash of glamour that every wedding needs.

18. French Twist Bun

Want something sleek but not an ordinary bun? Then go with a French twist that is ‘très jolie,’ as the French would say. Definitely, one of the best long hair updos of all time!

19. Boho Wedding Braids

You can never go wrong with braids, whichever version you choose. This boho braid bridal edition is a romantic choice, ideal for an unconventional outdoor wedding.

20. Beaded Twist Bun

Looking for a modern wedding hairstyle idea but wanting to keep it glamorous? Look no further. This twist bun really is the best of both worlds: at the same time something new, with a dash of old dazzle.