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These 22 Edgy Short Hair Ideas Will Make You Ditch Ordinary Styles

These 22 Edgy Short Hair Ideas Will Make You Ditch Ordinary Styles

You’ve always admired those bold girls with unique haircuts and colors, but haven’t made the move yourself yet. Well, the moment has arrived! Don’t let life pass you by with the same boring style. Check out these 22 edgy short hair ideas and find inspiration for your next salon visit.

1. Grey And Purple Bob

The classic bob is always trendy, especially when you make it unique with a slightly edgy combination of grey and vivid purple, resulting in a beautiful short style!

2. Mini Bob

If you’re afraid of drastic changes but want something fun, this mini bob is perfect for you! It’s sweet, fresh, and definitely not ordinary, with just the right touch of edginess.

3. Asymmetrical Short Cut

Step out of your comfort zone and forget about your hair always being perfectly in place. Beauty lies in imperfection, and this asymmetrical cut is the perfect example!

4. Copper Pixie Buzz

This copper pixie buzz is a bold and edgy style that’s also incredibly beautiful and flattering for your facial features.

5. Pink Pixie Cut With An Undercut

A pixie with an undercut is already super cool, but adding an awesome pink hue will make a serious statement.

6. Mint Green Pixie With Baby Bangs

Mint green is one of the most fabulous colors you can choose for your pixie cut. Add baby bangs, and you’ll have the edgy short style of your dreams!

7. Pastel Pink Short Crop

Edgy and so feminine: this pastel pink short crop is just too pretty to pass up!

8. Soft Platinum Punk Crop

A beautiful platinum blonde hue adds a touch of gentleness to this cool punk short crop.

9. Pixie Cut With Textured Top And Straight Bangs

A short pixie hairstyle will still make you feel feminine and gorgeous, especially if you ask for a textured top and straight bangs!

10. Messy French Bob With Baby Bangs

You don’t need to be especially creative to achieve a great edgy short style. A messy, wavy French bob is enough to give you that slightly wild look you’ll love!

11. Unicorn Hair

If you’re really bold and love experimenting with your hair, you won’t want to miss this stunning unicorn hair idea!

12. Edgy Textured Cut With Platinum Highlights

Wildness, style, and texture: this look offers it all!

13. Mohawk Hairstyle

A mohawk is a timeless style with many variations that looks equally great on men and women. It typically features shaved sides with a strip of hair running from the center of the forehead to the back of the head. Definitely bold and anything but boring!

14. Fantasy Hair

Why choose just one hair color when you can have as many as you want? If you love a mix of vivid, pretty colors, save this picture for inspiration.

15. Red Pixie Mullet

Edgy and fashionable, a pixie mullet combines two timeless cuts, bringing the best of both worlds and giving you the coolest hairstyle in the crowd!

16. Color-Block Hair

Add some personality to your ordinary hairstyle with the color-blocking technique, allowing you to combine your favorite colors.

17. Blonde Pixie Cut With Side Fringe

Any hairstyle with side bangs is stylish and unique, but a pixie cut is something truly special!

18. Icy Blonde/Pink Pixie Cut

Combine icy blonde with pink on your pixie cut for an edgy style that’s soft and subtle, giving off a feminine vibe.

19. Short Blonde Cut With A Grey Streak In The Front

An effortless blonde hairstyle with a unique grey streak in the front is just enough to achieve a dreamy, short edgy style.

20. Short Red Curly Style

Can you wear your curly hair short? Of course you can! There are no limits when it comes to experimenting with your hair. Here’s a great idea: dye your curls red and cut them short. Get ready to receive plenty of compliments!

21. Short Hair Mullet

A mullet looks great at any length, but it’s especially eye-catching on short hair!

22. Bowl Cut

The bowl cut is back in the game and is another awesome edgy short hairstyle you should try!