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80 Trendiest Dark Brown Hair Ideas For 2024

80 Trendiest Dark Brown Hair Ideas For 2024

Enhance your natural hair color with these stunning shades of dark brown.

One thing is for sure: dark brown is a timeless hue that can never go out of style. It’s low-maintenance, lady-like and it’s up there in the top hair color trends of the season. Dark brown hair screams class, elegance and it gives off a sophisticated vibe.

Many experts, including Adrian Wallace, hair color guru from NYC claim that dark brown hair is healthier in contrast to lighter shades. “Because the hairs are thicker naturally, dark hair is better at camouflaging damage than light hair; it weighs down flyaways and split ends”.

If all of this hasn’t convinced you to give dark brown hair a chance, I bet the following inspo pics will.

How To Pick The Right Dark Brown Hue?

But first, let’s help you decide which dark brown shade suits you the best. Well, it all depends on your complexion and eye color.

Warm skin undertones

  • Dark mushroom brown
  • Dark auburn
  • Chestnut
  • Dark chocolate
  • Dark honey brown

Cool skin undertones

  • Dark ash brown
  • Golden reddish brown
  • Neutral brunette

Neutral skin undertones

  • Dark espresso
  • Rich chocolate brown

Brown eyes

  • Almost black dark brown
  • Dark maple

Green eyes

  • Warm chocolate
  • Walnut and caramel

Dark Brown Hair Ideas

Let’s check out the ultimate collection of inspo pics for brunettes:

1. Warm brown

Experts say that women with warm skin tones should stick to warm hair colors. If I’m talking about your skin undertone, this is definitely the brown hue you should consider.

2. Chocolate balayage

The trick about this balayage is that it is incredibly subtle. However, at the same time, it gives you a glamorous vibe.

3. Almost black

You don’t want to go full black but you still want your hair to be dark? Say no more and pick this “almost black” shade of brown.

4. Black coffee

With this dark coffee shade of brown, you’ll look like an independent, strong woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to get it.

5. Dark brown balayage highlights

Here’s a pro tip: pair this dark brown balayage with a trendy layered haircut for maximum results. I promise you that you’ll love it.

6. Natural dark brown hair

One thing is for sure: if you go for this hue, nobody will ask you to give them your hair colorist’s contact. Why? Because everyone will be convinced it’s your natural hair color.

7. Smokey ash dark brown

How cool is this smokey ash shade of dark brown color? Just wait and see how amazing it looks under the Sunlight.

8. Dark brown and beachy

If you’re looking for dark brown hair ideas, I strongly suggest you go with beach waves. Trust me, this is one of the most flattering hairstyles

9. Dark brown with baby lights balayage

Babylights are a modern, delicate coloring technique only the most skilled colorists perform. If you like it, start searching for one and show them this inspo pic.

10. Dark brown with blonde block

No, you’re not trapped in a time machine. The 90s really are back and they brought blonde blocks on dark hair with them.

11. Dark brown bob cut

If you plan to heal your hair, here are two ways to start the process: cut it to a bob length and dye it darker.

12. Dimensional ashy dark brown

The word says it all: dimensional highlights add dimension to your hair. The key is to contrast lighter and darker shades while using different color formulas.

13. Toffee highlights

No, I’m not talking about your favorite caramel candy, I’m talking about this bomb hair color. Or should I say colors? The base is dark brown, while the highlights are a mix of golden, caramel, and sometimes even red-brown.

14. Dark brown hair with blonde money piece

Color blocks are not the only thing the 90s brought back to the hair industry. Money pieces are back in fashion as well.

15. Chocolate sharp bob cut

If you really want to change your looks, I strongly recommend a chocolate sharp bob cut. Just look at how colors gradually change.

16. Dark brown with subtle highlights

Having all dark brown hair is too boring for you? Just add a couple of subtle highlights and you’ll feel brand new.

17. Dark brown hair with a lighter face frame

The lighter face frame is here to do its job: to accentuate your beautiful facial features and to put all the focus on your jawline and cheekbones.

18. Dark brown hair with pink money piece

If you’re feeling extra wild but are not quite ready to dye your whole hair a funky color, just try this pink money piece. Trust me: it looks amazing on dark brown hair.

19. “Barely there” balayage

You want to add some color to your hair without making it look too obvious? A “barely-there” balayage is just the thing for you.

20. Brunette balayage

Who says that you can’t use balayage for multitude of brunette looks? Check out this inspo pic and see the way it magically transforms boring hair.

21. Golden brown

The usual golden brown is a mixture of medium and light brown hues. However, this one is different: it’s a blend of medium and dark brown.

22. Reverse balayage

Have you ever heard of a reverse balayage? It’s a modern technique that includes lowlights and consequently creates depth and dimension in your strands.

