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Why Long Haircuts, Styles & Care Are Your Next Big Obsession

Why Long Haircuts, Styles & Care Are Your Next Big Obsession

Long hair isn’t just a look – it’s a vibe! In other words, those long locks are part of your personality. The choice of the cut, endless styling opportunities and ultimately the care you invest in your hair is like having a relationship. To help you out, I gathered all you need to know about long hair in this article. So keep on scrolling.

The Main Haircuts

1. The Modern Layered Look

The cut that rightfully so takes the first place among all long layered haircuts. They are tailored to remove the weight, add volume and define waves. They can vary from butterfly to subtle helping add dimension and movement.

Ideal for: Almost all hair types especially thick hair to remove bulkiness.

2. The Sleek Straight Cut

Chic and polished, the straight cut is your go-to for minimalist but still very impactful look. It makes the hair look healthier and thicker.

Ideal for: Fine or thin hair to create an illusion of volume and density.

3. C-Shaped Cut

One of the biggest haircut trends on TikTok lately. Like the letter C it creates the elongated effect that beautifully frames your face and exude feminine allure. Shorter at the front and longer at the back.

Ideal for: Round and heart-shaped faces and medium to thick hair.

4. V- Shaped Cut

Hair is cut in V-shape with the lengths gradually increasing towards the center back. This cut adds dimension and is perfect for creating a dramatic look.

Ideal for: Thick hair, because it removes the weight from the sides while emphasising the natural volume at the back.

5. U- Shaped Cut

The hair is cut in a subtle U-shape with the middle being a bit longer than the sides. This shape adds movement and gives options to style your waves or curls as you wish.

Ideal for: Wavy or curly hair to enhance the hair’s natural texture.

6. The Long Shag

Characterized by choppy layers, tons of texture, and often accompanied by bangs. The shag cut gives that rock ‘n’ roll vibe making the hair look fuller and more voluminous.

Ideal for: Fine wavy hair.

7. Bangs Bangs

Long hair with bangs? Yes please. Whether you are into curtain bangs, wispy curtain fringe or straight across bangs. Adding them to your hair is a surefire way to add some personality to your look.

8. The Edgy Long Undercut

Feeling adventurous? Mix the femininity of long hair with an avant-garde undercut. It’s surprising how many styling options you have

Ideal for: Thick hair or someone wanting a different, low maintenance style.

Long Hair Styling

There is a no limit to trendy and cute hairstyles for long hair and they are all fabulous. One day you are pulling off a daily messy bun and the other you are all glammed up and special occasion ready. So let’s take a look at some of the best styling options for your long hair.

Wavy All The Way

The thing with long wavy hair is that you don’t know what waves look the best, because they are all breathtaking. From Hollywood waves for special occasions to beach waves for every day or a night out. You’ll always look stunning.

Accessorised & Cute Hairstyles

Don’t even get me started on accessories, from scrunchies and claw clips to hair bands and bows you have plenty to chose from. Your hair can tell a different story every day.

Long Hair Updos

Braids? Yes please, and make them Pinterest worthy. Long ponytail that will make everyone green of envy? Yes, and wear a matching green outfit to help them. The variety of updos for long hair is like no other. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Special Occasion Hairstyles 

Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles for long hair are pure magic. Styling options are numerous, the hair looks big and dreamy. No matter if it’s a half-up half-down hairstyle, braid, ponytail or an updo you will look enchanting.

Prom Hairstyles

What you need to keep in mind when choosing a prom hairstyle is to match it well with a dress. The simpler the dress the more complicated the hairstyle or vice versa. In any case pro advice would be, buy the dress first then think about the hair.

Long Hairstyles for Men

Long hairstyles for men are simply too jaw dropping not to mention them here. The haircuts usually include layered, straight and undercut.

The styling can vary between men bun and half up half down and everything in between. Men with long hair are the ultimate eye candy these days.

Hair Health & Care

There is nothing more beautiful than a healthy and well nourished hair. So, snip those ends every 6-8 weeks to keep split ends at bay and your hair looking fresh. Moisturize with leave in conditioners or hair oils .

Use a wide-tooth comb, lower the heat and think about changing your pillowcases to silk to reduce breakage. What it all comes down to is: Find your hair care routine and be consistent.

Oh yes, never let anyone tell you you are too old to wear long hair. Hairstyles of women over 50 can look greater then of women in their 20s if they chose to take care of their hair,