23. Ice tea dark brown

Let’s embrace warm tones on dark brown hair. An ice tea hue is just what you need to freshen up your look in a blink of an eye.

24. French ombre

French ombre coloring technique doesn’t just sound fancy and classy— it looks that way as well. With this hairstyle, you’ll be giving off “old money” vibes.

25. Caramel coated

Caramel coated hair complements warm or neutral skin undertones and medium skin tones. If you choose to pair it with a dark brown base, the results will be outstanding.

26. Pink balayage ombre on dark brown hair

One of the greatest advantages of dark brown hair lies in the fact that it goes well when combined with any other color. It can even bare a pink balayage.

27. Mushroom bronde

If you can’t decide between going brown or blonde, choose the perfect blend of the two: bronde. If that weren’t enough, add some mushroom hue to it.

28. Maple brown

Maple brown is a shade somewhere between warm and neutral. Technically, it’s not even brown— it’s actually a dark shade of orange.

29. Gray-brown hair

Do gray and brown hair colors go well together? The good news is that you don’t have to wonder no more; this inspo pic is here to give you the answer.

30. Mushroom brown

Why is it called a mushroom brown. The answer is actually pretty simple: this extraordinary color includes a hue that reminds you of the cap of a mushroom.

31. Dark bronde balayage

Are you ready to conquer all women with dark brown hair? If the answer is yes, ask your colorist for a dark brown balayage.

32. Bronde with blonde money piece

With this hair color, you have all the trendy hues combined in one: a dark brown base, bronde shade, and blonde money piece.

33. Sunkissed dark brunette

You don’t have to wait for summer to pull this sunkissed dark brunette hue off. To achieve this look, the trick is to keep all the lighter shades in the same family of colors.

34. Dark auburn

To be exact, dark auburn is actually a reddish shade of dark brown. Only one or two percent of the world’s population has this hair color.

35. Dark honey-brown hair

Dark honey-brown hair is romantic, flirty, and it will make you look younger than ever. And the best part is that it’s incredibly low-maintenance.

36. Ash copper dark brown

I’m sure you haven’t heard of this ashy shade of copper, let alone that it can be paired with dark brown. Just look at what a spectacular combination of colors you were missing.

37. Ash blonde highlights contrast with ash dark brown

Ash blonde highlights are incredibly flattering for an ash brown base. When you choose this color, you can cut your hair however you want— it will look spectacular either way.

38. Ash violet gray highlights on ash brown base

What about ash violet highlights on the same base? Don’t worry, it doesn’t look too funky. Actually, the violet part is only noticeable under the sunlight.

39. Mocha ash dark brown

You’re looking at a medium to deep brown base, enriched with barely noticeable lowlights and highlights that give your hair depth.

40. Pastel ash beige dark brown

Pastel brown, combined with beige brown, and all of that pair traces of ash brown? Sounds like an interesting combination to me.

41. Violet red highlights on dark brown

Are you ready to update your looks? Add some violet red highlights to your dark base and capture everyone’s attention.

42. Dark violet brown

One thing is for sure: dark violet hue of dark brown is a real head-turner. You’ll fall in love with this hair color at first sight.

43. Rose gold balayage on a dark brown base

When you were looking for dark brown hair ideas, I’m sure that a rose balayage is not what you had in mind. But I also know this combination of colors will knock you off your feet.

44. Red to dark brown

Red to dark brown is sophisticated, elegant and classy. With this hue, you’ll feel and look like a true lady.

45. Dark chestnut brown balayage

Dark chestnut brown balayage is pretty similar but it brings a dash of mystery to the table, which gradually transcends to elegance.

46. Neutral brown

Neutral brown is one of the most common natural hair colors among Caucasian women around the world. Lucky them because it is a low maintenance, beautiful hue.

47. Sandy brunette on a dark brown base

If you’re looking for an easy way to transition from dark brown to blonde, congratulations because you’ve found one.

48. Dark brown with a warm undertone

There is only one word to describe this shade of dark brown with a warm undertone: spectacular. It is easy to maintain and it’s smoking hot.

49. Partial highlights

Unlike classic highlights, here, only parts of your hair are painted. While equally beautiful, this technique is way less damaging.

50. Dark chestnut brown

Dark chestnut a medium reddish shade of brown nobody can stay immune to. It’s a warm shade that brings richness and dimension to your hair.

51. Nude brown

While many assume that nude brown is a shade of light brown, it is actually neutral, especially when combined with a darker base.

52. Mixture of cool and warm tones

You can’t decide between cool and warm tones of dark brown? Who says you have to? Instead, choose the perfect blend of the two.

53. Espresso dark brown

It’s mysterious, glamorous, classy, and trendy at the same time. That’s right, I’m talking about one of the darkest hues of brown: a dark espresso.

54. Dark chocolate with caramel highlights

Caramel highlights are here to create a subtle contrast for a dark base. Most importantly, they’re here to spice up your looks.

55. Dark brown coily hair

Dark brown hair color looks amazing on coily hair as well. If you want to upgrade your color, just add some blonde to the tips of your hair.

56. Chocolate milk

Chocolate milk is somewhere in between deep caramel blonde and dark brown. It is a textured shade you’ll go crazy for the moment you try it.

57. Chocolate and caramel blend

Is there anything tastier than the combination of caramel and chocolate? Well, these two color realms go equally well together.

58. Dark brown lowlights

We’ve already talked about lowlights. But what I failed to mention you is that they’re becoming more popular than highlights.

59. Brown sugar balayage

Brown sugar is not just a healthy sweetener: it’s also a spectacular hair color you’ll fall in love with at first sight. If you don’t trust me, try it and see for yourself.

60. Dirty brunette

I know you’ve heard of dirty blonde hair color. But why wouldn’t you be the trendsetter of your group and introduce them to a dirty brunette hue.

61. Honey walnut balayage

If you have a medium skin tone paired with darker eyes (black or dark brown), honey walnut balayage is the right choice for you. It will make your eyes and skin ton pop.

62. Walnut toffee

You’ve seen walnut dark brown and toffee dark brown and you can’t decide between the two? There is nothing to panic about— just choose the best from both hues.

63. Smoked walnut

A smoked walnut shade is somewhere between blonde and brown, falling more on the dark side. But it’s different than bronde since it has cool undertones, due to actually being a shade of ash.

64. Walnut and caramel

If you have warm or neutral skin tone with olive or yellow undertones, you’ve found your perfect hair color. This is a warm hair color and wouldn’t suit those with cool skin tones.

65. Dark walnut

Are you looking for a unique, low-maintenance hair color that suits women of all ages? In that case, dark walnut should be your top pick.

66. Cognac brown

Even though cognac brown is a bit lighter hue of brunette, the base of these highlights is still dark brown. That contrast is exactly what makes this coloring so appealing.

67. Cinnamon balayage on dark brown hair

Want to spice your look up? Just add a cinnamon balayage to your dark brown base and wow everyone in a blink of an eye.

68. Cinnamon brown

With this reddish-brown hue, your hair will get depth, warmth, and dimension. It looks good on any haircut and it flatters all skin tones.

69. Cherry brown

Is it brown, red, or auburn? Well, it’s neither. In fact, it’s even better: it’s cherry brown. It’s silent, and subtle but wonderful at the same time.

70. Brandy brown

The best thing about brandy brown is the fact that it stands somewhere in between cool and warm undertones. Therefore, it suits all skin colors.

71. Dark cherry brown

You’re looking at the deeper, darker version of cherry brown. It’s better for women with cool skin undertones.

72. Burgundy brown balayage

Burgundy brown balayage is the perfect combination of purple and brown that creates a beautiful contrast with the dark brown base.

73. Dark beige brown

Dark beige brown is the darker version of the pale and sandy hue you’re used to. It’s not too ashy or too golden, which means it’s flattering for all skin tones.

74. Deep brown

This is probably the deepest shade of brown hair color. If it weren’t for the lighter balayage, you could almost think of it as a black hue.

75. Dark cocoa brown

Dark cocoa brown is warm, medium-to-dark shade. It goes perfectly with warm-skinned women, but it is flattering for all tones as well.

76. Charcoal brown

Charcoal brown becomes a bit ashy on the sunlight. Therefore, it suits women with cool skin undertones better.

77. Dark brown with cool undertone

Just look at how amazing this dark brown with a cool undertone looks when paired with this short bob. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t combine it with other haircuts as well.

78. Medium brown

Medium brown is somewhere between dark and light brown. In this case, it all depends on the base which is darker on the inspo pic.

79. Burgundy brown

It’s reddish, brownish, and even has hues of purple thrown in. It looks best on those with ebony or pink skin tones.

80. Cherry chocolate

If you want to make a statement but are not interested in funky colors, consider a cherry chocolate shade of dark brown. It’s a classic but makes you stand out the masses at the same time.


How can I make my dark brown hair interesting?

The best way to spice up your dull dark brown hair is to add blonde, honey, or caramel highlights. You can also try balayage or ombre. Adding burgundy or cinnamon strikes is also a good idea, depending on your skin undertone. What you need is to give your hair depth, dimension and movement.

What colors look good with dark brown hair?

If you want your clothes to flatter your hair color, choose green, beige, golden, orange and red outfits. Avoid darker colors, including all-black outfits. You want your clothes to make a contrast with your hair color. That way, both your tresses and your outfit will pop and capture everyone’s attention.